Sons and Daughters gather round

Read these stories that we've found

of Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and Brothers

Aunts and Uncles and many others.

Some names and faces you never knew

Dates and places, we've found them too.

Some came on ships from other lands

With hopes and dreams and special plans.

From Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England

France, Germany, China and Finland.

Landing in a strange new land

Native Americans lending a hand.

In bibles, wills, old record we look

Cemeteries, censuses and all kinds of books.

                 Digging and searching day after day
                 Eureka we found it, Hurray, Hurray.
                 So our legacy to you will be
                 Completed pages of our Family Tree.

As you know I have done a lot of work and a lot of research on this website. I would appreciate if you only took information for your personal use, please do not copy the entire pages, if you are interested in something please contact me for permission.

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The song playing is called Hymne a l'espoir by Edith Butler who has personally granted me permission to add her beautiful song on my website,I found it very fitting to add it to this page, thank you ,merci Edith Butler
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Aline Cormier - Acadian Roots
2005 - Present