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The following are some marriages from Bouctouche, I have not transcribed all of them, so if you do not see your ancestors here, it does not mean that they were not married in Bouctouche.
Some of the marriages do not give the names of their parents, but many of the witnesses could possibly be their father. Long ago,many times the fathers were the witnesses or the brothers or sisters too.
I have also done a bit of searching, after each marriages I will add notes of possible parents of the couple, but please do not take the notes as accurate or truth, these are just guidelines for you to follow up on .Some may not be correct, and some may be. My notes are mostly from family trees posted, and some were on rootsweb and ancestry.Again please check to make sure.

Hyppolite ALLAIN s/o Benoni Allain married Julie CORMIER d/o Gregoire Cormier.
M.Nov.13 1843, witnesses were Benoni Allain and Gregoire Cormier

Joseph ALLAIN widow of Marie Desroches married Edesse Roy d/o Francois Roy and Marie Leger
M.April 19 1819

Louis ALLAIN married Olive GIROUARD
M.May 4 1846 witnesses were Beloni Allain & Leon Allain
NOTE: Found the following Louis Allain s/o Joseph Allain and Edesse Roy married Olive Girouard d/o Benjamin Girouard and Adelaide LeBlanc

Pierre ALLAIN married Susanne SAVOIE
M. Sept 22 1846 witnesses were Beloni Allain and Louis Savoie
NOTE: Found the following Pierre Allain married Susanne Savoie d/o Michel Savoie & Gertrude Desroches

Maurice ARSENAULT married Suzanne CORMIER
M.March 31 1845 witnesses were Louis Arsenault and Hubert Cormier
NOTE: Found the following Maurice Arsenault s/o Louis & Marcelline Bourque,married Suzanne Cormier d/o Hubert Cormier and Pelagie Girouard

Dosithee ARSENAULT married Theotiste CORMIER
M.May 4 1846 witnesses were Louis Arsenault & Hubert Cormier
NOTE: Found the following, Dosithee Arsenault s/o Louis Arsenault and Marcelline Bourque married Theotiste Cormier d/o Hubert Cormier and Pelagie Girouard

Joseph AUCOIN of PEI married Brigitte MAILLET of Richiboucto
M.Oct 15 1836 witnesses were Meleme Aucoin & Francois Maillet
NOTE; Found Joseph Aucoin s/o Isaac Aucoin & Anne Cormier of Egmont Bay PEI married Brigitte Maillet d/o Joseph Maillet & Madeleine Arsenault

Jean Louis BABINEAU married Henriette ROBICHAUD
M.Sept 4 1843 witnesses were Joseph Richard & Placide LeBlanc

Louis BABINEAU married Adelaide THIBODEAU
M.Jan 29 1849 witnesses were Augustin Babineau & Maxime Thibodeau
NOTE: Found s/o Joseph Babineau & Natalie LeBlanc married Adelaide Thibodeau d/o Olivier Thibodeau & Susanne Desroches

Maximien BABINEAU married Genevieve GOGUEN
M. April 12 1847
NOTE: Found Maximin Babineau s/o Joseph Babineau & Marie Melanson married Genevieve Goguen d/o Anselme Goguen & Genevieve Desroches

Sebastien BABINEAU married Barbe THIBODEAU
M.Feb 27 1843 witnesses were Hilaire Babineau & Cyril Thibodeau
NOTE: Found Sebastien Babineau s/o Joseph Babineau & Natalie LeBlanc married Barbe Thibodeau d/o Olivier

Thomas BABINEAU married Henriette CORMIER
M. Oct 27 1845 witness was the priest J. Rioux

Andre BASTARACHE s/o Isidore Bastarache & Rosalie LeBlanc married Anne LEBLANC d/o Joseph LeBlanc & Elizabeth Landry
M.Sept 18 1809

Anselme BASTARACHE married Cecile CORMIER
M.Aug 17 1840 witnesses were Anselme and Michel Cormier
NOTE: Found Anselme Bastarache s/o Pierre Bastarache & Marie Allain married Cecile Cormier d/o Michel Cormier & Appoline Robichaud

Athanase BASTARACHE s/o Isidore Bastarache & Rosalie LeBlanc married Appoline LEBLANC d/o Charles LeBlanc & Marie Breau
M.Oct 5 1816

Justinien BASTARACHE married Marguerite CORMIER
M. Feb 15 1847 witnesses Thomas Leblanc & Louis Cormier
NOTE: found Justinien Bastarache s/o Andre Bastarache & Marie Anne LeBlanc married Marguerite Cormier d/o Denis Cormier & Marie Luce Girouard

Olivier BASTARACHE married Justine HEBERT
M.Jan 14 1850 witnesses were Anselme Bastarache & Celestin Hebert

Simon BASTARACHE s/o Joseph Bastarache & Anne Surette married Henriette ALLAIN d/o Pierre Allain & Henriette Robichaud
M.Nov.22 1826

Thaddee BASTARACHE married Susanne CORMIER
M. Sept. 24 1845 Witnesses were Pierre Bastarache & Gregoire Cormier

Francois BOUCHER s/o Joseph Boucher & Elizabeth Martin married Venerende GIROUARD d/o Paul Girouard & Madeleine Theriault
M.Jan 10 1805

Sylvain BOURK of Cocagne married Luce ROBICHAUD of Bouctouche
M.Oct.16 1837 witnesses were Dominique Robichaud & Hypolite Bourk
NOTE; Found; Sylvain Bourk son of Hypolite Bourk & Madeleine Hebert married Luce Robichaud d/o Dominique Robichaud & Marie Babineau

Aime BREAU married Marie LeBlanc
M. Nov 16 1849 witnesses were Marcellin Bro & Sylvain Allain

Romain BREAU married Marie CORMIER
M. Oct 2 1849 witnesses were George Bro & Gregoire Cormier
NOTE: Found. Romain Breau s/o George Breau & Adelaide Bourque married Marie Cormier

Didace CAISSIE married Bibienne LEBLANC
M.Nov 28 1843 witnesses were Dominique Caissie & Vital LeBlanc
NOTE: Found Didace Caissie s/o Felix Caissie & Victoire Fournier married Bibienne LeBlanc d/o Rene LeBlanc & Charlotte Girouard

David COLLET married Olive LEBLANC
M.Nov 25 1850 witnesses were Joseph Collet & Nicolas Legouffe

George COLLET married Scholastique NOLAN
M. Feb 1 1848 witnesses were Allin Collet & Edward Nolan
NOTE: Found George Collet s/o Joseph Stanislas Collet & Francoise Cormier married Scholastique Nolan

Maximien COLLET married Rose Bellefontaine
M.Aug 29 1842 witnesses were Joseph Petitpas & Luc Bellefontaine
NOTE: Found Maximien Collet s/o Julien Collet & Isabelle LeBlamc married Rose BELLEFONTAINE

Ose COLLET s/o Julien Collet & Isabelle LeBlanc married Clemence LEBLANC d/o Joseph LeBlanc & Elizabeth Landry
M.Nov 23 1807

Thomas COLLET married Olive BASTARACHE
M.Nov 10 1843 witnesses were Olivier Collet & Thaddee Bastarache
NOTE; Thomas Collet s/o Joseph Stanislas Collet & Francoise Cormier married Olive Bastarache d/o Pierre Bastarache & Marie Allain

Antoine CORMIER married Blanche ROBICHAUD, he was from Ste Therese parish
M.Oct 3 1848 witnesses were Pierre Cormier & Jean Robichaud
NOTE:Antoine Cormier s/o Pierre Cormier & Osite Cormier married Blanche Robichaud d/o Jean Robichaud & Marie Jaillet

Cyprien CORMIER married Olive GIROUARD
M.Jan 9 1843 witnesses were Denis Cormier & Olivier Collet
NOTE: Found Cyprien Cormier s/o Denis Cormier & Anne Allain married Olive Girouard d/o Benjamin Girouard & Adelaide LeBlanc

Hubert CORMIER s/o Jacques Cormier & Osite Pothier married Pelagie GIROUARD d/o Germain Girouard & Madeleleine Therrio
M.Jan 9 1804

Jean CORMIER married Susanne LEBLANC
M.Feb 16 1846 witnesses were Laurent Cormier & Olivier Leblanc
NOTE; Found Jean Cormier s/o Israel Cormier & Marguerite Robichaud married Susanne LeBlanc d/o Olivier LeBlanc & Marie Rose Bastarache

Laurent CORMIER married Scholastique GIROUARD
M.Jan 29 1850 witnesses were David Cormier & Joseph Girouard
NOTE; Found Laurent Cormier s/o Francois Cormier & Marguerite Landry married Scolastique Girouard d/o Hilaire Girouard & Genevieve Allain

Laurent CORMIER married Appoline GUEGUEN
M. Oct 12 1843 witnesses Pierre Cormier & Germain Goguen
NOTE: Found Laurent Cormier s/o Pierre Cormier & Osite Cormier married Appoline Goguen d/o Germain Goguen & Henriette Thibodeau

Louis CORMIER married Gertrude COLLET
M.Sept 23 1839 witnesses were Louis Cormier & Joseph Bastarache
NOTE: Found Louis Cormier s/o Denis Cormier & Anne Allain married Gertrude Collet d/o Ose Collet & Clemence LeBlanc

Marin CORMIER married Luce COLLET
M. Oct 18 1841 witnesses were Maximin and George Collet
NOTE: Found Marin Cormier s/o Charles Cormier & Angelique Girouard married Luce Collet d/o Julien Collet & Rosalie LeBlanc

M.Jan.30 1843 witnesses were Gregoire Cormier & Anselme Bastarche
NOTE: Found Paul Cormier s/o Gregoire Cormier & Madeleine Babineau married Olive Bastarache d/o Pierre Bastarache & Madeleine ?

Patrice CORMIER married Gertrude BOURGEOIS
M.Sept 17 1849 witnesses were Joseph Williams & Francoise Bourgeois

Joseph DESROCHES married Appoline SAVOIE
M.Jan 12 1847 witnesses were Placide Desroches & Benoni Savoie
NOTE: Found Joseph Desroches married Appoline Savoie d/o Benoni Savoie & Adelaide Bastarache

Olivier DESROCHES married Helene DOLLORD
M.Nov 7 1848 witnesses Placide Desroches & Michel Maillet

Pierre DOLORD married Domithilde GUEGUEN
NOTE; Pierre Dolord married Domithilde Gueguen d/o Gueguen & Pollonie Saulnier

Olivier DOIRON married Marie CAISSIE
M.Nov 3 1845 witnesses were Hilaire Girouard and Abraham Caissie

Olivier DOIRON married Marie CORMIER
M.Sept 14 1846 witnesses were Allain Bourgeois & Hilaire Girouard
NOTE; Found Olivier Doiron s/o Louison Doiron &Marie Beaumont married Marie Cormier d/o Charles Cormier & Angelique Girouard

Pacifique DOIRON married Marie Heleonore THIBODEAU
M. Jan 7 1850 witnesses were Eustache Doiron & Louis Vautour
NOTE: Found Pacifique Doiron s/o Placdie Doiron & Modeste Arsenault married Eleonore Thibodeau

Etienne GALLANT married Domithilde BABINEAU
M.July 6 1844 witnesses were Joachim Gallant & Charles Babineau
NOTE: Found Etienne Gallant s/o Joachim Gallant & Madeleine Breau married Domithilde Babineau d/o Charles Babineau & Madeleine Richard

Laurent GALLANT married Henriette ROBICHAUD
M.Feb 5 1847 witnesses were Louis Doiron & Joseph Girouard
NOTE: Found Laurent Gallant s/o Firmin Gallant & Marguerite Bourg married Henriette Robichaud

Victor GALLANT married Eulalie Arsenault
M.Nov 8 1847 witnesses were Thadee Gallant & Chrysotome Arsenault
NOTE: Found Victor Gallant s/o Thadee Gallant & Marie Roi married Eulalie Arsenault d/o Jean Chrysotome Arsenault & Marie Hebert

Athanase GIROUARD married Julie JALLAIS
M.Sept 21 1837 witnesses were Andre Jallais & Emmanuel Girouard
NOTE: Found Athanase Girouard s/o Benjamin Girouard & Madeleine Cormier married Julie Jaillet

Benjamin GIROUARD s/o Germain Girouard & Madeleine Therriot married Madeleine CORMIER d/o Jacques Cormier & Osite Potier
M. Jan 9 1804

Emmanuel GIROUARD married Marguerite HEBERT
M.Aug.19 1842 witnesses were Andre Bastarache & Joseph LeBlanc
NOTE: Found Emmanuel Girouard s/o Benjamin Girouard & Anne Cormier married Marguerite Hebert d/o Pierre Hebert & Marguerite Martin

Benoni GUEGUEN s/o Joseph Gueguen & Anne LeBlanc married Marie Helene Savoy d/o Jean Savoy & Marie Allain
M. April 29 1817

Louis GOGUEN married Madeleine BOURK
M.Oct 28 1844 witnesses were Magloire Goguen & Hypolite Bourk
NOTE: Found Louis Goguen s/o Cyril Goguen & Adelaide Desroches married Madeleine Bourg d/o Hypolite Bourk & Madeleine Hebert

Thomas GOGUEN married Marguerite HEBERT
M.Jan 28 1850 witnesses were Pierre Hebert & Joseph Bourk
NOTE: Found Thomas Goguen s/o Hypolite Goguen & Felicite Gallant married Marguerite Hebert

Joseph GUIMONT married Perpetue CORMIER
M.Jan 10 1842 witnesses were Hilaire Girouard & Denis Cormier
NOTE: Found Joseph Guimond s/o Marcel Guimond & Theotiste Doucet married Perpetue Cormier d/o Denis Cormier & Anne Allain

Alexandre HEBERT married Henriette LEBLANC
M. April 12 1847 did not see any witnesses

Fidele HEBERT s/o Jean Hebert & Marie Arsenault married Marguerite VAUTOUR d/o Jean Baptiste Vautour & Marie Doiron
M.Oct 20 1817

Raymond JAILLET married Susanne GIROUARD
M.Nov 13 1841 witnesses were Joseph Girouard @ Edward Jaillet
NOTE: Found Raymond Jaillet s/o Edward Jaillet & Julie Surette married Susanne Girouard

Pierre JAILLET married Blanche GIROUARD
M.July 26 1844 witnesses were Edouard Jaillet & Emmanuel Girouard
NOTE: Found Pierre Jaillet s/o Jean-Pierre Jaillet & Madeleine Leger married Blanche Girouard d/o Benjamin Girouard & Madeleine Cormier

Joseph JEANSON married Marie Blanche THEBAUD
M.April 19 1819 witnesses??

Aime LEBLANC married Marie ARSENAULT
M.April 28 1846 witnesses were Louis and Dosithee Arsenault

Aime LEBLANC married Marie DESROCHES
M.Nov 7 1848 witnesses were Placide Desroches & Jean LeBlanc
NOTE: Found Aime LeBlanc s/o Felix LeBlanc & Sophie Savoie? married Marie Deroches, to verify because I found Aime also said to be the son of Benoni LeBlanc

Anselme LEBLANC married Susanne COLLET
M.Nov 10 1844 witnesses were Hilaire Girouard & Joseph Bristol
NOTE: Found Anselme LeBlanc s/o Beloni LeBlanc & Marie Girouard married Susanne Collet d/o Joseph Collet & Marie Anne Boucher

Anselme LEBLANC married Marcelline JAILLET
M.Nov 4 1850 witnesses were Joseph LeBlanc & Andre Jaillet
NOTE:Found Anselme LeBlanc s/o Joseph LeBlanc & Modeste Leger married Marcelline Jaillet d/o Andre Jaillet & Henriette Cormier

Athanase LEBLANC married Marie GUEGUEN
M. April 17 1844 witnesses wre Jude Gueguen & Sifroi Leblanc

Etienne LEBLANC s/o Allain LeBlanc & Anne Collet married Francoise BASTARACHE d/o Michel Bsstarache
M. Oct 23 1842

Felix LEBLANC s/o Charles LeBlanc & Rosalie Guimond married Sophie SAVOIE d/o Jean Savoie & Marie Allain
M.Sept 4 1809

Francois LEBLANC married Blanche ALLAIN
M.March 31 1845 witnesses were Victor & Jean Louis Girouard

Gabrien LEBLANC married Susanne GOGUEN
M.Jan 13 1845 witnesses were Abraham Allain & Abraham Goguen
NOTE: Found Gabriel LeBlanc married Susanne Goguen d/o Joseph Goguen & Barbe Desroches

Jean LEBLANC s/o Laurent LeBlanc & Adelaide Bro married Oive ROBICHAUD d/o Jean Robichaud & Marie Jaillais
M.Oct 23 1842

Jean LEBLANC married Victoire JAILLET
M.March 31 1845 witnesses were Sifroi LeBlanc & Andre Jallet
NOTE: Found Jean LeBlanc s/o Francois LeBlanc & Helene Bro married Victoire Jaillet d/o Andre Jaillet & Henriette Cormier

Joachim LEBLANC married Predentiene MAILLET
M.May 18 1847 witnesses were Marc Maillet & Pierre Leblanc
NOTE: Found Joachim LeBlanc s/o Francois LeBlanc & Helene Breau married Preduntiene Maillet d/o Marc Maillet & Judith Bourque

Joseph LEBLANC s/o Joseph LeBlanc & Isabelle Landry married Marguerite COLLET d/o Stanislas Collet & Francoise Cormier
M. Nov 24 1823

Julien LEBLANC married Victoire BASTARACHE
M.Nov 22 1847 witnesses were Etienne & Pierre LeBlanc

Moyse LEBLANC married Luce GIROUARD
M.Nov.26 1850 witnesses were Jean LeBlanc & Marin Girouard

Pierre LEBLANC married Blanche ALLAIN
M.Nov 4 1950 witnesses were Francois LeBlanc & Benoni Allain
NOTE: Found Pierre LeBlanc s/o Benoni LeBlanc & Marie Girouard married Blanche Allain d/o Benoni Allain & Madeleine Bastarache

Rene LEBLANC s/o Joseph LeBlanc & Elizabeth Landry married Charlotte GIROUARD d/o Paul Girouard & Madeleine Terrio
M.Nov 23 1807

Sylvain LEBLANC married Domithile ARSENAULT d/o Jean Chrysotome Arsenault
M. Feb 9 1845 witnesses were Sifroi LeBlanc brother

M.Feb 16 1846 witnesses were Joachim LeBlanc & Justinien Bastarache
NOTE: Found Simon LeBlanc s/o Francois LeBlanc & Helene Bro married Anne Bastarache d/o Andre Bastarache & Anne LeBlanc

Thaddee LEBLANC married Barbe COLLET
M. Feb 5 1844 witnesses were Pierre LeBlanc & Louis Cormier
NOTE: Found Thaddee LeBlanc s/o Benoni Leblanc & Marie Girouard married Barbe Collet d/o Osee Collet & Clemence Cormier

Thaddee LEBLANC married Gertrude GOGUEN
M.Feb 14 1847 witnesses were Alexandre LeBlanc & Anselme Goguen
NOTE: Found Thadde LeBlanc s/o Francois LeBlanc & Marie Josephe Thibodeau married Gertrude Goguen d/o Anselme Goguen & Genevieve Desroches

Thomas LEBLANC married Marie BASTARACHE
M.Nov 27 1843 witnesses were Sifroi LeBlanc & Francois Saulnier
NOTE: Found Thomas LeBlanc s/o Francois LeBlanc & Helene Bro married Marie Bastarache d/o Andre Bastarache & Marie Anne LeBlanc

Vital LEBLANC married Madeleine MIAUCE
M.Nov 25 1844 witnesses were Hilaire Girouard & Ange Miauce
NOTE: Found Vital LeBlanc s/o Rene LeBlanc & Charlotte Girouard married Madeleine Mius

Denis LEGERE married Marie DONEL
M.Jan 23 1849 witnesses were Etienne Legere & Susan Hebert
NOTE: Found Denis Legere s/o Etienne Legere & Marguerite Robichaud married Marie Downing dit Donelle d/o Joseph Donelle & Adelaide Gallant

Florent LEGERE of Shediac married Anne CORMIER
M.Nov 3 1846 witnesses were Pierre Legere & Gabiel Cormier
NOTE: Found Florent Legere s/o Pierre Legere & Henriette Goguen married Anne Cormier d/o Gabriel Cormier & Adelaide Landry

Hypolite LEGERE s/o Maximien Legere & Marie Leger married Susanne ROBICHAUD d/o Jean Robichaud & Marie Jaillet
M.Jan 26 1847

Pierre LEGER s/o Francois Leger & Natalie Bourk married Henriette GUEGUEN d/o Jean Gueguen & Madeleine Thibodeau
M.Oct 20 1817

Ambroise MAILLET married Barbe RICHARD
M.Nov 10 1845 witnesses were Olivier Maillet & Francois Richard
NOTE: Found Ambroise Maillet s/o Olivier Maillet & Marie Blanche Bourque married Barbe Richard d/o Francois Richard & Judith Allain

Dominique MAILLET married Susanne DESROCHES
M.Jan 14 1850 witnesses were Placide Desroches & Olivier Maillet
NOTE: Found Dominique Maillet s/o Olivier Maillet & Marie Blanche Bourque married Susanne Desroches d/o Placide Desroches & Marguerite Goguen

Joseph MAILLET married Bibienne LEBLANC
M.March 1 1848 witnesses were Telesphore Maillet & Pierre LeBlanc

Melaine MAILLET married Madeleine or Modeste? BASTARACHE
M.Jan 30 1843 witnesses were ???
NOTE; Found Melaine Maillet s/o Olivier Maillet & Marie Blanche Bourque married Modeste Bastarache d/o Placide Bastarache & Marie Blanche Allain

Pierre MAILLET married Marie MAILLET
M.Feb 14 1848 witnesses were Marc & Charles Maillet
NOTE: Found Pierre Maillet s/o Marc Maillet & Judith Bourque married Marie Maillet d/o Charles Maillet & Marie Belliveau

Vital MAILLET married Monique THIBODEAU
M.Sept 10 1838 witnesses were Luc Thibodeau & Wencelas Maillet
NOTE; Found Vital Maillet s/o Amand Maillet & Euphrosine Bourque married Monique Thibodeau d/o Eustache Thibodeau & Madeleine Babineau

Thaddee MASROL(MAZEROLE) married Marie Blanche Goguen
M. Feb 14 1848 witnesses were Pierre Mazerol & Abram Gueguen

Andre MARTIN married Marguerite BABINEAU
M.May 14 1850 witnesses were Joseph Martin & Placide Bastarache
NOTE: Found Andre Martin s/o Joseph Martin & Barbe Gray married Marguerite Babineau d/o Joseph Babineau & Judith Richard

Jean MARTIN married Agnes CAISSIE
M.Feb 11 1850 witnesses were Andre Martin & Abraham Cayse

Jean Baptiste MARTIN married Ludivine PETITPAS
M.Jan 30 1843 witnesses were Francois Jaillet & Benoni Savoie
NOTE; Found Jean Baptiste Martin s/o Jean Baptiste Martin & Marie Anne Boucher marred Ludivin Petitpas d/o Celestin Petitpas & Gertrude Surret

Moyse MARTIN married Olive ROI
M.Nov 10 1845 witnesses were Firmin Martin & Francois Robichaud

Martin NOWLAN married Appoline ROBICHAUD
M.Oct 2 1837 witnesses were Michel Harris & Alexandre Robichaud
NOTE; Found Martin Nowlan s/o James Nowlan & Anne Cormier married Appoline Robichaud d/o Pierre Robichaud & Agnes Cormier

Hypolite POIRIER marrie Susanne ROBICHAUD
M.Aug 9 1841 witnesses were Dominique Robichaud & Raphael Poirier
NOTE: Found Hypolite Poirier s/o Joseph Poirier & Rosalie Bourque married Susanne Robichaud d/o Dominique Robichaud & Marie Babineau

Pierre RICHARD married Madeleine BASTARACHE
M.Nov 11 1846 witnesses were Placide Bastarache & Jacques Richard
NOTE: Found Pierre Richard s/o Jean Richard & Marie Maillet married Madeleine Bastarache d/o Placide Bastarache & Marie Blanche Allain

Daniel ROBICHAUD marrid Elizabeth DESPRES
M. May 13 1850 witnesses were Simon Caissie & Alexandre Robichaud
NOTE: Found Daniel Robichaud s/o Pierre Robichaud & Agnes Cormier married Elizabeth Despres d/o Honore Despres & Marie Goguen

Hubert ROBICHAUD s/o Jean Louis Robichaud & Claire Natalie Gother married Helene THIBODEAU d/o Joseph Thibodeau & Marguerite LeBlanc
M. Sept 22 1823

Jean ROBICHAUD married Marguerite LEBLANC
M.Aug 14 1849 witnesses DOminique Robichaud * Olivier Collet
NOTE: Found Jean Robichaud s/o Dominique Robichaud & Marie Babineau married Marguerite Leblanc d/o Charles LeBlanc & Marie Marthe Breau

Sylvestre ROBICHAUD married Henriette DESROCHES
M.Aug 20 1848 witnesses were Simon Desroches & Antoine Mazerolle
NOTE: Found Sylvestre Robichaud s/o Jacques C Robichaud & Marguerite Arsenault married Henriette Desroches d/o Simon Desroches & Lucille Goguen

Jean ROI married Henriette LEGERE
M.Feb 5 1847 witnesses were Francois Roi & Jean LeBlanc
NOTE: Found Jean Roi s/o Francois Roi & Venerende Savoie married Henriette Legere d/o Jean Legere & Genevieve Cormier

Manuel SAVOIE s/o Jean Savoie & Anne Desroches married Marie Olive BARRIEAU d/o Joseph Moyse Barrieau & Marguerite J Henri
M. Nov 7 1826

Marcel SAVOIE married Marguerite MAILLET
M.Feb 6 1849 witnesses were Charles Maillet & Beloni Savoie

Damien SURRET married Elizabeth RICHARD
M.Oct 28 1850 witnesses Charles Maillet & Aime Poirier

Isidore SURRET married Marie Goguen
M.Octo 18 1847 witnesses were Beloni and Damase Goguen
NOTE: Found Isidore Surret s/o Jean Baptiste Suret & Judith Hebert married Marie Goguen d/o Benoni Goguen & Marie Helene Savoie

Joseph WILLIAMS married Marguerite CORMIER
M.Jan 23 1849 witnesses were Allain Bourgeois & Moyse Cormier

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