I have decided to add the 1940 obituaries from the french Evangeline newspaper month by month, because when I go do my research I do a month at at time. If I would wait to do the entire year it would be too big of a task so I shall add them alphabetically .I do hope some of the information will be helpful to some of you in your quest to find your ancestors.

Died in Moncton NB Jan.14 1940 AGE 26. Son of Come Allain of St Irenee NB.Brothers: Albert and Eric (Moncton),Emile (McAdam NB),Sister: Mrs Patrice Cormier (Alvina) Bouctouche,Mrs Phil Girouard (Irene) Moncton,Mrs Olivier Cormier (Yvonne) Sainte Marie,Leona at home.
PUB 01/25/1940 PAGE 5

ALPORT Mrs Ed (nee Leonie LEBLANC)
Died in Los Angeles California Dec. 12 1939 daughter of Aime L LeBlanc and Farinne Bourque of Moncton NB,one half brother Leo LeBlanc
Pub.Jan.11 1940 Page 5

BABINEAU Mrs Damien (nee Julia POIRIER)
Died in Ipswich MA. Nov 12 1939 Age 76.Funeral held Nov.14. Daughter of Charles Poirier and Marguerite Gallant .Born in Grande Digue NB. Daughters: Mrs Helene Melanson (Gardner),Mrs Eva Hewitt,Mrs Delia Kelly (both of Ipswich) Mrs Rose Bouffard (Rumford Me),Mrs Alma Poirier (Detroit) Elizabeth Deveau and Della King,Sister ? Bluner BASTARACHE Mrs Thaddee (nee Henriette B CORMIER)
Died in St Lazarre NB Dec.23 1939 AGE 87 from Bouctouche .Sons James (Moncton),Levie (St Paul), Amedee (St Lazarre).Brothers; Pierre (Bouctouche),Olivier (Gardner).Sisters, Mrs Malcolm LeBlanc (Marie) of St Irenee, Mrs Maurice LeBlanc (Madeleine),Mrs Joseph Bourque (Genevieve),and Mrs Edouard Cormier (Adele) all from the USA.
Pub.Jan.4 1940 Page 5

BELLIVEAU Charles-Emile
Died in Springfield MA recently AGE 42 son of Jean Belliveau.Survived by his wife, his mother Mrs Frank Ouellet (Holyoke MA).Son Roland, daughter Marcella
Pub.Jan 18 1940 Page 2

BELLIVEAU Marie of College Bridge parents not mentioned AGE 16. Sister Lorraine. Brothers: Eugene of Ottawa, Raymond, Laurie, Henri, Art and Roger
PUB. Jan.25 1940 Page 5

BERNARD Mrs Joseph
Died Summerside PEI Dec 19 1939 AGE 67 from Urbainville PEI. Daugthers: Mrs Edmond Gaudet (Mass), Mrs Camille Arsenault (Abram Village), Celina and Leonide (Mass.)Sons: Eused (home), Arthur (Urbainville), Leo(Abram Village), Marc (Nord Ouest) and Camille (Mass.USA). PUB. Jan 11 1940 Page 5

BOUCHER Alyre Died Bouctouche Jan 17 AGE 35 son of Mr.& Mrs Isaie Boucher. Brothers; Hector (Maria PQ), Willie (Saint John), Albert (Bouctouche), Alphee (Gardner MA),Calixte (Bouctouche). Sisters Mrs Art Robichaud (Natalie)of Bouctouche, Mrs Hilaire Cormier (Ida) Sainte Marie and Emilea of Bouctouche.
PUB Jan 18 1940 Page2

BOURGEOIS Marguerite
Died Jan.18 1940 in Saint Paul AGE 33 daughter of Mr and Mrs Gilbert Bourgeois. Brothers: Daniel (Moncton), Denis (Lynn Ma),Bertrand (Saint Paul),Willie,Edouard and Jean Baptiste of Moncton. Sisters; Alice (Saint Paul) and Evangeline (Bouctouche).
PUB Jan. 25 1940 Page 5

Died Dec 9 1939 Funeral held Dev 11 in Scoudouc NB. Children: Souverain, Fred, Jude, Camille, Mrs Pius Richard (Sara),Mrs Ernest Ouellet (Lodia),Mrs Olivier Caisse (Emma) all from the USA. Sister : Mrs Jim Cormier. His wife died in the USA.
PUB Jan 4 1940 Page 5

Died Jan 1 1940 of Dorchester Crossing NB AGE12, son of Mr and Mrs Pierre Bourque. Brothers: Albeni, Arthur, Emerie and Alphee
PUB Jan 18 1940 Page 2

BRIDEAU Heliodore
Died Dec 25 1939 Hacheville NB AGE 26 husband of Marguerite Roussell. Son Lorenzo. Father William Brideau. Brother Sandy. A brother Hubert died four months earlier.
PUB Jan.18 1940 Page 2

Died Jan 2 1940 in Waltham USA AGE 52 .Born in St Joseph de Moine Cape Breton son of Jean Baptiste and Helene Deveau and husband of Elizabeth Samson. Sons; Wilfred ,Arthur (missionary in Africa). Daughters; Rev sister Evangeline, Jean and Rita of New York. Brothers:Leo, Henri, Edouard of Waltham.
PUB Jan 4 1940 Page 5

COLLETTE Mrs Fidele (nee Elmire CORMIER)
Died Dec 29 1939 in Sweeneyville NB . AGE 54. Sons: Eric, Albert. Sister: Mrs Albenie Leblanc (Mont Carmel). Brothers: Robert and Hilarie of Mont Carmeland Emilien of Shediac.
PUB Jan 18 1940 Page 2

CORMIER Mrs Patrice M (nee Julie HACHE)
of St Amateur NB died Dec 27 1939 AGE 48. Daughters: Mrs Henri Maillet, Mrs Chester Hinton, Marie Anne (Bathurst),Mrs Emilie Godin (Notre Dame des Erables), Dorina, Jeanne, Victoire. Son Alphonse. Brothers; George,Theotime,Francois. Sister Mris Thomas Godin.
PUB Jan 18 1940 Page 2 & Jan.25 1940 Page 5

Died Jan 16 in Moncton AGE 25 son of widow Annie Gallant of Sackville.
PUB Jan 18 1940 Page 6

Died in Moncton Dec.22 1939 .
PUB Jan.25 1940 Page 7

Died Jan 6 son of Philip Gallant and Yvonne Poirier of Grande Digue AGE 16. Sisters: Alphonsine, Marguerite-Marie,Eveline,Lucie. Brothers: Jacques, Raymond, Emile and Louis.
PUB Jan 25 1940 Page 5

Died Dec 18 1939 in Haute Bertrand NB husband of Flavie Hache. Children: Patrice, Cecile, Stella at home,Eudore of Haut Bertrand.
PUB Jan 11 1940 Page 5

JAILLET Eleonore
Died in St Edouard Kent Co AGE 26 son of Celestin Jaillet. Brother: Irenee. Sisters: Mrs Theophile Richard (Marie-Jeanne), Mrs Clement Cormier (Lina), Mrs Alphonse Cormier (Sara), Aurore and Agnelia (Montreal), Judith. Her father died 20 months earlier
PUB Jan 18 1940 Page 2

Died Jan.6 in Saint Ignace NB AGE six months son of Mr and Mrs Narcisse Johnson. Brothers: Laurie and Donald, sisters Yvette and Jeannette.
PUB Jan 18 1940 Page2

LANDRY Etienne O (nee Marie Anne LANDRY)
died Dec 20 1939 Landry Office NB AGE 73. Sons: Henri,Willie,Thomas,Theophile,Emery all of Landry Office, James (Lowell MA), Francis (Atholville). Daughters: Mrs Antoine Savoie (Alice) of Atholville, Mrs Sebastien Hache (Annie) of Landry Office. Sister ; Mrs Philippe Richard of Fitchburg MA.
PUB Jan 4 1940 Page5

Died Dec 6 1939 McKendrick NB husband of Exilda Savoie. Sons: Ferdinad, Honore, Donat, Armand, Paul-Emile. Daughters: Mrs Arthur McInnis (Alina), Mrs Leo Johnson (Lena), Mrs Fidele Bouchard ( Emma), Mrs Eloi Mallais ( Alfreda), Helene and Hermence
PUB Jan 4 1940 Page 5

LOSIER Marie Albina
Died in Benoit NB Jan 7 infant daughter of Mr and Mrs Albert Loisier
PUB Jan 18 1940 Page 2

MAILLET Mrs Honore (nee Catherine MAILLET)
Died Dec 28 1939 in Richiboucto Village AGE 91 ( a note saying she married Honore BREAU? of Cocagne in obit). Adopted daughter: Mrs Albert Gallant of Rumford ME. Sisters; Mrs Theophile Boucher and Mrs Patrice Richard of Saint Normbert
PUB Jan 11 1940 Page 5

MAILLET Mrs Melbourne
Died Jan 9 in St Alphonse De Clare NS AGE 52 born in Lac Doucet. Sons: Irenee and Gerald. Daughters: Laura, Fedora, Ella. Mother Mrs Patrick Burridge age 82 of Lac Doucet. Brothers: John and Edmond Burridge of Brooklyn NY, Frank of Salmon River NS. Sisters: Mris Adolph Frou? Of New York and Mrs Alex Deveau of Lac Doucet.
PUB Jan 25 1940 Page 5

MARTIN Mrs Fabien
Died Jan 18 Shediac AGE 44. Three daughters, Four sons oldest 16, youngest 4. Brother: Albenie Belliveau St Antoine and sisters Mrs David Landry of Belliveau Settlement, Mrs Aime LeBlanc of Sackville and Mrs Alban Roy of Humphrey Mills NB.
PUB Jan 25 1940 Page5

Funeral at St Bernard Church, died at his brothers home in Saulnierville.Very Blurred
PUB Jan 25 1940 Page 5

PETITPAS Mrs Edouard (nee Adele POIRIER)
Died recently in Shediac AGE 80. Sons: Joseph ,Willie of Shediac, Charles of Hartford Conn., George of East Douglas MA. Daughters: Mrs Gonzague Cormier of Moncton, Mrs Eric Leger of Springfield MA, Mrs Francois Fougere of Shediac, Mrs Eloi Bourque of Dorchester Crossing, and Mrs Leandre Arsenault of Robichaud Office.
PUB Jan 18 1940 Page2

PITRE Mrs Arthur (nee Anna BELLIVEAU)
Died Dec 30 1939 in Gardner Mass. AGE 47. Born in Shediac daughter of David Belliveau. Daughters: Loretta, Marie-Rose, Helene, Doris of Gardner. Sisters: Mrs Emma Dupuis of Gardner, Mrs Madeleine Bourque of Canada. Brothers: Auguste of Gardner ,Edmond and Rene of Canada.
PUB Jan 11 1940 Page 5

PITRE Emmanuel
Died Jan 16 in Campbelton NB AGE 39 husband of Christianne Nadeau. Children: Therese, Maurice, Denis, Israel, Fernande, marcia, Marie ,Madeleine. Sisters; Mrs Alfred Roy of Eel River, Mrs Edouard Roy of Dalhousie, and Mrs Richard Beingarde of Detroit Michigan.
PUB Jan 25 1940 Page 5

POIRIER Napoleon
Died Dec 24 1939 in Carlton PQ AGE 62 husband of Laura Boudreau. Sons: Martin, Rene, Gerard of Carlton. Daughters: Mrs Adrien Cyr (Laura) Carlton Center, Mrs Hector Porlier (Alice) of St Alphonse de Caplan, Vita. Sisters: Mrs Pierre Pepin (Maria) of Fort Francis ONT, Mrs Stanislas Bujold (Priscille) Bonaventure. Brothers; Adelin,Willie, Arsene, Louis and Charles
PUB Jan 11 1940 Page 5

Died Dec 8 1939 in Saint Antoine AGE 97. Children: Mrs Francois Goguen (Emilienne) of Leominster Ma, Aime of Saint Antoine, Fidele at home.
PUB Jan 11 1940 Page 7

ROY Mrs George (nee Eveline LEBLANC)
Died Dec 17 1939 in Montreal AGE 28.Daughter of Germain LeBlanc and Eugenie LeBlanc. Second husband John Audet of Campbelton NB. Son two days old. Sisters; Mrs Arthur Blanchard (Alma) of Dalhousie Junction, Emilie. Brothers Leonard and Edgar
PUB Jan 4 1940 Page 5

SAVOIE Mrs Genevieve
Died Dec 20 1930 Lower Neguac AGE 76 wife of Clement Savoie. Sons: Doriste, Edmond,Art of Riviere des Caches, Cyrenus of Gratton NB.Daughters: Mrs Leandre Robichaud (Marguerite) of Lagaceville, Mrs Salomon Savoie of Bas Neguac. Brothers: Gregoire, Stanislas of Lower Neguac, Adolphe of Chatham.Sisters: Mrs Alex Robichaud of Pointe Sapin, Marguerite of Montreal, Mrs Cyrille Savoie, Mrs Jean M Savoie and Mrs Albert Savoie all of Lower Neguac. Her husband Clement died eight months before.
PUB Jan 4 1940 Page 5


Died Feb 12 Corberrie NS AGE 75, he caught pneumonia after having surgery husband of Olive Melanson. Adopted daughter: Mrs Alfred Robichaud (Charlotte), they adopted several orphans.
PUB Feb 22 1940 Page 2

BELLIVEAU Mrs Ambroise (nee Lucie OUELLET)
Died Jan 31 in New Bedford Mass. AGE 89 daughter of Olivier Ouellet and Olive Leblanc. Daughters: Mrs Alfred Mazerolle (Adamsville), Mrs Calixte Richard (New Bedford), Mrs Ludger Thibault (Hartford Conn), Mrs James Lundley(New Bedford), Mrs Alphonse LeMaire and Alice Belliveau (New Bedford). Son Arthur (New Bedford). Sisters: Mrs Victor LeBlanc (Memramcook), Mrs Denis LeBlanc (Memramcook), Mrs Eugene Bourque (Lynn Mass).
PUB Feb 22 1940 Page 2

BELLIVEAU Marie Euphemie
Died Jan 16 Memramcook AGE 16 daughter of Mr and Mrs Eddie Belliveau. Brothers; Eugene, Henri, Raymond, Laurie, Arthur, and Roger. Sisters: Lorraine and Claudette
PUB Feb 1 1940 Page 5

BELLIVEAU Henri F Died Feb 4 in Saint Paul NB son of Francois Belliveau. He leaves his wife, mother .Children: Mris Philias LeBlanc of Saint Paul, Mrs Clorice Vautour of Saint Norbert, Mrs Gerard Belliveau of Minto, Eli and Rita of Minto, Agathe, Victor,Dorice,Hermine,Denis and Aldoria all at home.
PUB Feb8 1940 Page 8

BELLIVEAU Mrs Philias (nee Marie Madeleine COMEAU)
Died Feb 18 in Connecticut daughter of Arthur J Comeau of Meteghan River NS AGE 52.Surviving : her mother Mrs Art Comeau, Chidren: Antoinette, twins Raymond and Yvonne, Bernadette.
PUB Feb 22 1940 Page 2

BOUCHER Cyrille Died Jan 24 St Norbert AGE 77. Sons: Onesime at home, Melas (St Paul).Daughters: Mrs Aime Boucher (Marie) and Mrs Gerard Babineau (Alice) both of St Norbert.
PUB Feb 15 1940 Page 5

BOUDREAU Arthur Died Jan 12 Yarmouth NS due to an accident. Burns from a Gasoline Torch. Sisters: Mrs Alfred Frontain, Mrs George Honor, Lizzie whom he was living with in Church Point NS. Brother Philippe of the USA
PUB Feb 15 1940 Page5

BOUDREAU Mrs Damien nee (Delphine GAUTREAU)
Died in Fitchburg MA AGE 56. Sons: Napoleon, Alphonse, Denis, Jean (Fitchburg),Tilmon (Haute Aboujagane),Leo (New York). Brother: Denis Gautreau (Fitchburg). PUB.Feb.1 1940 Page 4

Died Feb 12 New Bedford MA AGE 83. Born in Belliveau Village husband of Elizabeth Gauvin who died Feb 3 1936. Daughters: Mrs Mina Saulnier (St John NB), Mrs Eloise Blain (New Bedford), Mrs Eva Carrde (New Bedford), Irene (Mass), Mrs Alida Wright (Osterville MA). Son:Gilbert (Chippawa Falls Wisc). Sister: Mrs Rosalie Lirette (Lynn MA).Brothers: Marcellin (Moncton), Aime (Belliveau Village), Albenie (Rumford Falls.
PUB Feb 29 1940 Page 5

BRIDEAU Mrs Romain (nee Elizabeth ROBICHAUD)
Died Feb 18 Inderman NB AGE 68. Sister: Mrs Eutrope Landry and Mrs Eugenie Arsenault. Brother Joseph
PUB Feb 29 1940 Page 5

Died Feb 20 Carlton Quebec AGE 60 husband of Luere Berthelaite. Sons: Thomas, Isidore, adopted son Simon Belanger. Daughters: Mrs Edgar Boudreau (Rose Anne), Mrs Jean Berthelaite (Marianne), Mrs Edgar Lagace (Armandine), Mrs Honore Lagace (Flore). Sister; Mrs Leboux of Montreal and five brothers.
PUB Feb 29 1940 Page5

CORMIER Mrs Adolphe (nee Alice MELANSON)
Died Jan 23 Dupuis Corner NB AGE 48 daughter of Patrice Melanson of Petit Cap. Brothers; Clifford of USA, Clovis of Petit Cap. Sister: Mrs Theotime Leger of Petit Cap.
PUB Feb 8 1940 Page 5

COMEAU Mrs Jean A (nee Rose DEVEAU
Died Feb 2 in Meteghan River NS AGE 85 daughter of Anselme-Archange Deveau of Salmon River. Daughters: Mrs Symphorien Saulnier (Amy) of Meteghan River, Mrs Joseph McLaughlin (Caroline) of New York. Sons: James nad Leger at home. Her husband died earlier.
PUB Feb 15 1940 Page 5

Died Feb 9 Rogersville sonof Philias Cormier AGE 16. Eight brothers and three sisters.
PUB Feb 22 1940 Page 2

Died Feb 17 funeral held Feb 20 Campbelton NB daughter of Captain Andre Cyr. Sons: Ernest,Reynold, Romeo. Daughter Marguerite. Brothers Alfred and Lucien Cyr. Sisters Mrs Joseph Arsenault and Mrs Paul Paquet.
PUB Feb 29 1940 Page 5

DOUCET Alphonse
Died Jan 23 St Bernard NS AGE 78. Daughter: Mrs Pierre Comeau of Chelsea MA.Sons: Arcade, Gustave of Chelsea MA, Joseph of Weymouth NS, and Fred of Meteghan
PUB Feb 8 1940 Page 5

DOUCET Mrs Francois (nee Dora LEBLANC)
Died Feb 15 AGE 31 Lynn Mass daughter of Camile-Richard LeBlanc. Brothers: Emmanuel, Leon,Marcellin (Lynn MA), Arcade (Georgia). Sisters: Mrs Fred A Leblanc, Mrs Camille Gautreau, Mrs Edgard LeBlanc and Mrs Cleophas LeBlanc all of Fox Creek NB and Reverend Marie-Bernard of Shediac Convent.
PUB Feb 29 1940 Page 4

FERGUSON Mrs Barney (nee Elizabeth ROBICHAUD)
Died Pokemouche NB. Sons: David of Six Roads, Ernest of Boston. Daughters: Mrs Richard Burnbridge (Lydia) of Six Roads, Mrs Alex Kenapy (Inchabald) of Trout Brook, Mrs James Dalton (Maud) of Waltham Ma, Mrs Camille Kenny (Ida) of Val D'Or Quebec and Mrs Warren Burbridge (Nancy) of Pokemouche NB.
PUB Feb 29 1940 Page 5

FOUGERE Mrs Francois (nee Lina PETITPAS)
Died Shediac NB AGE 49 daughter of Mr and Mrs Edouard Petitpas. Children: Edouard, Alma, Anita,Rose,Maria, Helene and Emery. Her mother died five weeks earlier
PUB Feb 22 1940 Page 2

Died Leech Office NB AGE 7 daughter of Fred Fournier and Azelda Robichaud. Sisters: Cecilia, Patricia, Helena and Laura
PUB Feb 8 1040 Page 5

GAUDET Mrs Andre T (nee Suzanne LEGER)
Died Memramcook AGE 83 . Sons: Adrice Connecticut, Edouard and Omer of Memramcook, Dr.Leo Gaudet of Campbelton NB. Daughter Alya of Boston
PUB Feb 15 1940 Page 8

GAUDET Florian F
Died St Joseph AGE 74, lost a leg when he worked for the railway. Son; Uldege at home, daughters: Mrs Adelard Belliveau, Mrs AJ LeBlanc, and Rev. Sister Sainte Helene
PUB Feb 22 1940 Page 2

GILLIS Mathieu
Died Feb 2 Tignish PEI AGE 75, one son at home ,one daughter in USA
PUB Feb 15 1940 Page 5

GIONET Mrs Maxime nee Rose DOUCET
Died Middle Caraquet Feb 16 AGE 68. Brother Francis Doucet, Sister Mrs Patrice Leger of Lower Caraquet.No children.
PUB Feb 29 1940 Page4

Died St Antoine NB Jan 24 AGE 80 husband of Virginie Cormier. Daughter Mrs Edmond Girouard of Leominster Ma,sons; Donat, Philibert, Philippe of Moncton, Philias of Leominster, Ovila and Lionel of St Antoine NB. Sisters; Mrs Edouard Girouard ,and Mrs Pierre Cormier of McLean Settlement. Brothers: Fidele of McLean Settlement , Pacific of Cocagne Island and Jean of Moncton.
PUB Feb 1 1940 Page 7

Died Feb 5 Sainte Marie NB AGE 67 husband of Marguerite Arseneau. Sons: Zoel,Arthur, Neil, Albert,Claudius,Philippe, Desire, Christophe. Daughter Corinne. Brother; Arthur of Old Town Maine.Sisters: Mrs Euphemie Cormier, Mrs Madeleine Eagle, Mrs Arcade Bastarache .
PUB Feb 15 1940 Page 5

GOGUEN widow Ursule
Died in Bouctouche JAn 13
Pub Feb 1 1940 Page 5

Died in Acadieville after having surgery. Funeral held Feb 24 leaves his wife and eight children
PUB Feb 29 1940 Page 5

Died Feb 4 in Moncton due to accidental burns when a boiling caserole pot of grease exploded and the fire hit her and also burned her son Joseph who was in satisfactory condition at the hospital. Age 49.Born in Notre Dame daughter of Mr and Mrs Ralph Melanson,wife of Marcel Landry. Daughters: Rosie, Ida and Mrs Laura Surette. Sons: Placide of Leger Corner, Joseph of Moncton.
PUB Feb 8 1940 Page 8

Died Jan 23 Halabury Ontario AGE 25 son of Edward Landry. Brothers Eddy and Martin of Matane Quebec, George and Augustin of Little Paquetville.Sisters; Mrs Theophile Landry of Paquetville, Mrs Edmond Pinet and Mrs Theotime Pinet of Bertrand NB, Mrs Dan Theriault of Grand Anse , Yvonne and Jeanne of Montreal Quebec.
PUB Feb 15 1940 Page 5

Died Belledune NB AGE 81 ,born in Sainte Anne de La Perade Quebec son of Zepherin and Eulalie Mercier, husband of Aurelie Dumas. Children: Mrs JT Lejeune of Bathurst, Eleonore and Zepherin of Belledune, Alexandre of Toronto, Edmond of Vancouver, Alexandrine of Montreal. One brother Zepherin of Quebec.
PUB Feb 22 1940 Page 2

LANTEIGNE Mrs Pierre (nee Marie LANTEIGNE)
Died Feb 2 AGE 85 in Lower Caraquet. Too blurred to read
PUB Feb 15 1940 Page 5

Died Lower Neguac Jan 22 AGE 79 husband of Eugenie St Coeur. Daughter; Mrs Arthur O Breau(Josephine)
PUB Feb 1 1940 Page5

Died Lakeburn NB Feb 6 AGE 84 son of Thomas LeBlanc. Sons: Jacob of New Bedford, Denis of Lakeburn, Philias and Willie of Hartford Conn. Daughters: Mrs Pierre Gauvin(Elizabeth) of Leger Corner, Mrs Joseph Gauvin (Marie Belle) of Chartersville and Mrs Eric Bourque(Leonie)of Hartford Conn.
PUB Feb 8 1940 Page 8

Died Feb 14 Saint Antoine NB AGE 76 husband of Justine Caissie. Sons: Willie and Albert of Waltham. Daughters: Mrs AE Olin (Marie) of Worcester, Mrs Antoine Hebert (Elise) Fishville MA. Brothers:Marcel of Chelsea MA, Levi of Leominster, Delphin of Richiboucto Village. Sister; Mrs Hypolite Despres (Domithilde) of Shediac
PUB Feb 22 1940 Page 5

LEBLANC Hypolite P
Died Feb 2 White Settlement NB . Sons: Wilfred, Adelard,Reine,Daughters: Mrs Blair LeBlanc, Mrs Jude Leblanc all of White Settlement. Brothers: Henri of Notre Dame, Napoleon of Gardner. Sister Mrs L Leger of Cocagne Cape
PUB Feb 15 1940 Page 5

Died Feb 12 Robichaud Office AGE 21 daughter of Siffroid LeBlanc. Sisters: Rita of River Glade, Delphine,Dora,Angella. Brothers; Alias, Aurele, Alban and Leo Paul
PUB Feb 22 1940 Page 2

LECLAIR Mrs Wilfred (nee Stella COMEAU)
Died Feb 17 Leech NB AGE 27. Children: George age 4, Simon age 3, and Alfreda age 6 months. Father; Basile Comeau. Brothers: Simeon, Arthur of St Pons NB,Dominique of Tilley Road NB, Andre of Charnisay. Sisters: Emilienne, Maria, Melanie of St Pons.
PUB Feb 29 1940 Page 5

Died Feb 21 Sackville NB AGE 55 leaves wife, three sons, one brother and three sisters.
PUB Feb 29 1940 Page 17

Died Feb 6 Saint Paul de Kent AGE 85. Sons: Alyre of Minto, Livain of St John, Joseph of Worcester,Alban of Montreal, Abel of Saint Paul. Daughters: Mrs Onesime Melanson (Rosanne)of Saint Paul, Mrs William Doucet of Moncton,Mrs M Bourgeois of Lynn MA. Brother; Philippe of Saint Antoine.Funeral listed Feb 22 page 6
PUB Feb 8 1940 Page 5

Died Feb 6 Sainte Anne de Kent husband of Marie Bastarache. Daughters: Mrs Melans Maillet (Alvina) MASS. Mrs J A Bourque(Dora) Moncton, Marguerite, Emma of Moncton, Yvonne at home. Sons: Charles of Salem MA, Fred at home. Sisters: Mrs Pitt Brideau of Gardner, Mrs Julie Samson of Montreal, Mrs Martin Bastarache of Cocagne and Mrs Alec Richard of Richiboucto
PUB Feb 15 1940 Page 5

Died Jan 26 Petit Paquetville NB AGE 57 husband of Appoline Noel. Brother Fabien of Montreal, Joseph of Tracadie NB, Louis of St Isidore. Sisters: Mrs Jeromie Theriault of Bathurst, Mrs Patrick Rousse of St Isidore
PUB Feb 15 1940 Page 5

Died Feb 2 Laurent Office NB AGE 79. Children: Felicien anad Adelard of Neguac, Dosithee and Vital of Lauverget NB, Mrs Daniel Richard (Vitaline) of Tracadie Beach, Mrs George T Comeau (Marie) of Sheila NB. Brothers Joseph of Lauverget, Felicien twin to Joseph and Mathias of Ste Rose NB. Sisters: Mrs Maxime Robichaud (Helene) of Shippagan, Mrs Clement Landry (Elizabeth) , Mrs Esther Arsenaue of New Brunswick
PUB Feb 22 1940 Page 2

ROUSSEL Mrs Basile
Died Jan 29 Tracadie NB.AGE 76. Sons: Fred, Luc,Augustin, Jeremie. Daughters: Mrs Joseph Breau, Mrs Willie Losier, Mrs Edmond Losier, Mrs Jeffrey Robichaud. Basile her husband died two years earlier
PUB Feb 15 1940 Page 5

SAULNIER Mrs Eloi (nee Francoise MELANSON)
Died in Corberrie NS AGE 72. Children: Mrs David Gaudet (Pauline) of Havelock NB, Mrs Alphonse Comeau (Zoe) of Belmont MA, Mrs Philippe Comeau (Celine) of Waltham, Mrs J Poland (Stella) of Chelsea MA, Mrs Achille Comeau (Elsie) of Anse Bell NS, Laura. Sons: Emile, Denis, Leger of Waverley MA, Bernard at home. Brothers: Rev Abbe D Melanson, DR Thomas Melanson, of Yarmouth, Charles MP for Corberrie. Sisters Mrs Luc Babin (Olive), Mrs William Melanson (Emilienne) of Corberrie, and Marie Rose of Waverley MA.
PUB Feb 29 1940 Page 4

Died Jan 25 in St Joseph Memramcook. Born in Amherst NS. Son Edgar, daughters Mrs John F Boudreau of Moncton and Mrs Marguerite Breau at home
PUB Feb 1 1940 Page 5


ALLARD Joseph-Gilles-Reno
Died Feb 25 Dundee NB AGE 1 son of Mr and Mrs Arthur Allard.Brothers Regis and Conrad
PUB March14 1940 Page 2

Died Saint Charles NB March 4 AGE 86. Daughter: Mrs Theotime Maillet(Alma) Richiboucto Village.Sons: Fred at home, Fidele,Amedee of St Charles, Rene of Brunswick Maine. sister Mrs Joseph Daigle (Catherine). Brother Daniel of Newcastle
PUB March 14 1940 Page 2

BARRIAULT Mrs Adolphe (nee Annie ROBICHAUD)
Died Saint Louis de Kent March 17 AGE 76. Adolphe died 16 months ago. Sisters: Marie Robichaud.Brother; Michel half brother: Camille Mazerolle. Sons: Edouard of Rumford ME, Auguste of Quebec, Arthur , Armand, Camille, Martin all at home. Daughters: Mrs Pierre LeBlanc of Bouctouche, Mrs Edmond Blanchard of Saint Charles NB, Mrs Hubert Barriault of Acadieville, Mrs Antoine Dugas of Pointe Sapin and Mrs Arthur LeBlanc of St Cyril NB.
PUB March 28 1940 Page 2

Died St.Francois de Kent Feb 27 AGE 74.Born in Memramcook, son of Edouard Boudreau and Crescence LeBlanc. Sons: Edward of Fitchburg, Arthur employed at Irvings, Alfred of St Thomas, Lionel of St Francois, Donat at home. Daughters: Mrs Isidore LeBlanc (Lea) Bouctouche, Mrs Franck Lajoie (Evangeline) of Connecticutt, Mrs Clovis Cormier (Octavie) of Leominster, Mrs Pierre Maillet (Alice) of St Thomas. Brothers: Philias of St Francois, Camille of Lynn MA
PUB March 14 1940 Page 5

Died Scoudouc NB March 20 AGE 83. Husband of Rose Bourque. Brothers: Aime, William, Jeffrey, Albenie, Zoel all of Scoudouc. Sisters: Rev.Sister Marie-Aurelia of Indiana, Emilia and Julienne of Scoudouc.
PUB March 28 1940 Page 6

Died Moncton March 15 .Born in Scoudouc NB daughter of Mr and Mrs Maxime Bourque. Sons: Dr Camille Bourgeois, J.Daniel, Paul of Moncton. Daughters: Dorilla, Marguerite at home. Brothers; Pierre Bourque, Ferdinand Bourque of Scoudouc, Melas Bourque of Moncton. Sisters: Mrs Thaddee LeBlanc, Mrs Jean Landry, Mrs Daniel Leger and Seraphine Bourque all of Moncton.
PUB March 21 1940 Page 3

Died Val Comeau March 6,daughter of Pierre Brideau. AGE 13: Brothers: Alyre, Armand, Irenee. Sister: Melodia and Patricia
PUB March 28 1940 Page 2

Died Caraquet NB Feb 24 AGE 94. Children: Joseph at home, Jimmy of New Hampshire, Jacob of Rumford ME, Patrice of New York, Maxime of Sherbrook Quebec.
PUB March 21 1940 Page 2

Died Worcester Ma, Jan 21 son of Napoleon and Virginie Robichaud of Girouardville NB AGE 32. Husband of Elizabeth Landry. The rest os blurred.
PUB March 14 1940 Page 2

CORMIER Alexandre
Died Montreal Feb 29 AGE 37 husband of Francoise Arsenault. Son of Joseph Cormier of Belle Cote Cape Breton. Son; Francois. Also many brothers not names.
PUB March 21 1940 Page 2

DAIGLE Adolphe F
Died St Charles NB March 4 AGE 82. Daughters: Mrs Pierre Chevarie, Mrs Joseph Daigle, Mrs Tom Daigle of St Charles, Mrs Maxime Vautour of Richiboucto, Mrs Antoine Arsenault and Mrs Philippe Cormier of New Bedford MA, Mrs Zephyre Cormier of Gardner MA. Sons: Fidele of New Bedford, Edouard of Bridgeport Conn., Fred at home. Brother ; Frederic F Daigle.
PUB March 14 1940 Page 6

DUPUIS Mrs Cyrille (nee Marguerite BRUN)
Died College Bridge NB Feb 22 AGE 63. Daughters: Mrs Andre Auffrey ( Minnie) of Pre D'en Haut, Mamie of Dorchester, Euphemie, Marie, Andrea, Dorice. Sons: Arthur, Francois of College Bridge.Sisters: Mrs Laurent LeBlanc of Memramcook, Mrs Richard LeBlanc of Lynn MA. Brother Fred Brun of College Bridge.
PUB March 7 1940 Page 5

GARON Mrs A.P. (nee Philomene BELLIVEAU)
Died Rimouski Quebec ,native of St Joseph near Memramcook died March 17. Age 86. Last member of her family.
PUB March 28 1940 Page 6

FOURNIER Mrs Joseph (nee Catherine BENOIT)
Died Leech NB Feb 20 AGE 48. Son: Philippe. Daughters: Louisa, Lea, Anna, Rita, Anita. Brothers: Frank and Sylvain Benoit of Alderwood NB, Jean Baptiste of Sonier Office and Philippe of Quebec.
PUB March 7 1940 Page 5

GEDDRY Mrs Rodolphe (nee Zoe MAILLET)
Died Saint Alphonse de Clare NS March 11 AGE 57. Son; Vital. Brother: Paul Maillet of Clare NS. Sister; Mrs Lynn Comeau of Lynn MA, Marguerite of USA. Zoe was the daughter of Michel Maillet and Philomene Doucet of St Martin Parish in Meteghan.
PUB March 21 1940 Page 2

LEBLANC Mrs Adolphe
Died College Bridge NB March 16,funeral held Mary 18 in St Thomas Church in Memramcook NB
PUB March 21 1940 Page 2

LEBLANC Mrs Alphee (Nee Philomene VIENNEAU)
Died Fox Creek NB March 3 AGE 81. Sons: Clovis and Dominique of Moncton, Albenie of Halifax, Arthur of Fox Creek. Brother; Dominique of South Carolina. Sisters: Mrs Honore Belliveau of Bouctouche, Mrs Francois Bourque of Bangor ME, Mrs Isaac Gaudet of Malden MA. Her husband Alphee died 17 years ago.
PUB March 21 1940 Page 3 and March 28 1940 Page 6

LEBLANC Dorothee
Died Memramcook Feb 29 daughter of Frank G LeBlanc. Brothers: Leonard, Rudy,and Eddie. Sisters: Jeannita and Hermance
PUB March 7 1940 Page 8

LEBLANC Mrs Israel (nee Marguerite GALLANT)
Died St Paul NB Feb 23 AGE 76. Sisters: Mrs Patrice Caissie (Marie-Rose),Mrs Lucien Pitre (Henriette), Mrs Jim Bourque (Marie-Anne). Brother: Luc Gallant
PUB March 21 1940 Page 2

LEBLANC Mrs Simon (nee Celina CORMIER)
Died in Fitchburg Feb 23 AGE 66.Originally from Haute Aboujagane NB. Daughters: Rev Sister Elizabeth of Quebec, Mrs Beatrice LeBlanc , Mrs Patrice Cormier of Fitchburg. Mother of the late P.Calixte LeBlanc who died in New York seven years ago. Sisters: Mrs Dos LeBlanc of Barachois, Mrs Sigefroid Drisdelle of Haute Aboujagane and Mrs Emilienne Leger of Haute Aboujagane.
PUB March 7 1940 Page 4

LECLAIR Mrs Wilfred (nee Stella COMEAU)
Died Leech NB AGE 27. Funeral held Feb 19th. Children: Simeon, Georgina and Alfreda
PUB March 7 1940 Page 5

LEGER Fidele P
Died Acadieville NB Feb 20.AGE 75. Married twice first to Philomene Blanchard. Seven children with her: Fred of Fishdale MA, Mrs Clorice Gallant (Emelie) Gardner MA, Mrs Marcel Henri (Celina) ,and Albenie of Chelsea Maine. Married a second time to Olisine Arseneau.Children with her: Mrs Placide Caissie (Marie-Rose), Mrs Emile Boudreau(Bertha), Fidele, all of Acadieville. Brothers ; Jaddus, Andre, Frank and Julien.
PUB March 14 1940 Page 2

Died Riviere du Portage NB March 1 AGE 28 son of Gilbert Mazerolle. Brothers: George of Dalhousie, Gerard and Ludger at home. Sisters; Bernadette, Yvonne of Bathurst, Estelle and Alfreda at home and Gilbert a student.
PUB March 14 1940 Page 2

Died New Haven Connecticut March 1 daughter of Alban Melanson and Marie Babineau formerly of New Brunswick Canada. Sisters; Marianne and Francoise, brother Louis
PUB March 21 1940 Page 6

Died Moncton March 19 AGE 85. Born in Pre D'en Haut NB daughter of Mr and Mrs Francois Richard. Daughters: Mrs.E.Hl Melanson , Mrs DR.A.J.Cormier, Mrs Alyre Cassidy, Mrs Wilfred Gaudet all of Moncton.Son;Blair J of Sandford ME.Sister: Mrs Philippe Auffrey of Pre D'en Haut.
PUB March 21 1940 Page 3

Died Allarville NB Feb 20 AGE 75.Funeral held Feb 23.Husband of Ruffine Gionnet.Sons: Auguste,Eric, Albenie, Louis at home,Adelard of Bas Caraquet and Edouard of Allarville. Daughters: Rita, Jeanne at home, Anne Marie of Halifax. RICHARD Mrs Aurore
Died in Moncton Feb 15 AGE 9 daughter of Francois Richard and Anita Daigle. sister: Irene. Brothers: Camille and Robert
PUB March 7 1940 Page 4

POIRIER Marie-Louise
Died McDougall Settlement NB March 9 . Sister; Mrs Edouard Richard of McDougall, brother Pascal Poirier of Moncton. Funeral held March 9
PUB March 21 1940 Page2

Died Sheila NB Feb 17 son of Alexandre Robichaud and Esther Breau. Brother: Edmond. Sisters: Lina, and Marie.
PUB March 14 1940 Page 5

Died Mexico Maine March 15. AGE 69. Born in Saint Louis de Kent daughter of Thaddee Poirier. Sons: Vital of Worcester, Joseph of New York, Antoine of Maine, Francois of Gardner MA, Pierre and Auguste of Maine, (Alex Richard of Rumford ME,from his first marriage to Irois Richard and daughters: Mrs Obeline Despres, of Lynn MA, Mrs Eva Vautour of Saint Louis de Kent, Sadie Robichaud of Lynn MA. Brother; Mr.Marcel Poirier of Mexico Maine.
PUB March 21 1940 Page 6

Died in Shippagan NB March 7 AGE 63 husband of Esther Boudreau. Brother: Fred. Sister: Mrs Marguerite Landry of Athol Mass. Adopted children: Mrs Emery Robichaud and Rita Robichaud
PUB March 21 1940 Page 2

SAVOIE Philippe
Died St Raphael NB March 7 AGE 69. His two first wives died and survived by his third wife. Children: Valtrude at home, Mrs Edmond Hache (Petrouille), Mrs Philippe Hache (Valentine), Jean Paul and Jeannot at home, Wifred of Conn. , Dedier(Father Humbert) Brothers: Edward, Joseph, Francis.Sisters: Mrs Anatase Duguay, Mrs Philorome Blanchard, Mrs Martin Blanchard, Mrs Fred Lanteigne, Mrs Leon Chevarie.
PUB March 28 1940 Page 2

THIBAULT Mrs Sam (nee Emelie-Jeanne AMIRAULT)
Died Doucettville NS Feb 22 AGE 78. Sons: Angus, Clarence, harford of Doucetteville, Eddie of Weymouth NS,Douglas of Marshalltown,Ernest ,Henry and Denis of Berlin New Hampshire. Daughters: Mrs Marius Melanson of Marshalltown, Mrs Xavier Comeau of Anse Gilbert. Sisters: Mrs John Thibault of Plympton, Mrs Augustin Robichaud of Doucetteville. Emilie-Jeanne was first married to Jean Maillet of Meteghan NS.
PUB March 7 1940 Page 5

Died Ste Rose NB March 7 AGE 21 son of Joseph. Brothers: Claude, Joseph, Michel.Sister Elise at home
PUB March 21 1940 Page 2


Died Val Lourdes NB March 19 AGE 35 daughter of Fred Arsenault and Marie Anne Robichaud. Brothers: Philippe of Detroit, Gerard of Indian Lake New York, Pierre and Aurele of Tracadie NB, Valerie of Vallee Lourdes NB. Sisters: Julie, Marie, and Angelina of Tracadie. Her father died three years before.
PUB April 4 1940 Page 7

ARSENAULT Mrs Mathias (nee Elizabeth GOGUEN
Died March 31 in Cocagne NB AGE 59. Her husban died eight years before. She died at the home of her nephew Edmond Goguen.No children listed
PUB April 11 1940 Page 6 and April 18 1940 Page 7

BELLIVEAU Mrs Ambroise (nee Marie Anne TRAHAN)
Died Saulnierville NS april 19 originally from Grosse Coque Clare NS daughter of Olivier Trahan and Sophie Thibodeau of Meteghan. Sons: Edmond of Lynn MA, Simon of Saulnierville NS and Olivier at home. Sisters: Mrs Catherine Austin of Lynn MA and Mrs Obeline LeBlanc of Church Point NS. Funeral held April 20 in Church Point.
PUB April 25 1940 Page4

BELLIVEAU Mrs Thomas(nee Felicite LEBLANC
Died April 11 AGE 67.
PUB April 18 1940 Page 7

BENOIT Mrs Pierre (nee Sara MALLAIS)
Died Sonier Office NB April 13 AGE 66. Sons: Azade at home, Adelard a soldier in England.Daughter: Victoire at home. Sisters: Mrs Louis Robichaud (Marie), Mrs Nicolas Robichaud (Olive), Mrs Camille Burgell(Elizabeth). Brother:Cyprien Mallais all of Shippagan NB.
PUB April 25 1940 Page 7

Died Beresford NB AGE 94 . Daughters: Mrs Alphonse Arsenault (Amanda) of Trembley Settlement NB. Sons: Jean of Selwood NB, Alex, Nicolas of Beresford NB, Philias and Israel at home. Adopted son Albanie Hache. Funeral held March 31.
PUB April 18 1940 Page

Died Sixth Roads NB April 12 AGE 21, son of Oliver Boudreau and Eugenie Arsenault. Brothers: Medric of Abitha Quebec, Phil, Ernest, Hilaire, Luc of Six Roads. Sisters: Mrs Romain Boudreau, Mrs Leo Hache of Athol MA, Mrs Charles Saulnier of Sixth Roads, Mrs Fred Ouellette of Edmunston, Mrs Albert Smith of Shippagan, Lina of Montreal, Marie of Trois Riviere Quebec, Eugenie of Quebec and Rose of Sixth Roads.
PUB April 25 1940 Page 4

BRUN Marie Jeannine Cecilia
Died in Saint Charles NB .Born March 26 died April ,daughter of Mr.and Mrs Vincent Brun
PUB April 18 1940 Page 7

Died in Grande Digue NB AGE 18 son of Mr and Mrs Thomas Caissie. Brothers: Azore of Shediac, Yvon at home.Sister: Philomene at home.
PUB April 11 1940 Page 5

Died Richiboucto Village NB March 29 AGE 78 husband of Roseanne Boucher. Children: Irene of Richiboucto Village, Mrs Edmond Babineau (Lea), Mrs Gonzague Richard (Vianna), Dolor, Clovis all of Richiboucto Village ,an adopted son Jean Hebert. Sister: Mrs widow Dosithee Roy . Funeral held March 26
PUB April 11 1940 Page 5

CAISSIE Mrs Ernest (nee Anna GOGUEN)
Died in Grande Digue April 17 AGE 29 .Daughter; Emerise. Sons: Dolor, Alphonse and Normand.
PUB April 25 1940 Page 4

COMEAU Mrs Basile
Died St Pons NB April 1 AGE 56. Sons: Dominique of Tilley Rd NB, Andre of Charnisey NB, Arthur of St Pons, Simeon at home. Daughters: Maria of Tracadie, Emilienne and Melanie at home.
PUB April 18 1940 Page 2

Died Meteghan Station April 1 AGE 84 husband of Emilie Comeau. Sons: Johnny of Digby, Alcide, Ernie at home,Delile of Meteghan Station. Daughters: Mrs Maggie LeBlanc of Haverhill MA, Mrs Marie Blinn of Southbridge MA and Mrs Catherine LeBlanc of Church Point NS.
PUB April 11 1940 Page 5

DAIGLE Marie-Elizabeth-Dina
Died St Charles NB AGE 13 months daughter of Mr and Mrs Jean T Daigle.
PUB April 18 1940 Page 7

DAIGLE Patricia
Died April 1 AGE 1 year daughter of Mr and Mrs Lionel Daigle of Richiboucto.
PUB April 18 Page 7

DOIRON Mrs Ovila (nee Victoire LEGER)
Died April 3 Rang St George NB AGE 66. Children: Mrs Lucien Hache(Elise)of Rang St George, Georges, Georgina of Montreal, and Mrs Wilfred Losier (Fenolise)of Shippagan. A son Nicolas died a few years earlier.
PUB April 18 1940 Page 7

Died Beaumont NB March 29 AGE 75 husband of Domithilde Belliveau. Children: Rev Sister Marie Sacre Coeur(Florence)St Joseph, Mrs Ben Belliveau (Nelly) St Joseph, Mrs Robert Buckley(Alma) of Rothsay NB, Mrs Arthur LeBlanc (Rita) ,Mrs Thomas LeBlanc (Marie) of Waltham MA, Mrs Ernest Leblanc (Cecile) Norwich Conn.,Mrs Emile LeBlanc (Irene) of East Braintree MA. Sons: Aime of Moncton, Leo of Waltham, Armand of Saint John NB, Rev Oscar Gaudet of Quebec and Adrien at home.
PUB April 11 1940 Page 5

GAUTHIER Dominique F
Died Toronto Ontario April 12 husband of Annie Melanson and formerly of Haute Aboujagane NB. Sons: Timon, Emile, Leandre.Daughters: Mrs George Schort (Leonie).All of Toronto. Brothers; Anselme of Shediac, Blair of Quebec. Sister; Mrs Olivier Duguay (Marguerite) of Cambridge MA.
PUB April 18 1940 Page 7

GODIN Alexandre
Died Tracadie Beach NB March 26 AGE 83 husband of Adelaide Richard. Sons: Sandy at home,James and Frank of Tracadie, Joseph of Madawaska. Daughters: Mrs Mathieu Richard (Elizabeth), Mrs Frank Richard (Melonie), of Juniper NB, Mrs Thomas Duguay (Helene) of St Isidore, Mrs Adolphe Godin (Philomene) of Legere NB and Mrs Joseph Brideau (Alegine)of Legere NB.
PUB April 11 1940 Page 5

GODIN Dominique
Died Maisonette NB March 18 AGE 29 son of Mr and Mrs Michel Godin. Brother: Joachim, Sisters:Imelda at home,Brigitte, Philomene and Therese of Montreal
PUB April 4 1940 Page 6

HACHE Mrs Mathias O
Died Gagnon Road NB April 6 AGE 73. Sons: Octave of Quebec, Albert,Mathias, Jacques of St Isidore , Jean of LaToque Quebec, Joseph of Gagnon Rd.Daughter: Mrs Louis Dionne (Minnie) of LaToque PQ
PUB April 18 1940 Page 6

Died Cocagne NB March 3 AGE 22 . Sisters: Mrs Aquila Leger, Mrs Neri Goguen of Cocagne, Mrs Rosaire Bourque and Lea of Sunny Brae, Eva of Gardner MA, Florida of Montreal, Alma at home. Brothers: Edouard and Irenee at home.
PUB April 25 1940 Page 4

Died Upper St Andre NB April 5 daughter of Mr and Mrs Marcel LeBlanc. One adopted brother.
PUB April 18 1940 Page 2

Died in Lakeburn NB AGE 32 daughter of Mr and Mrs Alphee LeBlanc. Brothers: Martin, Philias, Lester of Lakeburn. Sisters: Beatrice, Rosie,Elda of Lakeburn, Mrs Auguste LeBlanc of Moncton and Mrs Emile Leger of St Anselme

Died April 7 accidently see below son of Mister and Mrs Pierre Leblanc. Brothers: Laurie, Edgar, Aurele, Francois, Eddie of Minto NB. Sisters: Mrs Dick Gaudet of Lexington MA, Mrs Ernest Robichaud of Moncton, Mrs Arthur Leblanc of Minto and Rita LeBlanc of Moncton:PUB April 18 1940 Page 5
Tragic Acciden occured on April 7 at Hardwood Ridge,Eric LeBlanc killed instantly, Arthur Melanson later died of his injuries. The car collided with a CN train early in the morning. Lawrence or Laurie LeBlanc brother of Eric is in serious condition as is Henry Asselman. Hardwood Ridge is about seven miles from Minto. They were returning from Minto where they worked in the mines. PUB April 11 1940 Page 8

LEBLANC Francois
Died Dundee NB April 5 from Haute Aboujagane NB AGE 87 husband of Lisette LeBlanc. Son Joseph of Balmoral. Daughters: Mrs Pierre Savoie of Dundee, Mrs Edmond Heppelle of Charlo. Brother: Pierre of L'Anse aux Gascons
PUB April 11 1940 Page 5

LEBLANC Napoleon
Died Cap Pele NB AGE 80 husband of Francoise Girouard. Sons: Arthur, Robert, Rene, Herman of Boston. Daughters: Mrs A? Comeau of Boston, Mrs Francois Melanson of Cap Pele, mrs John Quarterooney of New York. Sister: Mrs William Gallant of Cap Pele
PUB April 18 1940 Page 7

Died Margaree Cape Breton March 5 AGE 64 husband of Domithilde Chiasson. Children: Jean and Ambroise of Margaree, Mrs George Anderson (Bertha) of Waltham, Beatrice and Lorette of Waltham, Mrs Armand Plouffe (Delina). Brothers: Thomas and Philippe of Margaree, Charles and Pierre of Boston. Sisters: Mrs Jean Chiasson, Mrs Antoine LeBlanc, Mrs Charles Chiasson, Mrs Polycarpe Leblanc, Mrs Simon Leblanc of Margaree, Mrs Lazare LeBlanc of Petit Etang.
PUB April 18 1940 Page 2

LOSIER Mrs Ben(nee Marguerite Arseneault
Died Alderwood NB April 3 AGE 65 .Daughters: Mrs Arthur Losier (Cecile) of Trout Stream NB, Imelda at home. Sister; Charlotte of Tracadie. Brothers: Olivier of Trout Stream, Richard of Berlin New Hampshire. A brother Pierre of Berlin NH died 2 months earlier.
PUB April 11 1940 Page 5

Died Duguayville NB March 27 AGE 70 husband of late Evangeline Duguay, survived by second wife Laura Landry. Children with first wife: Pierre, and Theodule of Duguayville and Mrs Ephrem Russel nee Emma of Shippagan Goulet. From his second marriage: Philias, Diana, Ida, Adelard, Melina, Donald and Isidore all at home. Brothers: Joseph of Tracadie, Gustave of Shippagan. Sisters: Mrs George Duguay (Elizabeth) Duguayville, Mrs Val Landry (Catherine) of Upper Ste Rose. Funeral held March 29.
PUB April 4 Page 7

Died Minto April 7 as result of an accident in Hardwood Ridge,(see Eric LeBlanc).He was the son of Antoine Melanson of Melanson Settlement.He was returning from working in the mines in Minto when the accident occured the car collided with a CN train. Brothers: Fidele, Aubain,Henri,Antoine, Walter , and Emile. Sister: Agnes. Funeral held In St Anselme NB April 9
PUB April 11 1940 Page 8 and April 18 1940 Page 7

MELANSON Mrs Philias (nee Phoebe DESROCHES
Died in Miltown NB but she was from Sainte Marie NB March 29 AGE 84. Children: Laura , Mrs Joseph Sweeney (Lina), Mrs Joseph Carroll (Emilie)all of Miltown, Jim of Miltown, Willie soldier in England. Brothers: Edouard Desroches of Lincoln ME, Arcade Desroches of Bangor ME and Maxime Desroches of Moncton. Funeral held in Miltown April 1

PINET Mrs Clement(nee Celeste LANDRY)
Died March 30 Theriault NB AGE 83. Sons: Eucher of Caraquet, Ernest, Alexandre at home. Daughter: Mrs John Clement (Marguerite) of St Ledin. Sister; Mrs Aime Landry (Rose) of Caraquet. Brothers: Frank,Pierre,Dan of Rhode Island
PUB April 18 1940 Page 7.

Died Moncton March 28 Funeral held March 31.Husband of Beatrice hache. Children: Flora, Yvon,Roger,Leo,Raymond,Omer,Claudette. He was the son of Mr and Mrs Marcellin Poirier . His mother was in Lynn MA. Brothers: Tilmon of Leger Corner, RP Raymond (priest)Vermont. Sister Mrs Edouard Leblanc of Lynn MA.
PUB April 25 1940 Page 4

Died St Paul April 12 AGE 88. Sons: Patrice of St Paul, Levi of Moncton. Daughters: Mrs Thaddee Belliveau (Rufine) Mrs Alphonse Belliveau (Melina) of St Paul, Mrs Philibert Girouard (Marie) of Moncton.
PUB April 25 Page 6

Died St John NB March 28 AGE 61 ,originally from Rang St George NB. Funeral held March 30 in Paquetville NB.Husband of Helene Godin. Sons: Alphonse and Arthur at home. Daughters: Mrs Gerard Tougas (Delphine) of Montreal, Mrs Emile Robichaud (Elizabeth) Ste Rose, Marguerite, and Marlane at home.
PUB April 4 1940 Page 7

Died Shippagan March 24 AGE 64 husband of Emile Gibbs. Sons: Arthur and Philippe at home, Adelard, Hilarion, of Rimouski Quebec. Daughters: Mrs Henri Boudin (Maria) of Rimouski, Mrs Jessy Justissen (Cecile) of Black Harbour, Mrs Edmond Hache (Yvonne) and Mrs Emile Landry ( Hedwidge) Grand Anse, Mrs Ozaire Boudreau (Susanne) of Inkerman, Louisa, Leonie, Yvette, Octavie,Stella,Therese at home.Helene from Inkerman. Brothers: RP Jean Robichaud Eudiste Church Point, Martin, Alexandre, Wilfred, Joseph of Shippagan. Sisters: Mrs Augustin Robichaud (Alexandrien) ,Mrs Amedee Hache (Leonise),Mrs Frank Landry (Valerie) of Shippagan,Mrs Louis Gauthier (Lorette) of Miscou Center, Mrs Willie McIntosh (Eloise) of Bas Caraquet, and Mrs Michel Robichaud (Annie) of Inkerman.
PUB April 11 1940 Page 5

ROY Marie Anne
Died March 23 daughter of Mr and Mrs Olivier Roy AGE 26. Sisters: Mrs Albert LeBlanc, Mrs Marguerite LeBlanc of Gardner MA, Hermine of Lewisville NB. Brothers: Eric and Albert of Quebec, Aurele of Dalhousie,and Leandre of Gardner MA.
PUB April 4 1940 Page 7

Died Sheila NB March 21 AGE 32 husband of Mathilda Basque. Son of Mr and Mrs William Saulnier. Leaves two small children. Brothers: Majorique, Gerard at home, Henri of Val Comeau, Valerie of Sheila. Sisters: Mrs Pierre R Brideau (Arthemise),Mrs Ernest Brideau and Clarice from Upper Sheila.
PUB April 4 1940 Page 6

SAVOIE Sebastien
Died Cap Bateau NB March 20 AGE 87. His first two wives died. Sons: Adelard of Shippagan Island, Francis of Montreal.Daughters: Mrs Abbe LaRoque (Lucie) of Cap Bateau, Mrs Louis Degarie(Alma) Cap Maria Quebec, Mrs Alexandre Despres (Christine)of Chandler, Mrs John Carl (Laura) of Chicago.
PUB April 4 1940 Page 6

Died Meteghan NS March 31 AGE 84 single. Son of Cezaire Thibodeau and Marguerite Comeau. Brother Hilaire of Lawrence MA.
PUB April 11 1940 Page 5

Died Meteghan NS April 15 AGE 76 husband of late Marie Comeau. No children. One sister Rev Sister Saint Sebastien)Marie) died earlier. Last surviving member of his family.
PUB April 25 1940 Page 4

Died Gardner MA April 7 AGE 73. Born in Cocagne NB son of Simeon Williams and Osithe Goguen. Husband of Exelda Cormier. Daughters: Mrs Claudia Laroche, Alice, Edith. Sons: Alfred, Henri, Edgar, Ernest, Herve all of Leominster MA, David of Cocagne. Sisters: Mrs Frederic Cormier of Moncton and Mrs Joseph Breau of Lewisville near Moncton
PUB April 18 1940 Page 7


Died Margaree NS May 4 AGE 77 husband of Catherine LeBlanc. Sons: Placide at home, Simon New York. Daughters: Mrs Neo Arsenault, Mrs Willie Aucoin, Clara, Rose ,Annie. Sisters:Mrs Patrice LeBlanc of Margaree, Mrs Joseph Chiasson of Sydney, Mrs Antoine LeBlanc of Quincy MA, Mrs Marcelline Muise of Newton MA. Brothers: Philippe R of Waltham MA, Thomas of Newton MA, Simon of Summerville MA and Joseph of Malden USA
PUB May 23 1940 Page 5

Died Memramcook East AGE 79. Brothers: Jacques and Dos of Moncton, Clement of Memramcook.Sisters: Mrs Louis Arsenault of Fitchburg and Marie at home. Funeral held April 30.
PUB May 16 1940 Page 5

Died St Pierre NB April 16 AGE 63 husband of Evangeline Richard. Sons:Arthur, Antoine,Elias, Omer. Sisters: Mrs Philippe Poirier of Gardner MA, Irma, Geneva, Cecilia. Brother: Zacharie of St Pierre.Sisters: Rev Sister Ste Domithilde of Sherbrook Quebec, Mrs Marguerite LeBlanc of Fitchburg, Mrs Roubine Allain of Richiboucto Village. Funeral held April 18.

Died Hartford Conn. originally from Moncton but born in Cap Pele.AGE 80. Son: MJ Henri Bourque of Roxbury MA. Daughters: Mrs William Leger of Shediac, Mrs LP Bourque , Mrs CW McQuinn of Moncton. Buriedd in Shediac Rd Cemetery in Moncton.
PUB May 16 1940 Page 5

Died in Moncton AGE 81.Born in Cocagne NB. Daughters: Mrs JA Babineau of Montreal, Mrs RH Cormier of Bouctouche, Mrs Albert H LeBlanc of Moncton, Mrs JA Richard of Montreal, Evelyn and son Alyre of Moncton.
PUB May 16 1940 Page 8

COMEAU Mrs Isidore
Died in Pointe Verte NB AGE 90. Daughters: Mrs Joseph Hache, Mrs Willie LeBrun of Pointe Verte, Mrs Augustin Legace, Mrs Arthur St Cyr of LaToque Quebec, Mrs George Webster of Quebec and Angeline of Montreal. Funeral held May 13 in Pointe Verte
PUB May 23 1940 Page 5

CORMIER Euphemie
Died Saint Paul NB May 23 daughter of Barthelemy Cormier. Brothers: Levi at home, Lucas, Jean Baptiste of Saint Paul and Pierre of Fitchburg.
PUB May 30 1940 Page 4

Died Maria De Kent Co.NB April 18 AGE 69 husband of Marie Leblanc. Daughters: Mrs Arsene LeBlanc (Madeleine) of New York, mrs Philippe Cadotte (Amanda) of South Norwalk Conn., Mrs Thomas Duquette (Anna) of Gardner MA, Mrs Leandre Maillet (Yvonne) of St Thomas, Emilia and Lizzie at home. Sons: Antoine of Lowell MA, Gerard of St George, and Oliver of Maria de Kent. Brothers: Thomas and Olivier of Gardner. Sisters: Mrs Joseph Bourque (Genevieve) of Fitchburg, Mrs Edouard Cormier (Adele) of New Bedford, Mrs Maurice LeBlanc (Madeleine) of Rumford ME and Mrs Malcolm LeBlanc (Marie) of St Irenee NB.
PUB May 2 1940 Page 5

Died Pointe Ouest NS April 21 AGE 72. Brothers: Auguste R,Leandre, William-Alfred. Sisters: Mrs Charles Surette, Mrs Joe E D'Entremont, and Mrs Adolphe O D'Entremont
PUB May 2 1940 Page 2

DEVEAU Mrs Evangeline
Died Meteghan Station NS May 3.Wife of the late Charles Deveau. Born Evangeline THIBAULT daughter of Anselme Thibault of Hectanooga. AGE 68. Sisters: Mrs Reine Thibodeau of Briar Lake, Mrs Henry Leblanc of Petit Ruisseau, Mrs Zozime Comeau of Comeauville. Brothers: Jean of Winchester MA, Denis of Ontario, Joseph of Woodvale NS. Adopted daughter; Mrs Frank Leblanc of Grosses Coque NS, and an adopted son Willie of NS.
PUB May 16 1940 Page 5

DUGUAY Mrs Eddie (nee Eloise MORAIS)
Died May 21 AGE 38 daughter of Jeremie Morais. Children: Romeo,Odile, Clara at home. Brothers: Pierre , Arthur,Albeine, Jeremie Morais all of Tilley Road NB, Azade, of Bathurst, Sebastien ofBois Gagnon NB, Allain of Montreal, Euchariste of Detroit Michigan, Arcade of Nova Scotia. Sisters: Mrs Thomas Brideau of Upper Tilley Rd and Mrs Amedee Berube of Montreal.
PUB May 30 1940 Page 7

DOIRON Onesime
Died Acadieville NB May 13 AGE 70 husband of Henriette Chevarie. Sons: Romeo and Alphonse at home. Brothers: Patrice of Moncton, Joseph of Caraquet, Seraphin and Theotime . Sisters: Marie and Charlotte of Caraquet
PUB May 23 1940 Page 5

GALLANT Mrs Mathilde
Died April 9 in Portland Maine ,formerly from Urbainville PEI. AGE 85. Wife of Ishmael Gallant who died 20 years before. Son: Frank of Wellington PEI. They had eleven children of whom only one is mentioned. Sister: Mrs Jean Wedge of Mont Carmel PEI.
PUB May 2 1940 Page 5

GALLIEN Mrs Prudent
Died May 8 Tracadie NB AGE 72. Son: Abbe A Gallien.
PUB May 16 1940 Page 5

GOGUEN Clarence
Died Gardner MA May 11 son of Mr and Mrs Saul Goguen. AGE 31. Sisters: Mrs Gerard Leger, Mrs Arthur Gaudet, Mrs Albert Muise. Brothers: Albert, Gerard, Edouard all of Gardner.
PUB May 23 1940 Page 5

GOGUEN Mrs Desire(nee Marie Louise ROBICHAUD
Died in Shediac NB May 17 .Formerly of Acadieville NB.
PUB May 23 1940 Page 5

GOGUEN Marie-Jeanne
Died Leominster MA April 25. Formerly of Notre Dame Kent Co NB, daughter of Emilienne Goguen. Sisters: Mrs Elmire Brideau, Elodie, Yvonne,Evangeline,Severine. Brothers: Andre and Emery of Leominster , Maxime, Cyrus, and Alfred of Gardner MA. Funeral held in Ste Cecile Church in Leominster.
PUB May 23 1940 Page 5

GOGUEN Mrs Pierre(nee Marguerite BOUCHER)
Died Rogersville NB May 2 AGE 68. Sons: David of Blacks Harbour, Mathias of Rogersville, Lucien and Isaie of Lawrence MA, Alyre at home. Daughters: A? and Leonise at home, Mrs Ambroise Babineau (Anne) of Saint George NB, Mrs Albert Thompson (Henriette) of Saint John NB, Mrs Joseph Goguen (Regina) of Lawrence MA. Brothers: Calixte of Montreal, Adolphe,Baptiste,Alphonse of Richiboucto NB. Pierre and Fred of Gardner MA, Lucien of New York. Sisters: Mrs Placide LeBlanc (Agnes) of Gardner MA, Mrs Thaddee LeBlanc (Domithilde), Mrs Marc Richard (Catherine) of Richiboucto and Mrs Hidulphe Savoie (Leonie) of Rogersville.
PUB May 16 1940 Page 5

HENRI Malcolm
Died McLean Settlement NB May 20 AGE 70. Brother: Premilite of Moncton.Sisters: Mrs Donat Maillet at home, Mrs Levi Bastarache (Elizabeth) of Saint Paul Kent Co., Mrs Alphee Fraser (Marguertte), Mrs Louis Boudreau (Melina) of Salem MA.
PUB May 30 1940 Page 4

LANDRY Mrs Edgar(nee Celina GAUTREAU)
Died in Pre D'en Haut NB April 25 AGE 24 daughter of Mr and Mrs Albenie Gautreau of St Anselme. Daughter Rosaline. Sisters: Mrs Anselme Gautreau(Yvonne) Pre d'en Haut, Marguerite, Eugenie,and Zelica. Brothers: Yvon,Albert and Alfred at home.
PUB May 2 1940 Page 2

LAPOINTE Jean Baptiste
Died Eel River Crossing NB April 21 AGE 68 husband of Cecile Savoie. Sons: Edouard, Jean-Rodolphe. Daughters: Mrs H Bernard (Florida), Mrs A LaPointe (Delima),Mrs Alexandre LaPointe (Marie-Anne Beatrice),Mrs Mathias Roy? (Elise Bertha) of Bonaventure Quebec ,Mrs Philippe Desrosiers (Blanche), Mrs Amedee Dionne (Clementine),Annie-Jane, Cecile, Marie-Lucia, Annie-Belle at home. Brother: Edouard. Sisters: Mrs Pasteur Arsenault and Mrs Joseph Foncas.
PUB May 2 1940 Page 7

LAVIOLETTE Mrs Joseph (nee Flora DRAPEAU)
Died May 19 Mountain Brook NB AGE 81. Daughters: Mrs Freddy McIntyre of Mountain Brook, Mrs Arthur McIntyre of McKenzie Sound BC, Mrs Nelson LeBlanc of Detroit. Sons: Leo, Willie of Mountain Brook, Amedee of Dalhousie, Fidele, James, Philippe,George,Wilfred and Herman all of British Columbia. Brother: Louis Drapeau of Portland Oregon.
PUB May 30 1940 Page 4

LAVIOLETTE Mrs Valmond (nee Georgiana LAVIOLETTE)
Died Campbelton NB April 15 AGE 28 daughter of Mr and Mrs William Laviolette. Sisters: Mrs Elzear French, and Mrs Auguste Gallant of Moncton, Eugenie and Betsie of Montreal, Bertha of Charlo. Brothers: Jean, Cleophas and Alonzo. Funeral held April 18.
PUB May 2 1940 Page 5

Died Memramcook West May 11 AGE 84 husband of Osithe Cormier. Daughters: Mrs Cyril Babineau (Anida) of Shediac, Mrs Zoel Bourque (Rose-Anne), Mrs Ernest Leblanc (Marguerite) of Memramcook, Mrs Moise Doucet (Eveline), Marie of Waltham MA., Mrs Delia Cormier and Emma at home. Sons: Eddy of Memramcook and Lucien at home. Funeral held May 12 in St Thomas Church in Memramcook.
PUB May 16 1940 Page 5 and May 23 1940 Page 7

LEBLANC Alphonsine
Died St.Thomas NB April 24 AGE 26 daughter of Mr and Mrs Armand LeBlanc of Gayton NB. Sisters: Crayola of Moncton, Mrs Camille Boudreau, Mrs Aime Sonier of Gayton, Rev.Sister rose Aimee of Campbelton, Gertrude of Moncton, Marie-Therese ,Philis at the Tracadie Convent.
PUB May 2 1940 Page 2

Died Pachendale CB AGE 12 son of Mr and Mrs Edmond LeBlanc. Sister Jeannine and brother Raymond.
PUB May 2 1940 Page 2

Died St Antoine NB April 29 AGE 78 husband of Pauline Leger. Three children with his first wife Marie Dugrace: Mrs Thaddee Donelle (Philomene) of Cormier Vilage, Mrs Fidele Gaudet (Beatrice) of Georgetown NB, Jean Baptiste of Hartford Conn. His Stepchildren( kids of his first wife who was married before) Jaddus Cormier, Mrs Edmond Breau (Edmee) of Saint Antoine, Vital and Eddie of USA. Brothers: Hubert, Philippe and Meleme of the USA.
PUB May 9 1940 Page 5

Died Meteghan NS ,he died in the St John Hospital AGE 90 son of Francois T LeBlanc and Dorothee Thibodeau. Husband of The late Vitaline Robichaud. Daughter: Mrs Thomas J Miller (Emilie)St John NB. son: Edmond. Brothers: Jude, Anselme of Meteghan. Sister; Mrs Rose D'Entremont of Ipswich MA. Two sons Joseph and Edouard former soldiers drowned accidently after their return from the Front.
PUB May 2 1940 Page 5

Died Clare NS April 26 AGE 71 husband of Marie Comeau. Son: Louis at home. Daughter: Pauline of Lynn MA. Brothers: Martin of Lynn MA, Charles of Concession NS.Sisters: Mrs Arsene Comeau, Mrs Mande Thibodeau of Anse Gilbert NS.Funeral held in Church Point NS.
PUB May 9 1940 Page 5

Died Cap Maria Quebec May 14 husband of Monique Thibodeau. AGE 73. Children: Gerald, Lucien, Mrs J Gendron (Elmire), Mrs Jules Simard, Lucie and Corinne
PUB May 30 1940 Page 4

LEBLANC Mrs Valusien (nee Emilie AMIRAULT)
Died Meteghan NS April 26 AGE 66 daughter of Isidore Amirault. Children: Rev. Frederic Leblanc, Marie. Brothers: Joseph, Lezin Meteghan. Husband died many years before. Funeral held Stella Maris Church Meteghan.
PUB May 9 1940 Page 7

Died Riviere Portage NB ,Dec 10 1930 due to drowning , after the mass Normand age 12 went skating on Grand Tracadie River where he drowned in the afternoon. His body was only recovered May 16 1940.He was the son of Mr and Mrs Lazare Mazerolle. He had three sisters and five brothers all at home. Funeral was held May 17
PUB May 23 1940 Page 2

Died Meteghan Center April 22 AGE 82. Daughter Mrs Marguerite Thibodeau at home. Funeral held in Meteghan.
PUB May 2 1940 Page 2

MCLAUGHLIN Mrs Albert (nee Estella DUGUAY)
Died Upper Tilley Rd NB April 24 AGE 24 daughter of Eucher Duguay. Sisters: Mrs Lazare Chiasson (Celeste) of Dalhousie, Mrs Alphee Doucet (Amanda) St John NB, Mrs Adelard Morais (Bella) Upper Tilley Rd, Ernestine and Germaine at home. Two half sisters: Mrs Azade Sonier (Henriette) Tilley Road, Mrs Arthur Comeau (Justine) Leech NB. Brothers: Michel of Detroit, Maurice, Edmon of St Isidore NB, Ernest of St John, Edgar at home. Funeral held April 25 St Isidore NB.
PUB May 9 1940 Page 5

Died Connecticut April 13 AGE 22 son of Mr and Mrs Camille Melanson. Native of Village des Gautreau near Memramcook. Sisters: Mrs J Albenie Landry, Mrs Antoine A LeBlanc of Newich Conn.,Mrs Henry C Richard of Camp Ellis Beach Maine, Mrs William Pyle of New York, Mrs Gerard Fitzgerald of Amherst MA, Rita ,Louise,at home. Sons: Gerard, Ulysse and Camille at home.
PUB May 30 1940 Page 5

Died April 28 Moncton AGE 37 son of Ferdinand Melanson of Scoudouc NB husband of Elise Leblanc of Lakeburn. Sons: Gerald, Edgar at home. Daughters: Stella of Sydney NS, Irene of Moncton, Marie, Laura, Jeannette, Corinne, and Dolores at home. Brothers: Jeffrey and Philippe Moncton, Sylvain, Blair,Cleophas, of Scoudouc. Sister: Regina of College Bridge NB.
PUB May 9 1940 Page 2

Died Lameque NB April 19 husband of Alice Chiasson. Daughters: Albertine,Georgine and Rita at home. Funeral held April 27
PUB May 9 1940 Page 7

RICHARD Mrs Delphis(nee Lina DOIRON)
Died Acadieville NB May 3 AGE 19 daughter of Willie Doiron, survived by many sisters and brothers.
PUB May 16 1940 Page 5

RICHARD Mrs Philippe (nee Patience CORMIER)
Died in Waltham MA April 25 AGE 70 ,born in Memramcook NB. Children: Mrs Alyre P LeBlanc of Moncton, Mrs Percy Belliveau of Newton MA, Mrs Ernest Sonier of Rosindale MA, Mrs George Dion ,Mrs Willie Doucet, Edouard Richard, of Waltham, Arthur Richard of PEI.Sisters and Brothers: Mrs John Seatkon, Mrs George Pellerin, Mrs William Wonderley, Philias, Traquille all oof Euclid Ohio, Mrs Clinton Fraser and Oustin of Montana USA.Funeral held in Waltham.
PUB May 23 1940 Page 5

Died Gardner MA May 14 AGE 82 . Native of Richiboucto NB. Husband of Exilda Geguere. Daughters; Mrs Marie Pratt of Athol, Domine of Fitchburg, Mrs John Maillet, Mrs Joseph Allain of Sainte Anne Quebec. Son: Pius of Fitchburg.Brothers: Anselme, Calixte, Thaddee of Gardner MA.
PUB May 23 1940 Page 6

Died April 18 AGE 22 daughter of Alexandre Robichaud and Esther Breau. Brother Edmond. Sister Marie. A brother Phelisse died two months earlier.
PUB May 2 1940 Page 5

SAULNIER Mrs Fernande
Died April 19 Tracadie NB AGE 76. Daughters: Mrs Maurice Benoit (Philomene) of Tracadie, Annie at home, adopted daughter Helene at home. Children that died: Elizabeth age 22, Clarice age 9, Mrs Joseph Maillet (Olive) died 13 years ago, Fred died 19 years ago and Charles died 13 years ago.
PUB May 2 1940 Page 5

SAVOIE Mrs Adelard(nee Alphonsine HACHE)
Died St Raphael NB April 17 AGE 58. Funeral held April 19. Daughters: Mrs Philippe Laroque (Simonne) of Pigeon Hill NB, Germaine of Montreal. Sons: Rodrigue, Clarence at home, Oscar of St Isidore NB.
PUB May 2 1940 Page 5

SAVOIE Mrs Robert
Died Campbelton NB May 14 AGE 42 but from McKendrick NB. Sons: Benoit and Romeo. Daughters: Irene, Therese, Dorina, Anne Marie of McKendrick. Sisters: Mrs Hoseph Lemieux, Matilda Albert of Richardville, Mrs Jim Wood of Campbelton.Brothers: Emmanuel Albert, Albert Albert of Campbelton, John Albert of Lily Lake NB, Marcel Albert of Halifax NS.
PUB May 30 1940 Page 4

THERIAULT Mrs Benjamin (nee Justine CORMIER)
Died Dalhousie NB April 27 AGE 81. Daughter f Urbain Cormier and Theotiste Landry.Son Patrick of Caraquet. Daughters; Mrs Joseph Bertin (Marie Anne) of Three River Quebec, Mrs Clement Bourdage (Nelida) Bathurst.Funeral held April 30 in Dalhousie.
PUB May 16 1940 Page 5

Baie Ste Anne NB May 21 AGE 76 native of Ile de La Madeleine, husband of Emilie Theriault. Sons: Ev, Wifred, Alexandre of Baie Sainte Anne, Leger and Elphege of Detroit. Daughters: Mrs Antoine Turbide of EEl River Bridge NB, Marie Louise of Detroit. Sisters: Rev Sister Sainte Louise=- de -Savoie, Mrs Onesime Turbide Ile de La Madeleine.
PUB May 30 1940 Page 4


Died Eel River Crossing NB May 28 AGE 54 husband of Louise Plourde. Sons: David, Alexandre, Omer, Edgar.One adopted son. Daughters: Ovilina and Simonne
PUB June 13 1940 Page 4

ARSENAULT Mrs Francois (nee Sophie ARSENAULT)
Died Georgetown June 21 AGE 32 . Daughters: Jeannette and Phyllis. Mother: Mrs Emmanuel Arsenault.Adopted father: Joachim Gallant. Sisters: Mrs Fred Gallant of PEI, Mrs Arthur Amirault of Georgetown. Brothers: Edmond Arsenault and Philippe Arsenault of Nova Scotia.
PUB June 27 1940 Page 6

ARSENAULT Mrs Georges (nee Rose CAISSIE)
Died in Woonsocket RI. Born in Grande Digue NB 1867. Son Albert. Sister: Mrs Marguerite LeBlanc of Moncton
PUB June 6 1940 Page 3

Died Richiboucto Village NB AGE 11, son of Mr and Mrs Hector C Babineau. Brothers; Alcide, Aurele, Ernest, Leopaul,Henri, Gerard. Sisters: Laura and Marie
PUB June 6 1940 Page 4

BASQUES Mrs Benjamin (nee Brigitte DUGUAY)Died St Pons NB June 8 AGE 59. Daughters: Mrs Ben Benoit (Sylvia) of Sonier Office. Sons: Benjamin of Bathurst, Alphee at home.Sisters: Mrs Richard Bourgeois (Marie) of the USA, Mrs Richard Babineau (Theotiste) of Shediac. Brother: Joseph Duguay of Ste Rose NB. A daughter Philomene died 2 years before. Funeral held in ST Jean Baptiste church in Tracadie.
PUB June 27 1940 Page 6

BELLIVEAU Mrs Fidele (nee Henriette LEBLANC)
Died in Belliveau Village NB June 3. Sons: Romeo age 19, Edgar age 8.Sisters: Rev Sister Marie-Angelina of Montreal, Mrs Georges Gaudet (Josephine) of Beaumont, Mrs John LeBlanc (Philomene) of Upper Dorchester, Mrs Albeni Gautreau (Eugenie) St Joseph, Mrs Alvina Leblanc of Beaumont.Brothers: Antoine, Fidele,Maurice, Aime LeBlanc of Beaumont NB.
PUB June 13 1940 Page 4

Died Moncton husband of Lucie Dupuis AGE 53. Daughters: Mrs Louis Richard, Mrs Dos Bourque of Moncton, Anna at home. Sons: Alphee,Arthur, Vital,Valerie. Sisters: Mrs Alphee Leger of Oak Bluff MA, Mrs Arthur Leger os St Anselme NB.Brothers: Auguste, Souverain,and Jude of Moncton
PUB June 20 1940 Page 6

Died BIC Quebec .Formerly of Moncton, he was on his way from Montreal to Moncton. He had no money so he hitched a ride on the train, he fell asleep and fell on the railroad track. They found an ID in his pocket which read R.Bourgeois of John St in Moncton. He was AGE 18, son of the late Emile Bourgeois who had drowned in the Petitcodiac River five years previously. His mother married again to a Cyril Halfpenny.
PUB June 6 1940 Page 6

CORMIER Francois
Died St Alphonse de Clare NS June 20 AGE 71 ,survived by his second wife Elizabeth Comeau. Brother Pius of Boston. His first wife was Marcelline Gaudet of Concession.
PUB June 27 1940 Page 5

Died Petite Aldouane NB from injuries he received due to an automobile accident which happened when he lost control of his car in Shediac River. He was AGE 32. This article was about the accident.
PUB June 6 1940 Page 5

Died Acadieville May 27 AGe 59. He lived in St Louis de Kent NB and was the father of L'Abbe Alyre Daigle. Other children: Eloi, Aurele, Laura, Alma, Albertine, Lina,Maria, Marie Antoinette, Yvette, and Cecile. A daughter Regina died earlier.
PUB June 6 1940 Page 5

Died Bronson Settlement NB ,May 27 AGE 64. Native of Leger Brook NB, husband of Olive Duguay. Daughters: Anna of Roxbury MA, Dorina of South Royalston MA, Edmee, Emilienne, Phelisse of Fitchburg. Sons: Royal of Fitchburg, Amedee and Ephrem of Bronson Settlement. Brothers: Oliver of Cambridge MA, Joseph ,Edouard, Edmond of Leger Brook. Sisters: Mrs Natalie Gaudreau of Fitchburg and Mrs Marie LeBlanc of Botsford Portage NB.
PUB June 6 1940 Page 4

DUPUIS Philippe
Died Leblanc Office NB May 23 AGE 46 husband of Claudia Bourque. Sons:Arthur, Albert and and adopted son Alphonse at home. Sisters: Mrs Willie LeBlanc of Leominster, Mrs Livain Dupuis of Memramcook East, Mrs Alphee Landry of Shediac. Brothers: Edmond of Leblanc Office, half brothers: Alexandre Richard, Leominster, Albenie Richard of Leblanc Office.
PUB June 13 1940 Page 4

GALLANT Mrs Arsene (nee Sophie GAUDET)
Died Miscouche PEI June 13 AGE 78. Sons: Edmond of Matapan MA, Antonin of Dorchester MA, Donat of Malden MA . Daughters: Octavie of Malden MA and Dina of Miscouche PEI.
PUB June 20 1940 Page 6

Died June 21 AGE 33 in Moncton daughter of Mr and Mrs Jean Allain.Son: Leo age nine,daughters: Yvonne age seven and Dorilla age five. Brothers: Irenee, Leo,Hypolite and Euclide. Sisters: Florence and Imelda. Funeral held June 24 in Notre Dame de Kent
PUB June 27 1940 Page 6

Died St Simon NB June 3 AGE 79. Sons: Pierre of St John NB, Joseph of Allardville, Martin at home. Daughters: Mrs Henry LeBouthillier (Emilia), Mrs Elzear Duguay (Alma), Mrs Theophile Doiron (Minnie) of St Simon, Mrs Celestin Lanteigne (Dorina) of Campbelton. Sisters: Mrs Vital Mailloux (Marie), Mrs Theotime A Doiron (Euphemie) of St Simon.
PUB June 20 1940 Page 5

LEBLANC Arthur Joseph
Died Port Albeny BC June 15 ,born in Sainte Marie Kent Co NB in 1878 moved to BC in 1906. Sisters: Rev Mother Marie Rosalie of St Joseph NB, Mrs Barbara Drysdale of Lewiston ME, Mrs Osithe LeBlanc of Lewiston ME, Mrs Blanche Dollard of Sainte Marie. One son and three daughters of Port Albany BC.
PUB June 24 1940 Page 6

LEBLANC Mrs Benoit (nee Antoinette LEBLANC)
Died in Dupuis Corner NB May 24 AGE 84. Sons: Philippe at home, Antoine. Sisters: Mrs widow Joseph Bourque and Louise LeBlanc. Antoinette was also a widow
PUB June 20 1940 Page 5

LEBLANC Mrs Hilaire (nee Georgina LANDRY)
Died in Brooklyn New York June 8 AGE 72. Sons: Napoleon, Joseph, Oliver,Alyre of Brooklyn,Alfred of Maynard MA.Daughters: Mrs Napoleon Leblanc (Marie),Mrs Arthur Nadeau (Flora) of Fulton New York, Mrs Joseph Neithercup (Nellie) of Brooklyn, Mrs Arthur Aniotte (Zelica) of New Hampshire . Brothers: Baptiste of Bouctouche and Martin of Shediac
PUB June 20 1940 Page 5

LEBLANC Joseph Gerard Leonce
Died Dupuis Corner NB May 20 AGE 2 son of Mr and Mrs Romeo LeBlanc. Funeral held May 22 St Henri de Barachois church.
PUB June 27 1940 Page 5

LEBLANC Mrs Patrice
Died at home of her daughter . Born in College Bridge 1867. Daughters: Mrs Francis Lane, Mrs Edouard Bourgeois, Mrs J N Comeau of Moncton, Mrs Emile Cormier of Painsec Settlement, Mrs Clarence Brody of Waltham. Sons: Ernest and Wilfred of Moncton, Clovis of Detroit MI, and Patrice at Sydney NS. Sister: Mrs Aime Boudreau of Moncton. Brothers: Rev.Desire LeBlanc of Montreal ,Clovis of Worcester, Arthur of Boston, Philomon of Maine and Ephrem of College Bridge NB.
PUB June 13 1940 Page 4

Died Fox Creek NB June 12 son of Late Vital LeBlanc . Sister: Mrs Joseph Lagace of Amherst NS. Funeral held in St Anselme NB.
PUB June 20 1940 Page 6

MAILLET Benjamin
Died Mavillette NS June 18. Brothers: Leo, Louis,Richard.Sisters: Alfreda and Genevieve.Funeral held St Alphonse de Clare NS June 20
PUB June 27 1940 Page 6

MELANSON Mrs Alyre (nee Eleonore BOURQUE)
Died Minto NB June 2 AGE 57 .Daughters: Mrs James Biddescombe(Elise) of Saint John NB, Mrs Zoel Gautreau (Marie) of Saint Paul, Mrs Alex Tooke (Bernadette) Minto,Eveline at home. Sons: Denis and Ernest of Minto. Brothers: Michel, Camille,Fred, Evariste, Barney and Antoine. Sisters: Mrs Philias Melanson of Saint Paul, Mrs Thomas England of Minto and Mrs Fred Bourque of Saint John.
PUB June 20 1940 Page 6

Died Upper Lameque June 14 AGE 62 husband of Laura Savoie .Children: Jean, Camille and Celestine at home. Brothers: Avila of Upper Lameque, Maxime of Detroit. Sisters; Mrs Andre Noel, Mrs Adolphe Duguay and Marie Anne Noel. Funeral June 15
PUB June 27 1940 Page 6

Died Bouctouche Bay AGE 55 due to an automobile accident. Just the article about the accident.
PUB June 13 1940 Page 5

Died Acadieville NB May 28 AGE 66 husband of Celeste Vautour. one adopted daughter Mrs Fred Somers nee Sylvie Daigle. Brothers: Francois and Urbain of Barnabe BC, Fidele of Rogersville, Amedee of Newcastle. Two sisters in the USA.
PUB June 6 1940 page 4

Died Shediac native of Saint Louis de Kent ,born in St Louis 1843 son of Damas Richard and Marie Anne Ouellet. Husband of Josephine Richard. Children: R.P. Joseph Richard, L'Abbe Dumas Richard, Dr Philippe Richard of Edmundston, Marie Richard of Grande Digue, Mrs Albert Vautour of Gardner, Mrs Gilbert Vautour of Shediac. Sister: Mrs Rosalie Barriault of Acadieville .Brothers Frederick Richard of Moncton. Hubert's wife died ten years ago age 81
PUB June 20 1940 Page 5

RICHARD Mrs Patrice (nee Melanie MAILLET)
Died Saint Norbert NB June 1 AGE 81. Sons: Francois and Olivier at home. Sister: Mrs Theophile Boucher (Judith) of Saint Norbert.
PUB June 6 1940 Page 4

Died Four Roads NB June 2 AGE 4 son of Mr and Mrs Charles Saulnier. Sisters: Julia, Rosalie, Baselice and Elizabeth.Brothers: Wilfred, Alexandre and Olivier
PUB June 13 1940 Page 5

SAVOIE Marie-Stella
Died St Pierre de Kent AGE 21 Months hit by a car, son of Mr and Mrs Amedee Savoie. Brothers: Leo-Paul, Alban, Alde, Normand,Sylvio, Romeo. Sisters: Alberta and Noela.
PUB June 6 1940 Page 5

SURETTE Mrs Francine
Died Alexandria NB June 1 AGE 75. Kids: Johnnie,Ernest of Alexandria, Mrs Men Boudreau of Moncton.
PUB June 13 1940 Page 5


ARSENAULT Mrs Thomas (nee Elizabeth HACHE)
Died Bathurst July 5 AGE 48. Sons: Georges of Mainville, Edmond. Daughter Jeanne at home. Brothers: Georges and Edmond Hache of Bathurst. Sister: Mrs Patrice Fournier of Bangor Me. Funeral held July 7 Sainte Famille Church in Bathurst NB.
PUB July 25 1940 Page 5

Died Gayton NB July 5 AGE 77. Leaves a wife.Funeral July 8
PUB July 11 1940 Page 5

BENOIT Anselme
Died Sonier New Brunswick June 21 AGE 81 husband of Marie Hebert. Sons: Albert of Sonier, Philippe of Ontario. Daughters: Mrs Vital Daigle (Philomene), Mrs Emile Paradie ( Elizabeth), Mrs Antoine Groulx (Helene) all of Montreal. Brothers: Ben of Tracadie, Gregoire of Benoit Office. Sister Mrs Cyprien Mallais (Olive) of Shippagan
PUB July 4 1940 Page 5

Died Notre Dame des Erables July 10 husband of Edwidge Landry. Two children.father Pierre O Boudreau of Haute Bertrand NB,his mother and many brothers and sisters.
PUB July 18 1940 Page 5

Died in Free Grant NB July 4 AGE 50. Sons: Wilfred, Theo, at home,Jean of USA. Daughters: Mrs Eudes Boudreau, Mrs Charles Bigault, Mrs Leandre Comeau. Sisters: Mrs Felix Boudreau, Mrs Willie Frenette, Mrs Joseph Arsenault, Mrs Edouard Hache. Funeral held July 6
PUB July 18 1940 Page 6

Died in Yarmouth NS June 27 AGE 17,daughter of Mr and Mrs Terrance Boudreau of Woodvale NS. Sisters: Mildred, of Saugas MA, Mrs Sigefroid Gaudet of Concession NS. Brothers: Georges, Freddie and Jean Francois at home.
PUB July 11 1940 Page 5

BREAU Mrs Fabien
Died Breau Village NB June 11,AGE 98. Children: Augustin with whom she resided, Mrs Jean Richard of Richiboucto, Georges of Lac St Jean Quebec, Joseph, Maxime, Albeni, Henri of Rumford ME, Mrs Henri Hebert of Cocagne Cape. Funeral held June 14 in Cocagne NB.
PUB July 18 1940 Page 2

CHEVARIE Mrs Adolphe (nee Marie Christine DAIGLE)
Died St Charles NB June 4 AGE 72. Adopted children: Ernest of St Charles, Marcel of Gardner, Mrs Trefle Daigle of Gardner. Funeral held July 7
PUB July 18 1940 Page 5

Died Rogersville NB June 19 AGE 68. Daughters: Mrs Sara Richard St John, Mrs Telesphore Daigle (Jennie) of Moncton, Mrs Edouard Breton (Eva) of Valleyfield Quebec, Mrs Arthur Cormier ( Victoira) . Sons: Antoine and Albert of Rogersville. Brothers: Vital and Patrice.Sister: Mrs Agnes Richard. Funeral held Rogersville
PUB July 4 1940 Page 5

CHIASSON Mrs Charles
Died Margaree NS June 19 AGE 49. Daughters: Mrs Ernest Doucet (Lilian), Rose Helene of Waltham, Marie, Eleonore at home. Sons: Thomas, Raymond, Georges, Wilfred, Adelard and Leo. Funeral held June 21
PUB July 4 1940 Page 5

Died ChiassonOffice NB June 20 AGE 14 son of Ovila Chiasson. Brothers: Gerald, Sylvioo, Leo, Dolor.Sisters: Mrs Fred Paulin (Leola), Geraldine, Therese, Marie Louise. Funeral held St Jerome Church in Shippagan July 2
PUB July 25 1940 Page 5

Died in Cocagne NB July 7 AGE 77. Born in Sainte Marie ,leaves his wife the widow of Matial Richard nee Gertrude Goguen. Children: Mrs Aurele Goguen (Delima), Mrs Auguste Hache ( Flavie). Son: Leandre.Adopted children: Mrs Emilien Babineau (Alma Richard), Mrs Alfred Maillet (Alice Richard), Irene Richard. Brothers: Calixte, Antoine, Jean. Sisters: Madeleine and Genevieve of Conn.
PUB July 18 1940 Page 5

Died in Haute Bertrand NB June 17 AGE 53, husband of Agnes Roy. Sons: Emile, Isidore, Omer and Lionel of Bathurst. Daughters: Yvonnne and Therese. He was the son of Celestin Cormier.
PUB July 18 1940 Page 6

GAUDET Blanche
Died Leger Corner NB AGE 15 daughter of Mr and Mrs Camille Gaudet. Brother: Albeni. Sister: Georgette. Funeral held July 2
PUB July 11 1940 Page 5

GAUDET Mrs Jean Baptiste (nee Marie Anne THERIAULT)
Died St Bernard,Clare NS June 21 AGE 80 her husband Jean is 84. Sons: Willie, Thomas, Eloi twins of New York,Elisee of Meteghan, Alphonse ,Denis of St Bernard NS. Daughters: Mrs J Melanson of Anse Belliveau, Mrs A Bourneuf of Grosses Coques NS, Mrs L Doucet of New York, Mrs E Deveau of Salmon River NS and Isabelle at home.
PUB July 11 1940 Page 5

Died Georgetown July 10 AGE 74
PUB July 11 1940 Page 8

JAILLET Mrs Fabien
Died Bells Mills NB June 25 at the home of James P Maillet AGE 71. Note the obit is under Maillet and should be Jaillet. Sisters: Mrs Philippe Maillet (Susanne) Bells Mills, Mrs Fred Maillet (Julie), Mrs Rosario Poirier (Obeline) of USA. Brothers: Maurice Jaillet of St Edouard de Kent, Emilien Jaillet of Dalhousie , Andre Jaillet of New Bedford MA. Funeral held June 27 in Richiboucto
PUB July 11 1940 Page 6

GUIGNARD Josh-Leopaul and Marie Helene
Died Bathurst West .Josh died July 9 AGE 3, Marie Helene died July 11 AGE 10 months, children of Mr and Mrs Clement Guignard
PUB July 25 1940 Page 4

JOHNSON Premelite
Died St Paul Kent Co NB June 17 AGE 81. Leave wife . Sons: Arthur and Alyre of St Paul, Adolphe of Moncton. Daughter Exelda Johnson of St Paul.
PUB July 11 1940 Page 5

LANDRY Jeannette A
Died Landry Office NB June 21 AGE 21. Brothers: Omer, Gerard, Jean, Cyrille, Yvan, Fortunat. Sisters: Geraldine, Majella, Augustine, Edmonde and Rose Marie. Funeral June 22
PUB July 4 1940 Page 5

Died St Gabriel NB June 4 AGE 89 husband of Henriette Richard. Daughters: Roseanne at home, Mrs Jim Collet of St Maurice, Mrs Camille H Daigle of St Charles. Sons: Alphee and Jim at home, Georges of St Gabriel, Jude of Woodland ME, Fred of Gardner MA. Brothers: Cyprien, John of St Andre NB, Urbain of Cote Sainte Anne
PUB July 4 1940 Page 2

Died Tracadie NB, June 8 AGE 26 son of Mr and Mrs Seraphin Mallai. Brothers: Gilbert, Leo, Charles. Sisters: Mrs Antoine Brideau (Maggie) and Leonie at home. Funeral June 10
PUB July 11 1940 Page 5

Died Woodstock NB found dead in his bed formerly of Leger Corner NB, husband of Marie Leblanc. Survived by his mother Mrs Thaddee Meunier of Leger Corner. Two young children. Four brothers and two sisters
PUB July 4 1940 Page 2

RICHARD Mrs Camille P (nee Ludivine DAIGLE)
Died June 25 AGE 75. Survived by second husband. Her first husband David Comeau died earlier. Children: Arthur Comeau and Mrs Adolphe Savoie (Beatrice). Brothers: Leon of Richiboucto, Valentin of Kent Lake. Sister: Mrs Ferdinand LeBlanc of Sainte Marie
PUB July 11 1940 Page 5

ROBICHAUD Mrs Leandre (nee Rose COMEAU)
Died Meteghan NS July 5 AGE 85. She was the last surviving member of the family of Cyril and Helene Comeau
PUB July 18 1940 Page 7

SAULNIER Mrs Elizabeth (nee Elizabeth COMEAU)
Died St Alphonse de Clare NS July 3 AGE 54. Survived by her husband and three daughters. Funeral July 5 in St Alphonse
PUB July 11 1940 Page 5

Died Meteghan Center NS July 5 AGE 26 son of William Theriault. Brothers? Georges and Louis. Funeral June 7
PUB July 18 1940 Page 5

WILLIAMS Mrs Paul (nee Marie COLLET)
Died in Minto NB buried in Adamsville NB AGE 77. Children: Larry, Patrice of Adamsville Ouest, Joseph , Maxime of Minto, Mrs Henri Gauvin (Valorice), Mrs Aurele Mengair (Henriette), Mrs Antoine McGrath (Bella) of Minto, Mrs Frank Arsenault (Armenie) of Hartford Conn, Mrs Patrick Gautreau (Lydia) of Moncton, Mrs Arthur Gauvin (Marie)of McAdam NB. Two adopted children: Hector Arsenault, and Mrs Harold Smith (Helene Williams) of Amherst NS.
PUB July 4 1940 Page 5


Died Bouctouche NB . Husband of Alvina Cormier. Children: Mrs Eddy Saulnier (Anne), Mrs Ned Duplessis (Helene), Ernest, Leonard, Beatrice, Emma,Lorenzo. Mother: Mrs Calixte Allain of Bouctouche. Brothers: Cyrille, Gilbert of St Irenee, Fidele, Maxime, Alderic of Bouctouche, Placide of Moncton. Sister: Emma of Moncton. His father died 28 years ago.
PUB Aug 1 1940 Page 7

ALLAIN Antoine A
Died Bouctouche July 7 AGE 71 husband of Marie Cormier. Brothers: Octave and Xavier. Sister: Marie Blanche. Funeral held St Jean Baptiste Church Bouctouche.
PUB Aug 23 1940 Page 5

Died St Fabien NB AGE 38, son of Oliver Bastarache. Sisters: Mrs Patrice Leger (Emelie) Minto, Mrs John Bourgeois (Jeanne) of Minto, Mrs Francois Albert (Laura) Bastarache Office, Annie, Marie Rose, and Azelie of Moncton. Brother: Irenee at home.
PUB Aug 29 1940 Page 5

Died Shediac NB Aug 11 AGE 78 husband of Emma Henrijehon. Daughter: Mrs Emile Boudreau (Rhea) of Fitchburg. Sons: Edgar, Albert, Leo,Arthur,Ulysse of Boudreau Office. Brothers: Philippe of Boudreau Office, Francois, Alphee, Pierre of Woonsocket RI. Sisters: Mrs Nap Roberge, Marie Belliveau of Waterbury Conn. Funeral Aug 13.
PUB August 15 1940 Page 2

Died Grosses Coques NS July 23 AGE 65 husband of Emilie Saulnier. Daughter: Mrs Edmond LeBlanc (Stella) of St Bernard NS, adopted daughter Rose Marie Amirault at home. sister: Rev Sister St Nazaire of Quebec. Brother: Leo Paul. Funeral held July 25
PUB Aug 1 1940 Page 7

BOUDREAU Mrs Andre (nee Marie GAUTREAU)
Died Boudreau Office NB Aug 12 AGE 79. Daughters: Mrs Ephrem Boudreau (Exelda) or Robichaud Office, Mrs Adolphe LeBlanc (Eugenie) of Dupuis Corner. Sons: Camille of Barachois, Philippe at home.Funeral held Aug 14 St Henri de Barachois church.
PUB Aug 23 1940 Page 5

Died Kent Lake NB July 22 AGE 23 daughter of Joseph of Kent Lake. Funeral held July 24 in St Charles Church.
PUB August 29 1940 Page 4

COMEAU Therese F
Died in Halifax NS July 27 formerly from Petit Ruisseau Clare NS. AGE 48. Brothers: Emile of Petit Ruisseau, Jerome at ome, Joseph Petit Ruisseau, Denis of Caraquet NB, Leger of Pointe Eglise, Rev P Simon Comeau, Rev PF Elie Comeau of Bathurst. Sisters: Rev Sister Marie de Victoires and Rev Sister St Jean-Vianney ,and Mildred.
PUB Aug 8 1940 Page 4

COMEAU Mrs Seraphin (nee Eulaide COMEAU)
Died in Meteghan River NS July 20 AGE 90. Sons: Louis, Jules, Eddie,at home. Daughters: Rev Sister Gabrielle-Archange of Church Point, Agnes, and Marie Anne at home.Funeral held July 22 in Saulnierville NS.
PUB August 3 1940 Page 11.

CORMIER Mrs Eloi (nee LEGER)
Died Aug 8 in Moncton. Born in Memramcook,daughter of Mr and Mrs Pierre Leger. Sons: Alyre,Valerie,Edmon and Pierre at home. Daughters: Elise at home, Edmee Moncton, Mrs Alfred Melanson of Moncton.Sister; Mrs Marie Girouard of Leominster MA. Brothers: Timothee P Leger of Moncton, Val Leger of Glace Bay NS. Funeral Aug 21 in Moncton.
PUB August 23 1940 Page 8 and August 29 1940 Page 8

Died Moncton Aug 16 AGE 23 husband of Ella Girouard. Children: Normand age 4, Jeannine age 19 months. He was the son of Mr and Mrs Gilbert Cormier. Brothers: Magloire, Norbert,Clovie and Armand. Sisters: Mrs Irenee Leger of Cocagne, Mrs Melite Bourgeois, Mrs Vital Cormier and Mrs Laurie Boudreau all of Moncton.
PUB August 29 1940 Page 4

DAIGLE Frederic
Died Rogersville AGE 54 husband of Marie Johnson.Daughters: Mrs Francois Richard (Angeline) of Acadieville, Mrs Joseph Barriault (Ozelie), Flavie, Marguerite, Adele, Eva, Maria. Sons: Aurele and Noe of Village St Pierre. Sisters: Mrs Maxime Vautour (Flavie), Mrs Francois Daigle (Olive). Brothers: Eugene, Pacific of Acadieville NB, Celestin of Kent Lake and Georges of USA.
PUB August 15 1940 Page 6

DOIRON Angelina
Died Noinville NB Aug 15 AGE 21 daughter of Mr and Mrs Joseph Doiron. Sisters: Mrs Pierre Hebert (Ida) and Anita. Brothers: Albert at home and Firmin a soldier in Saint John NB.
PUB August 29 1940 Page 4

Died in Leger Corner NB Aug 7 was his funeral. He was struck by a car on Shediac Road.AGE 51. Son of Mr and Mrs Marin Gauvin and husband of the late Josephine Gauvin who died a few years earlier.Seven children. Brother: Florian of Leger Corner. Sisters: Mrs Thaddee Meunier of Leger Corner and Mrs Marc O'Dell of Memramcook.
PUB August 8 1940 Page 2

Died Caraquet July 28 AGE 20. Daughter of Auguste Hache. Sisters: Azelie and Lorraine. Brother; Alonzo. A sister Yvette died two months earlier.
PUB August 8 1940 Page 5

HACHE Macrine
Died Bathurst July 23 AGE 32. Struck by a car. Daughter of Joseph P Hache. Sisters: Doris, Adele a nun at St Louis Convent, Leona, Adeline. Brothers: Gatain of New York ,Gilbert and Leo at home.
PUB August 1 1940 Page 3

Died Grand Falls NB July 4 AGE 59 daughter of Thomas Lajoie. Sons: Alcide of Quebec, herman, Noe, Elias, Raymond and Gerald of Grand Falls. Daughters: Mrs Frank A E Landry of Dalhousie NB, Mrs Arthur Turcotte of Aroostook NB, Mrs Bruce Bourgeois of Montreal, Simone Laforest of Grand Falls. Brothers: Severin Lajoie, Philippe Lajoie of Grand Falls, Paul Lajoie of Vancouver BC, Marcel Lajoie of Waterbury Conn. Sisters: Mrs George Pelletier of Maine, Mrs Charles Lagace of Limestone Maine, Mrs Charles Gaudreau of Waterbury Conn and Mrs Charles E Turcotte of Grand Falls.
PUB August 8 1940 Page 4

LANDRY Jeremie
Died St Isidore NB August ? AGE 80.Children: Albert of St Isidore, Arthur of Ontario, Mrs Fred Theriault (Maria), Mrs Aime FF Duguay (Eliza)of St Isidore. His wife died 2 years before.
PUB August 23 1940 Page 5

Funeral held in Montreal, but from Cap Pele NB, husband of Clara Gallant. Children: Louis, Guy,Therese, Jeannine, Louise, Aline,Georges and Lucille.
PUB August 8 1940 Page 5

Died Lakeburn NB August 3,AGE 22. Funeral held in St Anselme NB. She was the daughter of Denis Cormier of Newton Heights NB. Sister: Mrs Theophile Collet of Newton Heights. Brothers: Jacques, Jean,Levi and Aurele.
PUB August 15 1940 Page 7

Died Gardner MA July 23 AGE 74, wife of Olivier Jaillet from Bouctouche NB.She was the daughter of Edouard Leger and Madeleine Richard. Son Louis Jaillet. Sister: Mrs Guilpho Goguen of Gardner MA.
PUB August 8 1940 Page 5

LOSIER Mrs Theotime (nee Annie BRISSON)
Died in Alderwood NB AGE 65. Children: Leger ,Alphonse, Albert,Henri,Melodie. Sisters: Rev.Sister Rose-Anne of Tracadie NB, Mrs Ellis McGraw (Olesine), Mrs George Moreau (Therese),Mrs Honore Hebert (Catherine),Mrs Theophile Brisson
PUB August 8 1940 Page 11

Died St Joseph Bouctouche July 20 AGE 71. Husband of Marie Allain. Son:Arthur. Sisters: Mrs Ronaldo Maurice (Suzanne), Mrs Thomas Allain (Marie-Anne). Brothers: Cletus and Sigefroid of St Edouard NB and Francois of Cap Lumiere NB. Funeral July 22 in Bouctouche.
PUB August 8 1940 Page 4

MCGRAW Mrs Honore
Died St Isidore NB ,AGE 81, her second husband Honore McGraw died 10 years before. Sons: Alfred Blanchard, Azade McGraw, Guillaume McGraw, Omer and Jean McGraw, Jacques McGraw all of St Isidore NB. Daughters: Mrs Albert Landry of St Isidore, Mrs Richard Blanchard of Caraquet NB.
PUB August 1 1940 Page 8

Died Haute Aboujagane NB July 9 AGE 32,son of Donat Richard,leaves wife and one small child. Brothers: Didace of Fitchburn, Alderic, Sam,Henry of Haute Aboujagane, Mosley of Shediac. Sisters: Mrs Herve LeBlanc of Haute Aboujagane and Roseanna at home.
PUB August 23 1940 Page 5

Died in Meteghan NS AGE 63 struck by a car, leaves his wife, one daughter and three sons.
PUB August 8 1940 Page 5

SAVOIE Georges A
Died July 24 in Tracadie NB. Survived by his wife. Daughters: Mrs Raoul Charette (Albertine)Quebec, Elvina of Pokemouche, Ludivine,Estelle,Alexina,Elise and Argentine. Sons: Albin of Val Doucet, Patrice,Achile, Eucline at home. Funeral held in Pokemouche NB.
PUB August 29 1940 Page 5

Died Caraquet NB AGE 22. Son of Moise Theriault of Paquetville NB. He drowned accidently July 14, he fell in a ten foot crevice, the current was too strong. Funeral held July 16. Sisters: Mrs Arthur Albert (Louise), Francoise of Saint Louis, Alice at home. Brothers: Camille of New York, Cyril of Causapescal, Augustin of Ste Anne de Bocage, Joseph,Michel, Honore,Jacques, Andre, Martin,Louis and Azade all of Paquetville NB.
PUB August 8 1940 Page 2

THERIAULT Mrs Hedwidge
Died Haute Caraquet NB July 3 AGE 22. Daughter of Thomas Theriault. Sisters: Rose, Emilienne, Valerie,Marie-Estelle. Brothers: Mathias and Thomas.
PUB August 8 1940 Page 5

Died Meteghan NS August 8 AGE 84. Sons: Maximin married to Armand Drouin, Joseph married to Edith Saulnier of Meteghan Center, Eddie married to Rita Maillet of Lynn MA.Daughters: Mrs Daniel Sheehan (Laura) of Newton MA, Minnie at home. Sisters: Mrs A F Hache , widow of EE Sheehan of Meteghan. He was the last surviving member of the immediate family of Hilaire Thibodeau and Marguerite Doucet.
PUB August 15 1940 Page 2

Died in Sheila NB July 21 AGE 4 son of John Warrell . Sisters: Angeline, Melinda, Bernadette, Marguerite. Brothers: Eldon, Eldric and Lawrence.
PUB August 1 1940 Page 8


ARSENAULT Mrs Jean (nee Marie LANDRY)
Died Sandford Maine Aug 28. Born in Shediac Feb 22 1887 daughter of Jude Landry and Dina Leger. Sons: Albert and Normand. Brothers: Jacob Landry of Moncton, Damien Landry of Sandford ME. Sisters: Mrs Willie Cormier of Claude NB, Mrs Gilbert Bourgeois of Gardner MA.
PUB Sept.5 1940 Page 6

Died Aug 25 AGE 1 son of Elzear Chiasson of Pigeon Hill NB.
PUB Sept 12 1940 Page 2

Died Sept 6 AGE 74 husband of Marie D'Entremont. Sons: Hilaire, Joseph at home, Levi of Pointe de Chene NB, Elie of Boston. Daughters: Mrs Evee Albert D'Entremont of West Pubnico NS, Mrs Abbe Jacquard of Lynn MA, Zela and Evelina at home. Sisters: Mrs Elizabeth Surette and Mrs Marie Anne D'Eon of West Pubnico NS. Brothers: Raymond at home ,Liboire of Essex.
PUB Sept 26 1940 Page 2

Died West Pubnico Aug 26 AGE 88 wife of Thaddee D'Entremont. Brothers: Appolinaire age 91, Laurent age 83. Sisters: Mrs Sara D'Entremont age 86. Five adopted children: Narcisse and Sylvestre of West Pubnico, Mrs Elsire Pothier of Yarmouth NS, Mrs Abraham D'Entremont of West Pubnico, and Mrs Fred Sheehan of Halifax NS.
PUB Sept 5 1940 Page 6

Died August 31 Tracadie NB AGE 15 daughter of Michel of Upper Caraquet. Funeral held in Caraquet Sept 2. Brothers: Gerard, Patrice, Isidore. Sisters: Adrienne, Mida, Jeanne and Giselle.
PUB Sept 26 1940 Page 2

DUGUAY Edouard
Died Tracadie NB Sept 4 AGE 74 husband of Theotiste Theriault. Daughter: Mrs Ustave Hache (Baselice) of Cap Bateau. Son Honore of Pointe Canot.Funeral Sept 6 Lameque NB.
PUB Sept 12 1940 Page 7

Died Moncton NB, died accidently while digging a trench, it caved in burrying him alive. He was born in PEI AGE 51. Children: Lydia, Mande, Thecle, Elie,Alyre, Laurie, Gerald, Leonard all at home except Laurie who wa a soldier in England.
PUB Sept 5 1940 Page 6

Died Abram Village PEI Aug 25 AGE 88, his wife died 4 years before. Daughters: Mrs Eric Arsenault (Clarisse) of Urbainville PEI, Mrs Joseph Gallant (Alodia) Abram Village, Mrs Jean-Pierre Arsenault (Felicite) of Lawrence MA. Sons: Arsene and Armand of Lawrence MA, Thomas of Abram Village, Aubin at home. Funeral held St Jacques Church Aug 30
PUB Sept 5 1940 Page 6

Died St Anselme formerly of Moncton,AGE 74 husband of Josephine LeBlanc. Sons: Arthur of Moncton, Blair,Leo at home. Daughters: Dorine at home,Mrs Yvon Bourque of St Anselme. Brothers: Lucien of Platterville NY. Sisters: Mrs David Surette of Leger Corner, and Mrs Edouard Belliveau of Meteghan NS.
PUB Sept 26 1940 Page 8

GRANT Joseph
Died Petit Rocher NB Aug 27 AGE 58. Leaves his wife . Sons: Jean of Campbelton NB, Germain ,Valmond, Patrice at home. Daughters: Priscille and Leona of Montreal , Loretta, Irene, Annonciade and Stella at home.
PUB Sept 12 1940 Page 2

HACHE Captain J.
Died in Shippagan, lost at sea during the storm of Sept 16. There is an article about the tragedy.
PUB Sept 26 1940 Page 5

LEBLANC Mrs Fabien (nee Elise LEGER)
Died St Thomas de Kent NB Sept 12 AGE 60. Children: Blair,Irenee,Alcide,Edmee,Helene,Justine,Rita all at home,Flora of Miltown NB. Brothers: Wilfred Leger of Salem MA, Pierre of St Norbert, Cyrille, Maxime of Cocagne Bar. Sisters: Mrs Joseph Cormier (Marie) of Salem MA, Henriette Leger of Cocagne Bar, Mrs David Despres (Vitaline) of St Thomas de Kent NB. Funeral held in Bouctouche.
PUB Sept 26 1940 Page 2

LEBLANC Mrs Harry M(nee Adelia GAUTREAU)
Died Lynn MA Aug 14. Born in Pre D'En Haut NB in 1887 daughter of Fidele Gautreau. Daughter: Rita. Brothers: Blair Gautreau of Lynn MA, Irenee Gautreau of Boston, Adolphe Gautreau of MA. Also survived by her husband.
PUB Sept 5 1940 Page 5

LEGER Francois
Died Grande Digue NB Spet 10 AGE 5 months son of Mr and Mrs Edgar Leger. Funeral held Sept 12 in Grande Digue
PUB Sept 12 1940 Page 2

Died Lagaceville NB AGE 59. Sons: Michel , Stanilas of Neguac, Antoine of Lagaceville, Wilfred and Amedee at home. Daughters: Mrs Andy Butler (Maria)of Quebec, Mrs Willie Kenny (Annie Mai) of Coverdale NB, Cecile and Lumina at home. Funeral held in Lagaceville Sept 11.
PUB Sept 26 1940 Page 2

MELANSON Mrs Patrice H (nee Elisa BOURGEOIS)
Died Sept 3 AGE 68. Son: Alfred of Scoudouc. Daughters: Mrs Ephrem Doiron (Alma) of Moncton, Mrs Laurie Bourque (Minnie) of Scoudouc. Mother: Mrs Cecime Bourgeois age 92 of Moncton. Brothers: Eddie and Elica of Moncton, Josue and Fred of USA. Sisters: Mrs Alfred Arsenault and Mrs Juvenal LeBlanc of Moncton.Funeral Sept 5.
PUB Sept 12 1940 Page 2

MELANSON Mrs Sylvain D (nee Natalie OUELLET)
Died Sept 12 St Thomas Memramcook, AGE 87.Sylvain died 9 years before. Son Thomas of Memramcook.Daughter (unclear). Brother: Georges Ouellet of Wellesley MA. Funeral Sept 14.
PUB Sept 19 1940 Page 2

Died in september due to drowning. He was in a Dore and could not make it back to shore. Born in Petit Cape NB he was the son of Jean Ouellet, and husband of Marie Arseneau. AGE 38. Children: Hermina, Germaine, Huberte, Jeannette, Henri, Francis, Laurie and Oscar. Brothers: Napoleon, Odiasse,Jean of Petit Cap. Sisters: Mrs Laurent Brun of Shemogue, Mrs Alphee Melanson of Bronson, Mrs Leo Doiron of Sackville, Mrs Aime LeBlanc, Mrs Calixte Leger, and Mrs Joseph Bourgeois of Fitchburg MA.
PUB Sept 26 1940 Page 5

Died Acadieville NB AGE 20 son of Mr and Mrs Henri J Richard. Brothers: Emery, Joseph,Adolphe, Leonard. Sisters: Mrs Antoine Arsenault (Emma), Anna of River Glade. All others were from Acadieville.
PUB Sept 12 1940 Page 2

RICHARD Stanislas
Died Egmont Bay PEI Aug 24,AGE 78 . Son: Josephat at home. Daughters: Mrs Fidele Arsenault of Urbainville, Delia and Zelma of USA. Sister: Mrs Aime Gauvin of Moncton. His wife died 17 years before. Funeral Aug 26 in Mont Carmel PEI.
PUB Sept 12 1940 Page 2

SAULNIER Mrs Vincent
Died Saulnierville NS Aug 28. AGE 88. Son: Hanford of Kentville NS. Sisters: Mrs Hilarion Robichaud (Vitaline) of Meteghan NS, Mrs Marguerite Lauiend of Rockland MA, Mrs Etienne Comeau (Evangeline) of Haverhill, Mrs Hilarion Theriault (May) of Meteghan. Funeral in Saulnierville NS.
PUB Sept 12 1940 Page 2

Died Chathan NB Aug 28 AGE 18. Son of Gustave Savoie of Sheila. Brothers: Arthur ,Raoul.Sisters: Rita at home,Delphine Montreal. Funeral held aug 30 Tracadie NB.
PUB Sept 12 1940 Page 2

Died Saint Antoine NB Sept 8 AGE 73 husband of Marie Raymonde . Sons: Amedee, Pierre of St Antoine, Beloni of Dundee, Benoit in the army. Daughters: Mrs Almas Thibdeau (Marie Anne) of St Antoine, Mrs Ernest Lagace (Celine) of Val Damour, Mrs Rosanne Johnson of Val Damour, Mrs Gendron (Leonie) of Eel River, Yvonne a nun in Nova Scotia, Matilda and Marie Louise of Nova Scotia. Funeral held Sept 10 Val Damour.
PUB Sept 19 1940 Page 2

Died Sept 2 due to accident in Meteghan NS AGE 33. Husband of Cecile Maillet. Survived by four your children two sons and two daughters ,his mother Mrs widow August Theriault (nee Eugenie Deveau). Brothers: Nelson,Delphis,Wilburn, Donald, Aurele. Sisters: Lea, Minnie, Ann, Marthe.
PUB Sept 12 1940 Page 2

Died in Bathurst but from Grand Anse .AGE 88. Brothers: Georges, Franklin, Sam, Edward. Sisters: Marjane, Emilie, Catherine and Nellie. His wife and 1 sister died earlier.
PUB Sept 19 1940 Page 2

Died Meteghan NS sept 4,AGE 7months son of Mr and Mrs Georges Trahan. Twin Brother Pierre and two sisters.
PUB Sept 12 1940 Page 2


Died Abram Village PEI Sept 28 AGE 72. Brother; Ferdinand at home.Sister Mrs widow Pierre Arsenaul of Abram Village. Funeral held Sept 30 St Jacques Church in Abram Village.
PUB Oct.10 1940 Page 2

Died Abram Village Oct 7 AGE 89. Daughters: Rev Sister St Tascesius of Rhode Island, Mrs Aime Arsenault Westbrook ME, Mrs Benoit Doucette Brunswick ME, Mrs Jean Poirier of Shediac, Mrs Thomas Gallant and Mrs Fidele Arsenault of Abram Village. Sons: Jean-Pierre Arsenault of Lawrence MA, Emilien Arsenault of Abram Village. Funeral held Oct 9 St Jacques Church.
PUB October 24 1940 Page 2

Died Cap Maria Quebec Oct 18 AGE 49. Sisters: Mrs Aime Normandeau (Adoucialla),Mrs Sifroi Cote (Angelique). Brothers: Yves,Arsene of Carleton, Theodore of Westbrook ME ,an adopted brother Gerard LeBlanc.
PUB Oct 24 1940 Page 7

BOULAY Marie Jeannette
Died in Pointe Verte NB,daughter of Mr and Mrs Richard Boulay AGE 8 months.
PUB Oct 16 1940 Page 2

BREAU Imelda
Died Sheila NB Oct 15 AGE 24 daughter of Eugene Breau. Sisters: Rose, Mrs Felix Mallais (Rita) at home. Funeral held Oct 17 in Tracadie NB.
PUB Oct 24 1940 Page 7

BRIDEAU Mrs Xavier (nee Anne GAUTREAU)
Died in Trout Stream NB Oct 9, AGE 86. Daughters: Mrs Jeffrey McLaughlin (Azilda) of Sonier Office, Mrs Patrice Thomas (Basilice) of Tilley Road. Sons: Sandy of Sudbury, Basile of Bellefond NB, Herbert of Sonier NB,Fred at home. Sisters: Elizabeth Gautreau of Montreal, Emilie Gautreau of Bathurst,Charlotte Gautreau of Six Roads. Brothers; Dosithee Gautreau of New Hampshire, David and Sandy Gautreau . Funeral held Oct 11 .
PUB Oct 17 1940 Page 8

CAISSIE Mrs Placide (nee Emilie ALLAIN)
Died in Worcester MA Sept 20 AGE 72. Sons;Alefine and Lea. Daughter,Mrs N Fowers (Margaret). Funeral held Sept 24.
PUB Oct 10 1940 Page 4

Died in Margaree Forks AGE 71. He was a farmer, worked in the USA and returned and opened a hotellerie.
PUB Oct 17 1940 Page 5

Died Paquetville NB Sept 23 AGE 80. Sons: Guillaume at home, Joseph,Camille, Jean-Louis,Cesaire, Fred a soldier in Fredericton Major of La Tupper NY. Brothers: Agapit of Upper Paquetville, Pierre of Caraquet, Francis of Grande Anse. Sisters: Mrs David Theriault of Quebec, Mrs Arthur Guibault of New York. Funeral held Sept 25 in St Augustin Church Paquetville.
PUB Oct 3 1940 Page 5

Died Sept 16 St Lazare NB AGE 71. Husband of Caroline Cormier. Children: Calixte of St Lazare, Mrs Henri Cormier (Emilienne) of Memramcook, Theophile of Moncton, Adelard,Willie,Anna,Honore,Jean,Telex all of St Lazare, Elise ,Maria of Moncton. sister Mrs Osithe cormier of St Lazare. Funeral held Sept 18 in Sainte Marie de Kent.
PUB Oct 24 1940 Page 2

COMEAU Mrs George O (nee Marie BASQUE)
Died Sept 21 St Pons NB AGE 52. Sons: Medor, Cyrus, Jeremie.Daughter Clara all at home. Funeral held Sept 23? Tracadie NB.
PUB Oct 31 1940 Page 5

Died Petite Aldouane NB Oct 11 AGE 17 daughter of Mr and Mrs Lucien Cormier. Sister; Marie Louise. Brothers: Hubert of Marquand? Jules a soldier in Aldershot NS, Delphis at home.
PUB Oct 24 1940 Page 2

CORMIER Marie-Therese
Died Upper Bertrand NB sept 15 AGE 15. Mother:Agnes Roy. Brothers: Emile,Isidore,Omer at home, Lionel in Bathurst. Sister: Yvonne. Grandparents; Mr and Mrs Celestin Cormier. Father Ovial Cormier died three months earlier. Sister Eliane died one month earlier. Funeral held Sept 17.
PUB Oct 16 1940 Page 2

CYR Aurele (Rev Father Martin-Simon)
Died Nov 1 Quebec son of Denis P Cyr of Edmunston NB AGE 21,funeral Nov 4.
PUB Nov 14 1940 Page 5

DAIGLE Mrs Ephraim
Died Petite Aldouane NB Sept 23 AGE 77. Children: Tranquil,Emile of Gardner MA, Alyre of Worcester MA, Mrs Laurent Gallant (Zella), Mrs Antoine Daigle (Rose), Mrs Fred Daigle (Audelle) of St Charles NB, Eusebe with whom she resided. One adopted son Cloris LeGouffe.
PUB Oct 10 1940 Page 5

DESPRES Mrs Philippe (Marguerite)
Died in Cormierville NB Oct 1 AGE 85. Daughter: Mrs Valerie Despres (Virginie) of Cormierville, Sons: Alphee of Moncton, Sigefroid of Bouctouche, William, Jacques, Albert,Albenie,and Clovis of Cormierville.
PUB Oct 17 1940 Page 5

Died Clare Nova Scotia Sept 25 AGE 18 son of Mr and Mrs Louis P Deveau. Brothers: Wiliam and Alphee .Sisters: Anita, Phyllis, Cerita,Dolores,Louise at home.Funeral held Sept 27 St Vincent de Paul Church in Salmon River NS.
PUB Oct 10 1940 Page 5

Died Mavillett NB AGE 84 .Sons: Joseph at home,Timothee of Comeauville.Daughters: Mrs Louis E Boudreau (Madeleine) of St Alphonse, Mrs Desire Dugas (Julia) of Lynn MA. Funeral held St Alphonse de Clare NS.
PUB Oct 31 1940 Page 5

Died due to a motorcycle accident while he was a soldier in England.Son of Mr and Mrs Louis Drisdelle of Moncton AGE 22. He was from Shemogue Carleton York Regiment. Brothers: Irvin, Omer, Roger,Raymond, Francis,Jean, Paul and Donald. Sisters: Marguerite,Cecile, Alva,Jeannette, and Louise.Note: I have Louis Donelle instead of Drisdelle for his parents ,so not certain of his father's surname.
PUB Oct 3 1940 Page 8

DUGUAY Mrs Fred (nee Theotiste DUGUAY)
Died in Duguayville NB Sept 29 AGE 25. Five young Children. Parents Mr and Mrs Joseph Duguay. Brothers: Ernest, WilfredPUB Oct 10 1940 Page 5

Died Middle Caraquet Oct 10 AGE 57. Children: Josue, Mrs Jean-Eude Poirier (Dianne), Alphonse,Adelbert, Clara of Edmundston, Michel, Allain, Berthe, Edna,Sebastien, Eddie. Sisters: Mrs Joseph Dousel (Marcelline) Pokesudie, Mrs Thomas Cormier (Elizabeth) Ste Anne de Bocage. Half-sister; Mrs Frederick Frigault (Alma). Half-Brothers: Fred Doiron of Maine and Patrice of Quebec.
PUB Oct 24 1940 Page 2

GALLANT Mrs Amable (nee Celesie VAUTOUR)
Died Rosaireville NB Oct 6 AGE 61.Children from her first marriage to Augustin Morais are Nazaire of Rosaireville, Aurele and Etienne of Rogersville, daughter Mrs Adolphe Richard of Rogersville. Adopted daughter Mrs Alexandre Despres of Marcelville NB. Sisters: Mrs Louis Hebert,Mrs George Hebert, Mrs Fred Hebert all of Rexton NB, Mrs Edouard Gallant of Somerville MA. Brothers: Anselme Vautour of Acadieville, Amedee, Jean, of St John NB, Simon of Peabody MA. Funeral held Oct 8 in Rosaireville NB.
PUB Oct 17 1940 Page 7

GAUVIN Albert-Francois
Died Lawrence MA Oct 22 AGE 60. Born in Shediac son of Francois Gauvin and Bibienne Caissie on Feb 6 1871. Husband of Marie Matilde Talbot whom he married in 1897. Daughters Isabel of Lawrence, Marie-Louise of Charleston, Rose_Ida of Mettusen MA. Sisters: Mrs Obeline Boudreau of Attleboro MA, Mrs Osithe Smith of New Hampshire, Mrs Anastasie Hebert, Mrs Arthemise LeBlanc of Moncton, Mrs Melanie McDevitt of Cornwall Ont. Funeral held Oct 21 St Lawrence Church.
PUB Oct 24 1940 Page 6

Died Aug 31 Bathurst AGE 35 husband of Leonie Blanchard and son of Jemi Landry. Sisters: Mrs Laurent Hache (Helene)Bathurst, Mrs Benoit Beaudin (Sara)Cote Nord. Brothers: Fidele of Theriault Office, Alfred,Jerry of Upper Bertrand. Funeral held Sept 3 in Bertrand.
PUB Oct 10 1940 Page 5

LANTEIGNE Mrs Maxime (nee Philomene SAVOIE)
Died Island River NB AGE 91 Sept 25. Sister: Mrs Gervais Hebert (Marie Reine) of Pointe Canot NB. Children: Maxime at home, Marcellin and Mrs Pierre Chiasson (Justine) of Island River. Gelas of Allardville, Mrs Gustave Chenard (Annie) of Middle Caraquet. Funeral held Sept 27 St Cecile Church.
PUB Oct 3 1940 Page 2

Died Oxford MA Sept 18 AGE 78 son of Moise LeBlanc of St Marcel NB ,husband of Marie Marchand of Arichat NS. Sons: Henri of Worcester MA, Edward of Lincoln, Alexandre of Hartford Conn. Daughters: Mrs Ann L Shumate of Louisiana, Mrs Marie Trembley of Oxford, Mrs Elizabeth Brown of Worcester. Sister Mrs Leger of Salem MA.Brother: David of Gardner MA.
PUB Oct 3 1940 Page 7

Died Rogersville NB Sept 13 AGE 84, husband of Natalie Ouellet who is 91. Daughters: Mrs Jean Audet (Eugenie) of Campbelton, Mrs Joseph Levesque of Anson Maine, Mrs Athanase Guimond of Saint Louis.Funeral held Sept 14.
PUB Oct 3 1940 Page 7

Died Carleton PQ ,husband of Alphonsine Goulet. He died in Springfield MA Sept 30 AGE 50. Funeral held in Carleton Oct 1. Mother Mrs William Boudreau.Son: Philippe. Brother: Theophile of Maria Cape.Sister: Mrs Virginie LeBlanc of Toronto Ont. Half-Brother: Lionel Boudreau.
PUB Oct 17 1940 Page 5

LEGER Honore
Died in Grande Digue NB due to drowning in the Shediac River . It is believed he got dizzy while trying to pick up something he lost with his oyster rake and fell into the water.This happened Oct 9.Funeral held Oct 12. He was AGE 78. His closest relative was Mrs Jude Babineau of Shediac River NB.
PUB Oct 24 1940 Page 5

Died Acadieville NB Sept 22 AGE 87. Husband of Marie Anne Thibodeau. Sons: Theodore of USA, Pierre and Alphee of St Louis NB, Edouard,Fred,Arthur and Antoine of Acadieville. Daughter: Mrs Romuald Gallant (Marie) or Rosaireville and one adopted daughter. Funeral held Sept 24.
PUB Oct 3 1940 Page 5

Died Haute Aboujagane Sept 27 AGE 79. Son; Amedee of Haute Aboujagane. Daughters: Mrs Napoleon Arsenault (Melina) at home, Mrs Alex Landry (Delphine) of Sackville, Mrs Robert Gautreau (Marie) of St Andree NB. Funeral held Sept 29.
PUB Oct 10 1940 Page 2

Died Shediac NB Sept 28 AGE 80. Leaves eight children. His wife died nine months earlier.
PUB Oct 24 1940 Page

Died Lynn MA Oct 2 husband of Elizabeth Poirier AGE 63,born in Grande Digue NB. Sons: Herbert, Emile, Philippe. Daughters: Mrs Wilfred LeBlanc (Emilia), Mrs Albert Boudreau (Yvonne) ,Corinne and Germaine. Funeral held St Jean Baptiste Church.
PUB Oct 10 1940 Page 6

RICHARD Mrs Gilbert (nee Sara BOUDREAU)
Died in Haute Aboujagane NB. Daughter of David Boudreau of Barachois. Daughter; Marie Stella age three months.Sisters: Rev Sister Marie Beatrice of Drummond, Mrs Felecien Thibodeau of Shediac, Mrs Yvon Boudreau of Barachois, Mrs Frank Richard and Mrs Edward Sansoucy of New Bedford MA. Brothers: Jude Boudreau of Shediac,Alphonse and Emmanuel of Barachois. Funeral held in Haute Aboujagane Sept 25.
PUB Oct 3 1940 Page 5

RICHARD Mrs Isidore (nee Judith BUOTE)
Died in Tignish PEI Oct 4 AGE 78. Sons: Francois, Adrien at home, Sylvere of USA.Daughters: Mrs Henri Bernard (Emilienne) Summerside PEI, Mrs Fidele J Arsenault (Yvonne) Tignish PEI. Sister; Mrs Joseph D Richard of Coleman PEI. Funeral held Oct 7.
PUB Oct 24 1940 Page 2

Died Bastarache Office NB Sept 25 AGE 85. Husband of Marie Roy of Windsor Nova Scotia. Son; Aurele soldier overseas. Brother: Felix Richard of Moncton. Sister: Mrs Anselme Cormier (Marie)of Salem MA. Funeral held Sept 27 in Sainte Marie NB.
PUB Oct 17 1940 Page 5

RICHARD Mrs Placide (nee Nora JOHNSON)
Died Acadieville NB Sept 22 AGE 35. Had then children five sons and five daughters. Daughter of Mr and Mrs Urbain Johnson . Brothers: Jean Baptiste of Quebec, Joseph of St Louis,Camille, Marcel, Adolphe and Leo of Acadieville. Sisters: Mrs Thomas McGraw (Marie) of Tracadie, Mrs Joseph W Richard (Edmee) and Azele Johnson of Acadieville. Funeral held Sept 25.
PUB Oct 3 1940 Page 7

Died Upper Sheila NB Oct 7 AGE 74 husband of Julie Rousselle. Daughther: Mrs Xavier Basque (Elizabeth), Son Basile at home.
PUB Oct 17 1940 Page 5

SAULNIER Elizabeth
Died Four Roads NB Oct 22 AGE 1,daughter of Charles Saulnier and Yvonne Boudreau. Brothers: Wilfred, Alexandre, Olivier. Sisters: Marie, Julia, Rosalie, Basilice and Yvonne.
PUB Oct 31 1940 Page 5

Died St Louis de Kent NB Oct 11 AGE 27, son of Pierre Vautour. Brothers: Arthur of St Ignace, Michel of Lac St Jean, Irenee of St Louis, Louis, Marcel,Pierre at home. Sisters: Mrs Alphee Landry (Amanda) of Barachois, Mrs Edgar LeBlanc (Berthe) and Germaine of Milltown. Funeral held Oct 14 St Louis Church.
PUB Oct 24 1940 Page 7

VIENNEAU Mrs Joseph (nee Genevieve MAZEROLLE)
Died Riviere de Portage NB Sept 27 AGE 89. Son; James.Daughter; Mrs Remi Godin. Brother: Dosithee Mazerolle, sister: Marguerite Mazerolle. Funeral held Sept 29.
PUB Oct 10 1940 Page 7

Died in Acadieville NB Sept 25 AGE 69. Husband of Delphine Fournier. Sons: Aime of Neguac, Pierre of New York. Daughters: Mrs Marcel Richard of Noinville, Mrs Nazaire Daigle of Acadieville. Sisters: Mrs Fabien Babineau, Mrs Ferdinand Gauvin, Melasee Williams all of USA,Mrs Napoleon Cormier of Adamsville. Brother Edward of Bangor Maine. Funeral held Sept 27.
PUB Oct 3 1920 Page 7


Died in Paquetville NB Nov 13 AGE 68 husband of Philomene Pinet.Children: Arthur at home, Azade,Alexis,Mrs Valmond Boudreau (Elise)Paquetville. Brothers: Gustave of Caraquet, Azade of St Simon NB. Funeral held Nov 15 St Augustin church in Paquetville NB.
PUB Nov 28 1940 Page 7

ALLAIN Mrs Francois (nee Della MAYNARD)
Died Nov 1 AGE 69. Born in St Alban Vermont . Sons: Francois worked with his father at Allan's Cafe, Alfred worked at Flaem Pharmacy, Philip owner of Phil's Cafe. Daughter: Mrs Ernest Babeu of Fitchburg. Brother; Francois of St Alban. Sister; Mrs Blanche Beauregard of Fitchburg. Funeral held Nov 4
PUB Nov 14 1940 Page 6

Died Four Roads NB Nov 1 AGE 7. Sister Mrs Charles Saulnier (Sara) of Sonier Office,Marie of Four Roads. Funeral Nov 3
PUB Nov 14 1940 Page 2

Died Pointe Verte NB Nov 6 AGE 69.Sons Richard and Theodule of Pointe Verte. One Brother of Pointe Verte.Funeral Nov 8.
PUB Nov 14 1940 Page 5

Died Cap Pele NB Oct 24 AGE 90. Funeral held Oct 24. He married first Justine Williams who died 40 years ago, next he married Marie LeBlanc. Brothers: Francois of Shediac, Philias of Sackville.Sister; Mrs Jean Malenfant (Marie) of Cap Pele. Adopted sons Ernest and Amand Bourque, adopted daughter Marie LeBlanc.
PUB Nov 14 1940 Page 2

Died Soudouc NB Nov 18 AGE 56. Husband of Aimee LeBlanc. Sons: Laurie, Leandre of Moncton, Tanis,Aquila, Euclide, Aldele,Roger of Scoudouc. Daughters: Mrs George Belliveau (Emerise) ,Florida, Rita, of Moncton, Therese, Alida of Scoudouc. Brothers; Henri and Edde of Scoudouc. Sisters: Mrs Louis Gallant of Robichaud Office NB, Mrs Narcisse Belliveau and Mrs Felicien Richard of Scoudouc. Funeral Nov 20.
PUB Nov 28 1940 Page 7

Died Tracadie NB Nov 19 AGE 39, native of Rang St George NB.Husband of Marie Doiron. Mother Mrs Adolphe Brideau. Sisters: Mrs Pat Theriault (Sara)New Hampshire, Mrs Thomas Theriault (Marguerite) of Montreal, Sophie of Montreal, Mrs William Godin (Rosalie) of Tracadie,Alice at home.Brothers: Francois of Duguayville NB, Camille of Val Doucet NB, Willie at home.Funeral Nov 21
PUB Nov 28 1940 Page 7

Died St Antoine AGE 87. Daughter Mrs Pierre Bourque. Sister Mrs Urbain Bourque of Cocagne.
PUB Nov 28 1940 Page 7

CORMIER Narcisse J
Died Oct 31 in Springvale Maine AGE 63. Formerly of Cap Pele. Husband of Rosanna Gould. He slipped and fell on the sidewalk. Sons:Clovis of New Hampshire, Lionel, Albert,Virgile,Romeo,Georges,Armand, Henri all of Springvale. Brother: Napoleon of Lawrence MA, sister Mrs Marie Lirette of Springvale. Funeral Nov 4
PUB Nov 21 1940 Page 2

Died Pubnico Ouest NS ,funeral held Nov 13. He was lost at sea on the Bras Dor boat.Husband of Marie Adele Deon. Sons: Elwin and Stanislas. Mother: Mrs Fulgence D'Entremont. Brothers: Antoine, Damien of Pubnico Ouest, Pius of Gardner MA.Sisters: Mrs Edouard D'Entremont (Victoire) of Gardner, Mrs Denis Pothier (Mary-Laurey) of Boston, Mrs John E Deon (Jane Rose) of Pubnico Ouest.
PUB Nov 21 1940 Page 3

Died Pubnico Ouest AGE 26 son of William A D'Entremont. Brothers: Benedict, Josephat. Sister Adele. Died Nov 5 ,he had Bright Disease had two blood transfusion to no avail.
PUB Nov 14 1940 Page 2

FRENETTE Gabrielle
Died Oct 28 Campbelton NB AGE 26.Daughter of Georges Frenette. Brothers: Alonzo of Montreal, Edmond of Moncton, Louis Montreal. Sisters: Mrs J E Theriault (Eveline) Nouvelle Quebec, Mrs T Norton(Alice) Dalhousie , Estelle,Marguerite, Fernande,Rev Sister Marie de Salebie,Rev Sister Marie de la Charite of Rome
PUB Nov 7 1940 Page 2

Died Cocagne Cape NB Oct 29 AGE 87. Children: Edmond of Cambridge MA, Alphonse of Worcester, Amedee of Gardner, Alfred, Herve, Mrs John Melanson of Moncton, Mrs Arthur Lavigne Worcester MA, Mrs Albert Leger, Mrs Alyre Gaudet of Grande Digue. His wife died 22 years before. Brother; Pierre.Sister; Mrs Thomas Chiasson of Rogersville. Funeral held Oct 31.
PUB Nov 28 1940 Page 7

HACHE Mrs Joseph ( nee Marie ROY)
Died Robertville NB Nov 9 . Sons: RP Wilfred Hache, Leandre. Daughters Mrs Willie Burke and Mrs Amatius Gallant.
PUB Nov 28 1940 Page 10

Died in Moncton, AGE 66. Son of Mr and Mrs Ferdiand Hebert of Cocagne. Husband of Rachel Goguen. Sons: Omer of New Glasgow, Godefroid at home. Daughters: Mrs RJ Elsliger (Viola) Montreal, Bertha, Lorraine,Ethel at home.Brother: Andre Bouctouche. sisters: Mrs Alfred Goguen of Moncton, Mrs Wilfred Leger and Mrs Arthur Alie of Gardner MA. Funeral held Nov 28 in Moncton.
PUB Nov 28 1940 Page 8

HEBERT Mrs Prosper
Died Miscou Center NB Oct 23 AGE 74. Daughter Mrs Thomas Sivret of St John NB.
PUB Nov 7 1940 Page 5

HORSEMAN Mrs John (nee Elizabeth PELLETIER)
Died in Moncton from Petit Rocher AGE 35. Daughters: Betty and Bernie. Sons: Stanley, John,Walter, Vincent, Raoul at home. Daughter of Felix Pelletier of Bathurst Mines. Brothers: Lawrence, Edmond of Bathurst, Jean a soldier in Halifax. Sisters: Mrs Edmond Cormier, Mrs Edmond Gallant of St John NB, Mrs Joseph Domaino of Ottawa Ont, Mrs John Holmes, Lucy,Mable or Montreal, Melvina at home. Funeral Nov 6 at St Bernard Church in Moncton.
PUB Nov 14 1940 Page 5

Died St Louis NB Oct 22 AGE 74. Adopted daughter Marie Ouellette. Funeral held Oct 24 in Saint Louis.
PUB Nov 7 1940 Page 2

LANDRY Tesselin
Died Clare NS AGE 82. Sons Emile at home, Joseph. Daughters; Mrs Charles LeBlanc of Saulnierville, Mrs Marie Marthe Deveau of USA. Sisters: Mrs Arsene Gallant, of Yarmouth NS.Funeral held Oct 25 Sainte Marie de La Pointe.
PUB Nov 7 1940 Page 2

Died St Leonard NB Nov 4 AGE 62 of pneumonia. Sons: Romeo and Wilfred of St Leonard. Daughter Marie of St Leonard.Sister Mrs Denis Daigle.Brothers: Noel, Paul,Fred of St Leonard,Cyr and Laurent of Van Buren Maine,Pierre of Hartland NB. Funeral held Nov 7
PUB Nov 14 1940 Page 5

Died Norwich Conn. Oct 31 son of Antoine Leblanc. Six Brothers and three sisters. Funeral held Nov 2
PUB Nov 14 1940 Page 5

Died Cap Pele Oct 23 AGE 1 daughter of Mr and Mrs Aime J LeBlanc. Sister Doris.Brothers Jude, Joseph ,Ronald and Clovis
PUB Nov 7 1940 Page 2

Died Carleton Quebec Nov 11 AGE 78 husband of Florence Landry. Son Alexandre.Daughters Mrs Joseph Michaud (Gertrude) of Amqui Quebec and Mrs Lionel Arsenault (Leona)
PUB Nov 21 1940 Page 7

LEGER Adelard
Died Nov 23 AGE 58 husband of Elizabeth Cormier. Son of Pierre Leger of Grande Digue NB. Son; Pierre of Moncton,daughters Lorette teacher at Sainte Marie NB,Bernadette of St John NB, Justine at home. Brother Arthur of Grande Digue,Leandre of Worcester.Sisters Mrs Philias Cormier of Notre Dame and Mrs Jean LeBlanc of Grande Digue.
PUB Nov 21 1940 Page2

LEGER Mrs Emile
Died Grande Digue NB oct 28 AGE 38. born in St Paul, leaves her adopted mother. Brothers: Donat,Alfred,Albert,Henri of St Paul, Aurele of New York and Ernest of Bouctouche.
PUB Nov 7 1940 Page 2

LEGER Mrs Leandre
Died in Moncton ,of Middle Sackville NB.Nov 8. Brother; Arthur Bourque of Montreal. Funeral held Nov 11 Middle Sackville.
PUB Nov 14 1940 Page 2

Died Minto NB Oct 31 AGE 10 daughter of Mr and Mrs Albert Lezin.Sisters Eveline and Eva. On Sept 3 1939 she had the misfortune of having her hand amputated.
PUB Nov 7 1940 Page 2

MAILLET Constance
Died Rang St George NB Nov 9 wife of the late Martin Paulin.Daughters: Mrs Adelard Godin (Sufrenie) of Rimouski, Mrs Jean Hebert (Genevieve) of Quebec, Mrs Theodore Robert (Elmire) Pokemouche, Mrs Elmerise Godin(Melina of Notre Dame des Erables.Sons: Leandre of Spruce Brook, Simon,Arthur,Joseph of Val Doucet NB,Fabien at home. sister Mrs widow of late Joseph Chiasson of Montreal. Her husband died one and a half years ago.Funeral Nov 11
PUB Nov 21 1940 Page 2

MAILLET Mrs Nicolas (nee Marguerite COMEAU)
Died Meteghan NS Oct 19 AGE 87, she died in the Salmon River Rectory. Sons Abbe J A Maillet and Vincent. Daughters Isabelle, Marie Maillet, She was the daughter of Ambroise A Comeau and Marie I Robichaud formerly of Cheticamp. The last member of her immidiate family. Funeral Oct 22 St Vincent de Paul church Salmon River NS.
PUB Nov 7 1940 Page 5

Died Meteghan NS.He was travelling from Marvelton towards Meteghan with his boss in his truck filled with pulp, there was a train coming they did not see it because of the size of their load. He leaves a wife and three young children.
PUB Nov 21 1940 Page 2

OUELLET Mrs Henri (nee Agnes OUELLET)
Died St David Maine age 45.Seven Children.
PUB Nov 14 1940 Page 5

PAULIN Marie Emerentienne
Died Chiasson Office NB Oct 3 AGE 2 daughter of Mr and Mrs Wilfred Paulin.Brothers Jerome and Freddy.Funeral held St Jerome church in Shippagan.
PUB Nov 7 1940 Page 2

ROBICHAUD Mrs Jean Baptiste (nee Lucie ROBICHAUD)
Died Nov 5 Pointe Sapin NB AGE 27. Son Charles age two and a half, daughter Delina age fourteen months. Daughter of Philias Robichaud. One Brother and one sister of Richiboucto NB.
PUB Nov 21 1940 Page 2

Died Riviere des Caches NB Nov 18 AGE 76 husband of Marie Anne Poirier. Daughters: Mrs Joseph Boudreau of ST John NB, Mrs Octave Savoie and Mrs Danial Savoie of Riviere des Caches. Son Jacques of Hartford Conn, adopted son Allard Godin at home. Sisters: Mrs Adelard Poirier Riviere des Cache, Mrs Louie Breau of Coverdell NB, Mrs Marcel Robichaud of Savoy Office.Brothers Jean Baptiste of Amherst NS and Emmanuel of Quebec.
PUB Nov 28 1940 Page 7

Died St Louis NB Oct 25 AGE 88. Funeral held St Louis
PUB Nov 7 1940 Page 5

SAULNIER Mrs Joseph R (nee Aimee SAULNIER)
Died St Alphonse de Clare NS Nov 5 AGE 74. Son Georges of St Alphonse de Clare.Daughter Mrs Thomas Deveau (Adele) Salmon River. Sister Mrs Nancy Comeau. Brothers Alex Saulnier and Hilaire Saulnier of St Alphonse de Clare.
PUB Nov 14 1940 Page 5

Died Rang St George NB Nov 7 AGE 39 daughter of Alexandre .Sisters Mrs Lazare Landry Paquetville, Mrs Theodore Gagnon Val Doucet.Brother Albert at home.
PUB Nov 14 1940 Page 2

SAVOY Mrs Fidele (nee Mary Ellen WITZELL)
Died Tracadie NB AGE 62, funeral held Oct 27. Sons: Alphee, Claude Clarence, Gerlad. Brother AJ Witzell of Tracadie.Sister Mrs John Pitrie of Chatham NB.
PUB Nov 14 1940 Page 8


ALLAIN Francois
Died Rumford Maine Nov 21 AGE 66,he was a native of Bouctouche NB ,husband of Josephine Richard. Son Ernest.Daughters: Mrs Denis Marin,Doris Allain all of Rumford Maine. Brothers: Joseph of Richiboucto Village, Pierre of Saint John NB, Sylvain of Bangor Maine.Sister Mrs Fidele Allain of Saint Antoine NB
PUB Dec 5 1940 Page 5

Died Upper Tilley Rd NB Nov 26 AGE 80 .Sons: Belonie,David at home.Daughters: Mrs Edmond Martin, Lower Neguac, Mrs Michel Brideau Pont Lafrance NB, Mrs Honore Jones of Sonier Office, Josephine at home. Funeral held Nov 28 St Isidore NB.
PUB Dec 19 1940 Page 6

Died in New Bedford MA AGE 77 husband of Catherine Cormier.He was born in New Brunswick. Daughters: Mrs Adolphe LeBlanc of Moncton, Mrs Alban Melanson of Georgetown Conn,Mrs Stephen Burns of Rhode Island, Mrs Lester Wood of Rhode Island, Mrs George Blin of New Bedford, Mrs Joseph Harpin of Fairhaven. One son in Woonsocket. Brothers: Alfred of Gardner, Alban of Fitchburg, Alphonse of Canada. Sister Mrs Emma Boudreau of Canada.
PUB Dec 19 1940 Page 6

Died St Antoine NB son of Pierre Bourque AGE 4.Brothers: Edgar,Aurele and Desire
PUB Dec 5 1940 Page 11

Died Ottawa Ont AGE 85. Born in St Cecile de Maspam daughter of Amedee Brousseau and Angele Beaudoin. Sons: Charles, Danier, Henri, Edmond.Daughters: Cecile,Anna,Adeline,Eugenie,Emma nearly all from Ottawa.
PUB Dec 12 1940 Page 6

CORMIER Mrs Francois D
Died Amherst NS AGE 90. Sons: Francois and Jude of Vancouver. Daughters: Mrs Alfred Allain of Amherst, Mrs William LeBlanc of Montreal. Brother; J S Babineau of Lewisville NB. Sisters: Maude Babineau of Petit Cap NB, Mrs Edward Gallant of Moncton, Mrs Elizabeth Goguen.
PUB Dec 5 1940 Page 5

CORMIER Maximien
Died Bertrand NB Nov 27 AGE 68 husband of Leocade Cormier. Children: Mrs Benoit Doucet (Loza) of Bathurst, Mrs Stanislas Landry (Bernadette) of Landry Office, Mrs Alban Savoie (Esthel) Val Doucet,Leonie, Marin,Audolph,Etienne at home.Sisters: Matilde, Vitaline, Marianne,Rose.Brother Nazaire all of Bertrand.Funeral Nov 29.
PUB Dec 12 1940 Page6

Died Pubnico Ouest NS Dec 5 AGE 90. Sons: Landrie, Frank of Quebec, Edouard of USA.Daughters: Mrs Frederick Amirault, Mrs Alfred V D'Entremont. Sisters: Mrs Nazaire Amirault of Quebec and Emma. Funeral Dec 7.
PUB Dec 12 1940 Page 8

DOUCET Capt Dosithee
Died Cap Sainte Marie NS DEC 4 of a heart attack while sitting at the table.AGE 75 husband of Josephine LeBlanc of Abram River NS. Sons: Henri of Boston, Edmond of MA, Leonard of Brooklyn NY, George of Hyde Park , Thomas in the Canadian Marines,Robert. Daughters: Mrs Fred Comeau (Philomene) of New York, Mrs Pierre Boudreau (Sucie) Hyde Park ,Beatrice of Saulnierville NS. Funeral Dec 7 in St Alphonse de Clare NS.
PUB Dec 19 1940 Page 8

DUGUAY Mrs Eutrope (nee Marie VIENNEAU)
Died in St Isidore NB Dec 6 AGE 88. Sons: Marcel and Jean Baptiste at home, Omer of St Isidore,Ellze of Capuskasing Ont.Daughters: Mrs Lazare Daigle of Duguayville, Mrs Fred Russell of Tracadie, Mrs Romain Duclos of Ontario.Brother ; Edouard of Riviere du Portage NB.
PUB Dec 12 1940 Page 3

DUPUIS Dosithee O
Died Moncton Dec 11 AGE 76 husband of Evangeline Cormier. Adopted son Joseph Cormier. Brother: Maxime O Dupuis. Sisters: Mrs Zacharie Bourque and Marie Dupuis of Moncton.
PUB Dec 19 1940 Page 8

Died St Anselme Dec 6 AGE 60 of Upper Dover NB. He was the son of Raphael Gaudet and Adelaide Babin and husband of Exilda Leblanc.Sons: Louis of Dover, Albert,Aurele ,Lionel at home,Romeo of Moncton. Daughter: Mrs Yvon Gauvin (Yvonne) Dover, Mrs Herve LeBlanc (Emiie) Fox Creek, Adrienne at home. Brothers: Hector of St Anselme, Eustache of Bathurst. Sister: Mrs Norbert Brideau (Beatrice) of Woonsocket RI. Funeral Dec 8
PUB Dec 19 1940 Page 7

GAUTREAU Mrs Patrice ( nee Adelaide LEBLANC)
Died Boudreau Office Dec 10 .Daughters: Marie ,Alma, Laura, Bertha. Sons: Philias and Leo. Mother: Mrs Philias Leblanc. Sisters: Rev Sister St Gerard, and Rev Sister St Philias of Sherbrook,Elodie of Memramcook. Brother Antoine of Truro NS. Funeral held St Joseph Shediac Dec 12
PUB Dec 19 1940 Page 7

HACHE Joseph
Died Upper Caraquet Nov 28 AGE 85. Husband of Marie Hache. Son W.Henry of Shippagan. Daughter Vitaline of Campbelton. Sister Mrs Tranquil Godin (Rose). Funeral Nov 30.
PUB Dec 12 1940 Page6

HEBERT Mrs Francois(nee Marguerite BOURGEOIS
Died Breau Village NB Nov 30 AGE 72.Sons Jacques and Gilbert. Daughters: Mrs Delia Richard, Mrs Alma Hebert, Mrs Donat J Allain of Bouctouche, Mrs Fabien Breau of Rumford Maine. Brothers: Vital Bourgeois of Bouctouche, Andre Gardner, Georges Shediac. Sisters; Mrs Jacob Hebert of Cocagne, Mrs Auguste Goguen of Leominster MA. Half Sisters: Mrs Theophile LeBlanc of Cocagne, Mrs Vital Gallant of Gardner, Mrs Luc Goguen of Rumford, Mrs Edouard Gallant. Funeral Dec 2
PUB Dec 12 1940 Page 6

KENNY Mrs James (nee Esther LEBRETON)
Died Tracadie NB Nov 12 AGE 72. Three sons, seven daughters. Funeral held in Pokemouche
PUB Dec 12 1940 Page 6

Died St Simon NB Dec 9 AGE 82. Native of Pokemouche. Children: Jean Baptiste,Gervais, Mrs Nicolas Doiron (Luce), all of St Simon,Charles,Fred,Azade of Pokemouche,Felicien and Damas of Quebec, Octave. Sister: Mrs Laurent Lanteigne (Philomene).Funeral Dec 11 Pokemouche.
PUB Dec 19 1940 Page 6

Died Memramcook,funeral was Dec 10. AGE 87,survived by his third wife. Sons: Antoine at home,Thomas Lynn MA.Daughters: Mrs Arcade Cormier (Amanda) of Cormier Cove, Mrs Albert Cormier (Cecile) of Cormier Cove, Mrs Pascal Cormier (Evangeline) St Joseph, Florine Waltham MA. Brother: Francois Xavier of Bouctouche.Sister Mrs Julien Leger of Memramcook.
PUB Dec 26 1940 Page 8

Died Moncton Nov 29 AGE 67 native of Lakeburn.Son of Mr and Mrs David LeBlanc,husband of second wife Regina Boudreau. Children from second marriage: Daughters: Emerise, Rita,Geraldine. From first marriage: Sons: Arthur Williamset MA, Eddy Boston, Hector Cambridge MA, Isaie and Alban Moncton. Daughters: Mrs Elie Leblanc (Julie), Mrs Chester Parson Boston, Mrs Ernest Bourque (Bertha) ,Mrs Elizee Melanson (Alma) of Legercorner, Mrs Jacob Melanson (Alvina) of Scoudouc.
PUB Dec 5 1940 Page 8

LEGER Jacques L
Died Riviere de Portage NB Nov 30 AGE 65. Son Israel of Riviere di Portage.Daughters: Mrs Olivier Hache (Marie Anne) Riviere du Portage, Mrs Neal Arsenault (Helene) Riviere du Portage, Mrs Albert Comeau (Catherine) Allainville.Wife died 13 years before.
PUB Dec 12 1940 Page 2

Died Danville Quebec Nov 24 AGE 24 months daughter of Arthur Losier. Brothers: Yvon and Gaetant,sister Carmene
PUB Dec 5 1940 Page 6

MARTIN Mrs Elzear (nee Albertine FRANCOEUR)
Died Campbelton NB Nov 25 AGE 35.Children: Germain,Georgette,Gracen,Yvon,Leandre,Gerard-Raymond, Ange-Albert.She was the daughter of Joseph Francoeur. Siblings: Mrs Luc Dufour (Yvonne),Antoinette, Antonia, Lionel, Mrs Rosario Gallant (Aurore),Paul-Emile.
PUB Dec 5 1940 Page 11

Died Val Comeau AGE 7 son of Mr and Mrs Arthur McLaughlin.Brother: Amos.Sisters: Claudia,Andre,Anne,Lucianne
PUB Dec 26 1940 Page 4

MELANSON Mrs Laurent (nee Bella MELANSON)
Die Soucdouc NB Dec 10 AGE 53. Sons: Raymond of Moncton, Leo of St Anselme, Olivier,Gerard,Lucien and Auguste at home. Daughters: Mrs Alfred Landry (Elizabeth) Memramcook, Mrs Marc LeBlanc (Lorraine) St Anselme,Marie-Rose and Anna at home.Father: Remi Melanson of Malakoff NB. Brothers: Alyre Melanson Malakoff,Zoel of Painsec. Sister Mrs Honore Dupuis of Scoudouc.
PUB Dec 26 1940 Page 4

RANCOURT Mrs Pierre (nee Marilda FANGUAY)
Died Quebec AGE 70, husband was from Valley Junction Quebec. Sons: Florian, Paul-Emile,Louis,Aime,Raoul,Philippe,Armand.Daughters: Eliane, Germaine,Rose Alma, Jeanne. Brother Cleophas.Sisters: Mrs Philippe Champagne and Mrs Jean LaChance. Funeral Nov 27 Quebec.
PUB Dec 19 1940 Page 6

Died Cape Lumiere NB Nov 27 AGE 3 son of Mr and Mrs Eric M Richard.Sister Imelda age 8
PUB Dec 5 1940 Page 5

Died Inkerman NB Dec 12 AGE 67 son of Jules Robichaud and Esther . Brothers: Azore,Michel of Inkerman. Sisters: Mrs Joseph Arsenault (Philomene ) and Angele of Inkerman.
PUB Dec 26 1940 Page 8

ROY Mrs Arthur (nee Emilie DOUCETTE)
Died Rogersville NB Dec 6 AGE 61. Children: Oscar of Gardner, Leo of St Stephen,Alexis of Minto,Henri,Benoit,Albert,Eloi,Aurele of Rogersville, Joseph and George Soldiers in Sussex,Mrs William Despres,And Mrs Ben Gaudet of Rogersville.
PUB Dec 19 1940 Page 2

Died Yarmouth NS Dec 4 AGE 71. Born in Corberrie son of Euthrope Saulnier. Husband of Sara Bourque. Sons: Archie of Providence RI, Jeremie ,Francois, Eddie,of Yarmouth.Daughters: Mrs Henry Doucet of Norwood NS, Mrs James Surete of Ste Anne du Ruisseau, Mrs Desire Comeau of Meteghan. Brothers: Eloi and Isaac of Corberrie
PUB Dec 19 1940 Page 6

SAULNIER Mrs Symphorien (nee Aimee COMEAU)
Died Meteghan River NS Dec 7 AGE 61. Sons:Leo and Thomas. Brothers: James and Leger. Sister; Mrs Marc D'Entremont (Evangeline) all of Meteghan River, Mrs Joseph McLaughlin (Caroline) New York. Funeral held in Saulnierville NS.
PUB Dec 12 1940 Page 6

Died Baie Ste Anne NB Nov 26 AGE 37. Mother Mrs Martine Turbide. Brothers: William of Quebec,Alex of Montreal, Jeffrey of Leominster, Dominique of Baie Ste Anne.Sisters: Mrs Paul Legere of MA, Mrs Ezide Turbide of Leominster, Mrs Amedeau Arseneau of Pointe Basse, Mrs Oliver Girouard.
PUB Dec 18 1940 Page 2

The following obituaries may be accessed by clicking on a link in the drop down menu.I have some obituary indexes I found in the french Evangeline newspaper, there are obits from different places, Nova Scotia,Prince Edward Island, United States etc.This will give you an idea where to locate obituaries of your ancestors.I have added the page number and the dates.

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