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Have you ever wondered what our ancestors did when they became ill? How did they get better? What did they use, because back then there were no pills, and doctors were possibly few and far between. When they had earaches, or toothaches, something was given for the pain. I imagine many of our ancestors learned a lot from the native americans back then.
I went to the genealogy center the other day and I was looking to see what I could add here that would interest you. I came across some pages in the SHA by sister Irene Barthe . The following is a translation of what she says: " Years ago, the doctors were not plentiful. The villagers took care of themselves the best way they could. Some of the villagers would help the other villages who were not as good at picking the right cures.In other words the villagers would go to the person they thought would make them well.
Most of the remedies were made from wild herbs that they found during certain seasons, mostly during summer and fall. And they knew exactly what month to pick the herbs. Certain ones were picked in August, others after the fall frost.They would never start winter without having all the herbs they needed to cure their illnesses. Certain remedies were also prepared with things they had in their homes.What were they? And what remedy cured what illness?" The following is a list of such ailments and their cure.

ABCESS= Heat flax seeds and apply on the abcess or Apply a hot poltice of bread crumbs and milk.
ANEMIC= Soak some Mint leaves and drink the juice
ANTHRAX= Make a powder of cow parsnip roots and apply on the infection
ASTHMA= Moisten a square piece of grey paper or blotting paper spread a tablespoon of saltpeter and warm in oven and add to chest
FISH BONES =when stuck in throat eat some bread crumbs
BILE= Eat raw carrots
BRONCHITIS= Take some some gum, bark or fir buds. Scald one of these ingredients,soak for a few hours and drink the juice many times a day. OR wear red flannel
BURNS= Make a salve with olive oil and an egg white. Or make a salve with sulfur and lard, mix half and half, and you can also use Geese Fat
CANCER =Back then they called in declining sickness, Soak the leaves and flowers of marygolds and drink the juice a few times each day
CANKER SORES= Rinse mouth with salt and water, or let soak some twigs (verne) all night and rinse the month with the juice
HOT FLASHES= Eat pumpkin seeds
CHOLORA= Soak some soft raspberry stems and drink the juice, or soak some mulberries overnight and drink the juice,or scald some wild berry roots let cool and drink the juice
HEART= Eat a lot of asparagus,Boil some lily of the valley and drink the juice in small doses
COLIC= Eat some black currants raw or else make a tea by boiling the leaves in hot water
CONSTIPATION =after a birth eat rubard roots
CONVULSIONS= Eat som honeysuckle
WHOOPING COUGH= Take some syrup made with brown sugar and onions, or take some honey often during the day. In Petit Rocher they boiled a bees nest and drank the juice Yuck
CUTS= wash the wound often with sea salt,if the wound is bleeding put some crushes resin on it it will stop the blood, or put on the cut ointment made with the following, 1 steamed carrot crushed, 1 tablespoon boric acid, lard the size of an egg
AFTER BIRTH CRAMPS= put a warm plate on the stomach
MENSTRAL CRAMPS= Drink hot water containing a few drops of mint
DYSPESPIA= Soak some summer savary and drink the juice
SPLINTER= To remove the splinter put a piece of salt pork where the splinter is
EXZEMA= Wash with hot water containing 1 teaspoon baking soda
WEAK STOMACH= Eat lots of celery and drink juice made with wild cherry roots
ULCERATED STOMACH= Boil some oak leaves add a little sugar and drink
FEVER= Drink tea made with "sene?" leaves, or put a salt herring under your feet, or drink hot lemon
SORE THROAT= Mix molasses and ginger measuring two to one and eat this preparation many times during the day,or soak salt pork in vinegar ,pepper and place on the throat
HICKUPS= Take a deep breath hold it in for 30 seconds, or take a mouthful of water and count to seven with it in your mouth
INDIGESTION= Drink a glass of water with Soda, or drink a glass of salt water
INSOMNIA= Boils anise flowers and drink the juice
INFECTION= On the infected area put a piece of salt pork or a poltice of bread soaked in milk
JAUNDICE= Boil dandelions and drink the juice
NERVES= drink a brew made with wild margarites and tanaisie leaves
EARACHE= Boil earthworms scook the grease that comes on the top and pour it into the ear, or melt some eel grease and pour into the ear
INFANTILE PARALYSIS= Rub the child with pistachio oil
CHICKEN POX= Drink boiled milk and wash in dishwater soap
BEE STING= Cover the stings with onion slices
PLEURISY= Boil some black currants in water , add a little gin
PNEUMONIA= On the chest add a mustard poltice, or add a poltice of flax seed
HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE= To make it go down, make a cocoction of juice of three lemons, 3 tablespoons of salt, 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar, 1 pint of hot water, and drink three wine glasses a day
RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS= Wear a eel skin or brass bracelet
COLD= Take a few drops of kerosene in a half glass of water, or eat some molasses mixed with ginger equal dose
MEASLES= To make the measles come out, drink hot gin
HEADACHE= On the forehead place some salt pork soaked in vinegar and added pepper, or place potato slices soaked in vinegar and pepper on the forehead or heat some crushed onions in the oven and apply to forehead.
DEEP COUGH= Drink a cold broth with licorice
TUBERCULOSIS= Drink little boy's urine, the child must not be over 12 years of age
VARICOSE VEINS= Drink a mixture of wild pansies
WORMS= Eat some garlic, or wear a garlic colar around your neck, or drops of terpentine"child age 2 two drops,age 3 three drops
WARTS= Rub with bird meat ,bury the meat, when it rots the warts are gone, or rub the wart with cow hair, bury it,or soak a penny in vinegar, rub it on the wart, and toss the penny far away where someone will be able to find it. The day the penny is found the warts will dissappear
TO HELP VOMIT= One tsp mustard in a glass of warm water.
SORE EYES= Wash eyes with boiled water where wormwood leaves has been added

It is evident that our ancestors did not let themselves die, they tried hand and foot to find cures to help all their illnesses. Many of these remedies were passed down from father to son to us. It is up to us to not forget them even if medical science seems to offer us better things

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