My CORMIER genealogy page will feature the Cormiers that connect to my line. So if you see some of your ancestors with just a bit of information on my site, and possibly no birth dates or no spouses at least it will give you the parents and you can work from there. As you know there is a lot of work into doing your family tree and everyone makes mistakes so please verify what you see on my pages also, since some of my work was researched way back in the 1970s. I will be checking some of my info by looking into Stephen White’s books.I must also add that a lot of my sources were found in parish records ,in censuses,in obits,and on some cards at the CEA.I had found some information in the books by Placide Gaudet, in the New Brunswick Provincial Archives,from relatives, in Bona Arsenault's books before I knew there were errors in some of his work.As I see the errors I shall correct them.
The photo is of Amand Cormier son of Denis Cormier and Pelagie Bellefontaine and his wife Rose Boudreau.

To begin I would like to share what I read regarding the Cormier name.
The name Cormier was once Les Aubins Du Cormier, later shortened to Du Cormier and then in the 15th century to the name Cormier of today. The Cormier name is very ancient and is found in many parts of Brittany ever since the 14th century. Some certain genealogists say the very first Cormiers were Seigneurs of Courneuve and Brittany’s Vieuville.
Here are some important Cormier’s of France:
Nicolas Cormier a horseman or squire in the year 1370
Yves Cormier was the secretary of King Louis succeeded by his son Pierre according the the French Archives in 1584.
A certain Francois Cormier Sieur de Bellevant was Commander of an illustrious ship of the Royal French Marines Le Saint Malo.Now I am sure that there were many Cormier ancestors of ours who were important, such as Father Clement Cormier the founder of the University of Moncton, he once gave me a huge chart on the Cormiers, but in my moving some of my chart was destroyed what a sad day that was. And our Pierre Cormier married to Anne Gaudet who escaped from the Fort Cumberland (today Fort Beausejour) disguised as a woman, we had the famous Cormier wrestlers, The Beast=Yvon Cormier, his brothers Rudy Kay=Louis Cormier and Bobby Kay =Romeo Cormier. Madeleine Cormier daughter of Thomas Cormier and Madeleine Girouard the first Cormier born in Acadie and her Brother Francois the first Acadian boy born in Acadie.
Robert Cormier place of birth unknown at the moment.He came to Acadie in 1644. In the French Archives there is some notes indicating that Robert Cormier, his wife Marie Peraud and their son Thomas age 8 left La Rochelle France on the King’s Counselor Andre Tuffet’s ship “Le Petit St.Pierre” and the article continued to say that Robert Cormier had signed up to go work in Acadie “Fort St.Pierre Cape Breton” for a period of 3 years for the sum of 120 pounds a year. Robert Cormier had another son Jean age 20 months. We are not sure if he came to Acadie with his parents or if he stayed in La Rochelle under someone’s care. There are no records of Jean being in Acadie with his parents. We do not know if Robert and his wife returned to France but he is not listed in the census. His son Thomas remained in Acadie and became the source of all the Cormiers in Acadie. The late Father Clement Cormier once told me he had gone to La Rochelle to try and find further information into Robert Cormier’s family but without success. He told me La Rochelle has many small communities and it would take a lot of time to search all of them. He told me he had some priests still searching the records of La Rochelle. He told me this when I first began my genealogy.



THOMAS CORMIER was born in 1636 (place of origin not known). He was the son of Robert Cormier and Marie Peraud. He came to Acadie in 1644 with his parents. He married Marie Madeleine Girouard daughter of Francois Girouard and Jeanne Aucoin around 1668 (DGFA). Madeleine was around 13 years of age.
Thomas Cormier would be the source of all the Cormiers in the Dominion of Canada and the USA including Louisiana “according to Placide Gaudet”.
Thomas and his family were one of the first founders of the village of Beaubassin. In the census of 1671, Thomas was listed as being a carpenter. He had in his possession; 7 sheeps, 7 oxen (bete a corne), six arpents of land. Then in 1686 his possessions increased to 40 arpents, 10 sheeps, 15 pigs, 30 oxen, and he even had 4 rifles. So he was pretty prosperous. (DGFA).
Thomas and Marie Madeleine Girouard had ten children, four of the children married grandchildren of Daniel Leblanc, the first LeBlanc who came to Acadie.
The children of Thomas Cormier and Marie Madeleine Girouard were :
a- Marie Madeleine born around 1670, she was the first Cormier born in Acadie married Michel Boudrot.
b- Francois born around 1672 married Marguerite Leblanc daughter of Jacques Leblanc and Catherine Hebert around 1692.
c-Anne born around 1674 married Michel Hache dit Gallant.
d- Alexis born around 1676 married Marie Leblanc daughter of Jacques and Catherine Hebert.
e-Germain born around 1680 married Marie Leblanc daughter of Andre and Marie Dugas.
f- Pierre born and baptized March 25 1682 in Beaubassin married Catherine LeBlanc daughter of Jacques LeBlanc and Catherine Hebert around 1702.Pierre died before July 17 1730. (DGFA).
g.Claire born 1684 Beaubassin married Pierre Cyr.
h- Marie born May 1686 Beaubassin (twin) married Jean Baptiste Poirier.
I- Agnes born May 1686 Beaubassin (twin) married Pierre Poirier .
j- Jeanne born around 1688.



Pierre Cormier was born and baptized in Beaubassin March 25 1682.He was the son of Thomas Cormier and Marie Madeleine Girouard.He married Catherine Leblanc daughter of Jacques Leblanc and Catherine Hebert around 1702.
In the census for Beaubassin in 1707 Pierre and Catherine had two sons,9 oxen,10 sheep, 8 pigs, 6 arpents of land. Pierre died before July 17 1730. (DGFA)
Children of Pierre and Catherine Leblanc;
a-Pierre dit Pallette born? Married Cecile Thibodeau daughter of Jean Thibodeau and Marguerite Hebert July 17 1730 in Grand Pre.
b-Marie Francoise born around 1706 married Pierre Bourgeois
c-Jean-Baptiste born around 1709 married Madeleine Richard.
d-Madeleine born ? married Pierre Thibodeau
f-Catherine born? Married Francois Landry and Jean-Charles Dupuis.
i-Francois dit Palette born Oct 9 1719 Beaubassin married Anne Chiasson.



Pierre Cormier was born before 1707 since his father had two sons under age 14 in the Census of Beaubassin. He was the son of Pierre Cormier and Catherine Leblanc. He married Cecile Thibodeau daughter of Jean Thibodeau and Marguerite Hebert July 17 1730 in Grand Pre NS.They had 11 children. This family are the ancestors of all the Cormier families in Southeastern New Brunswick.
Children of Pierre and Cecile Thibodeau;
a-Jean Baptiste born March 2 1733 Beaubassin married Madeleine Landry.
b-Pierre dit Pierrot born Aug 3 1734 in Beaubassin married Anne Gaudet daughter of Augustin Gaudet and Agnes Chiasson.
d-Francois born around 1740 married Anastasie Melanson.
e-Joseph born around 1740 married Marguerite Saulnier, and married Anne Michel in Pointe Coupee Louisiana.
f-Michel born 1741 married 3 times died in Opelousas.
g-Marie Josephe
j-Jacques born? Married Osithe Pothier daughter of Jean Pothier and Marie Josephe Hebert Jan 14 1770 in Kingsclear NB (Ekoupahag). This is my late husband’s line.
k-Amand born ? married Marie Josephe Roy daughter of Joseph Roy and Marie Agnes D’Amour de Chauffour Sept. 5 1774 Riviere St Jean NB. This is my mother’s maternal line and my mother in law’s paternal line..

I Found the following article while I was doing genealogy at the CEA regarding Pierre Cormier dit Pierrot son of Pierre and Cecile Thibodeau; Pierre dit Pierrot was a prisoner at Fort Cumberland today Fort Beausejour when he made a daring escape with his brother Jacques Cormier,disguised as a woman.
To join their family they had to go over a dyke where nearby a sentinel was standing guard. Pierre waited until the sentinel had his back turned. He clung to some spruce branches forming part of the dyke and made it across the dyke reaching from branch to branch until he made it to the other side.Reaching the other side,they waited again until the sentinel again turned his back, then they ran until they reached a sugar camp , where they cooked a meal of turnips that they had gathered while crossing a field. The soldiers from the fort sent a dog on their trails,Pierre grabbed a flaming torch (Ember) hit the dog on the head and sent him away.
Pierre and Jacques headed towards Jolicoeur arriving at a large body of water, Pierre hollered for help . His friends on the other side thought at first it was a trick or an ambush, until they recognized Pierre and came to his aid. The wives of Pierre and Jacques had left the night before for Canada, so they left at once and caught up to their families near Fredericton where their families were living as refugies.



Jacques Cormier dit Jacquot was born ? . He was the son of Pierre Cormier and Cecile Thibodeau. He married Marie Osite Pothier daughter of Jean Pothier and Marie Josephe Hebert Jan.24 1770 in Kingsclear NB.
If you ever take a ride to Bouctouche NB and you go towards Bouctouche Bay you will see the cemetery and the cemetery is situated at the turn of the road, the church used to be situated near the cemetery and that land once belonged to Jacques dit Jacquot. It was once known as ‘Pointe A Jacquot”.
Children of Jacques Cormier and Marie Osite Pothier:
a-Jacques born Riviere St Jean 1771
b-Marie born Riviere St Jean 1773
c-Marguerite born around 1774
d-Marie Rose born around 1779
e-Francoise born around 1782
f-Charles born around 1784 married Angelique Girouard daughter of Gervais Girouard and Madeleine Theriot Nov .9 1802 ( I thought it was Oct, probably an error on my part) in Bouctouche .
g-Hubert born around 1784

Found the following article at the CEA 1-26-6
Andre son of Sylvain Cormier of Memramcook, man of excellent memory and best informed on the Acadian Culture and Acadians who settled in Memramcook, a few years after the Expulsion related this episode in 1875.
The year following the capture of Quebec, a French Frigate docked at Point Levis and the captain made an appeal to raise a volunteer recruit. Among the hundreds of Acadian refugies in Quebec and surroundings, `60 young men ,some married ,some still single answered the appeal.
Once they had signed up and were aboard the frigate, the captain announced that he would probably take them to France.
Arriving at the Jacques Cartier Rock, the French Frigate was attacked by two English war ships. The French sank one of the two and continued their journey.But by misfortune, the French ship hit a rock and fell apart. Rather than go to the English Ship that was following them, everyone aboard the French Ship carrying the French Flag , jumped into the icy waters in the month of April and swam to shore.Only 60 men made it to shore. Among these 60 men were three sons of Pierre Cormier and Cecile Thibodeau; Pierre, Jacques and Francois. Francois had a hard time making it to shore. He was the grandfather of the one who related this story.


Amand Cormier born around 1744 . He was the son of Pierre Cormier and Cecile Thibodeau. He married Marie Josephe Roy daughter of Joseph Roy and Marie Agnes D’Amours de Chauffours Sept 5 1774 in Riviere St Jean.
In 1783 among the French Inhabitants above Sainte Anne (near Fredericton) were Jacques Cormier dit Jacquot, his wife ,6 children. He had been living there for 16 years and his land was considered improved.
Pierre Cormier his wife,3 children.He had been there 13 years, he had 26 acres of cleared land.
Joseph Cormier ,his wife ,3 children.He had been there for 13 years and had considerable cleared land.
Amand Cormier, his wife ,5 children. He had been there for 16 years and had 15 acres of cleared land.
Amand and his family later settled in Memramcook where he died around 1786, his wife Josephe Roy died Sept 7 1823 in Memramcook.
Children of Amand Cormier and Marie Josephe Roy:
a-Jean-Baptiste born around 1775
c- Benoni
f-Pierre born March 17 1783 married Osite Cormier daughter of Claude Cormier and Anne Marguerite Roy Jan.26 1808 in Memramcook. He is an ancestor to my late Mother in Law.
g-Denis born around 1787, married three times. He my ancestor on my mother’s paternal side.



Denis Cormier was born around 1786 . He was the son of Amand Cormier and Marie Josephe Roy. He married three times, first her married Anne Allain daughter of Louis Allain and Marie Richard Oct 18 1813,(SHA) secondly he married Marie Luce Girouard daughter of Joseph Girouard and Marguerite Cormier Aug 25 1823,she died in 1832, and last he married Pelagie Bellefontaine daughter of Luc Bellefontaine and Marie Anne Petitpas in Pointe Sapin April 11 1836. I was told by my mother who was told to her by her aunt who was a granddaughter of Denis Cormier, that Pelagie Bellefontaine was a tall lady and had long red hair below her waist, her eyes were a deep blue color.Denis Cormier had light colored hair and blue eyes. Pelagie died Sept 10 1897 in Bouctouche at the age of 82 , and Denis Cormier died June 26 1871 in Bouctouche at the age of 85.
According to the 1861 census Denis and Pelagie had 50 acres of cleared land and 10 acres not cleared, a farm worth $250.00,machinery worth $20.00,1 horse,3 milking cows,2 working oxen,2 other cattle, 12 sheep and 10 pigs.They had 1000 pounds of slaughtered pork,100 pounds of butter,30 pounds of wool. As far as what they had as crops, they had 6 tons of hay on 10 acres,92 bushels of wheat on 7 acres,12 bushels of barley on ½ acre,300 bushels of oats on 15 acres,86 bushels of buckwheat on 4 acres,10 bushels of Indian corn on 7 acres,500 bushels of potatoes on 6 acres. They had 250 pounds of maple sugar,and $69.00 worth of cloth and home manufacturings.
I would say that they were doing quite well.
Children of Denis Cormier and Pelagie Bellefontaine:
a--Domithilde born 1836
b-Amand born December 13 1848 married four times, he is my ancestor
c--Denis born 1840
d-Luc born 1842
e-Augustin born 1845
f-Pierre born 1846
g-Anselme born 1848
h-Anselme born 1850
i-Benoni born 1853
j-Francois 1856
k-Genevieve born 1856
l-Fabien born 1858
Denis had children with his other wives also which I shall not list since my line is through his last wife Pelagie Bellefontaine.


Pierre Cormier was born around 1783 . He was the son of Amand Cormier and Josephe Roy and the brother of Denis on my maternal line. He married Marie Osite Cormier daughter of Claude Cormier and Anne Marguerite Roy in Memramcook Jan.26 1808. He died in Cap Pele March 26 1869.
Children of Pierre Cormier and Osite Cormier:
a-Amand born 1808
b-Simon born July 5 1810 married Agnes Leger daughter of Paul Leger and Marie Melanson Aug 11 1830 in Grand digue.Simon and Agnes had a son Maximin born June 16 1840 who married first to Adeline Leblanc 1879 in Barachois then to my mother in law’s mother Obeline Cormier 1891 in Haute Aboujagane.
d-Dominique born 1816 Memramcook
e-Marie born 1814
f-Antoine born 1817 Cap Pele
g-Scholastic born Oct 7 1819 Cap Pele
h-Laurent born 1824 Cap Pele.

Charles Cormier dit Charlot was born 1784 . He was the son of Jacques Cormier dit Jacquot and Osite Pothier. He married Angelique Girouard daughter of Paul Gervais Girouard and Madeleine Genevieve Theriault Nov 9 1802 in Bouctouche. Charles died in Bouctouche Oct 13 1846 , his wife died July 16 1836 Bouctouche.
Children of Charles Cormier and Angelique Girouard:
a-Joseph born 1804
b-Urbain born 1808 Bouctouche
c-Appolonie born 1806 Bouctouche
d-Ursule born 1809 Bouctouche
e-Charles born 1803 died 1887 Bouctouche
f-Susanne born 1815
g-Eusebe born Dec 12 1811 in Bouctouche, he married Scholastique Caissie in Bouctouche 1836. He is the ancestor on my late husband’s side.
i-Thaddee born 1818


Amand Cormier was born Dec 13 1838. He was the son of Denis Cormier and Pelagie Bellefontaine. He married four times, first he married Adeline Caissie daughter of Francois Caissie and Rose Poirier
He married wife #2 Osite Gauvin Sept 13 1868 in Memramcook
Wife #3 was Justine Desroches June 21 1861, she died in 1865.
He married his fourth wife Rose Boudreau daughter of Odilon Boudreau and Marie Vienneau in Gardner Mass.USA April 18 1893.
Amand Cormier died August 19 1913 in Notre Dame as the result of an accident.He was pulling up trees and one fell on him.His funeral service was held in Notre Dame de Kent.
In 1910 Amand Cormier and his wife Rose were in Ashby Maine. Amand worked in a lumber camp as a filer. He would file the saws and axes for the Lumbermen.
Amand had children with Justine Desroches that I will not add here since my line is with his last wife Rose Boudreau. Rose Boudreau had been married before to a John Robichaud on Aug.4 1890, she had a daughter Alice. Amand and Rose Boudreau had three children:
a-Marie Felicite born 1894 in Robertville NB
b-Ezilda born 1897 Robertville NB
c-Joseph born 1900 in Gardner Mass.USA.


EUSEBE CORMIER was born December 12 1811 in Bouctouche. He was the son of Charles Cormier and Angelique Girouard.He married Scholastique Caissie daughter of Urbain Caissie September 23 1835 in Bouctouche. Eusebe died March 28 1853 in Bouctouche.
Children of Eusebe and Scholastique Caissie:
Beloni born June 23 1846 Bouctouche married Henriette Collet
Jacques baptized Jan 14 1853 Bouctouche married Marie Blanche Bastarache
Melaime (Meleme) born Aug 20 1848 Bouctouche married Collette Hebert
Michel born July 30 1836 Bouctouche
Ombeline born Oct 18 1842 Bouctouche
Pierre born 1844 died 1846 Bouctouche
Scholastique born Dec 13 1838 Bouctouche
Meleme Cormier is on my late husband’s paternal side.



MELEME (MELAIME) CORMER was born Aug 20 1848 in Bouctouche. He was the son of Eusebe Cormier and Scholastique Cassie.
He married Collette Hebert daughter of Pierre Hebert on Nov 27 1871 in Bouctouche.
Children of Meleme and Collette Hebert:
a-Thomas born 1874 in Bouctouche married Helene Cormier 1897
b-Pierre born 1887 in Bouctouche married Virginie Boucher
c-Josue born 1876 in Bouctouche married Marie Rose Doiron Feb.28 1898 in Bouctouche and Adele Collet April 26 1915.
He is an ancestor on my late husband’s paternal side.His son Fred (Alfred) was the son of Josue and Marie-Rose Doiron.
d-Edward born 1899 died 1900
e-Pierre born 1872 died?
f-Philias born 1881 Bouctouche
g-Emilienne born 1884 married Jacques (Jake) Arsenault
h-Marie twin to Emilienne born 1884
i-Virginie born 1878 married Adam Chase 1905 in Bouctouche
j-Levi born 1891 married Marguerite Leblanc
k-Alphee born 1897-died 1897
l-Jean born 1886 died 1887
m-Emilie born 1888

The following little story was told to me by my late husband who was the great grandson of Meleme Cormier and Collette Hebert. It was also told to me by my husband’s cousin Irene. The story was told to him by his father who heard it from his father Josue Cormier married to Marie Rose Doiron. Josue used to sit with his grandchildren and tell them stories of his youth and stories passed down to him by his father Meleme.
Meleme told him that when he was a young man living on the outskirts of Bouctouche (Sainte Marie), he used to walk to Bouctouche to do his errands .

Back then he had one pair of shoes that he had to take special care of, in order to make them last a long time.
So when he would go to Bouctouche, he had to walk, he had no car back then, so he would leave his home barefeet, carrying his shoes over his shoulders until he reached the village of Bouctouche, then he would slip on his shoes, enter Bouctouche, run his errands and when he was all done, and preparing to go home, he would take off his shoes ,swing them over his shoulder and go home.

Josue a Meleme told his son Fred the following story, and Fred told his son my late husband Gerard the following story.
Josue (Joe) said he remembered being very poor when he was a young man, because he came from a large family.
He remembers wearing rags to cover his feet intead of shoes.He contined to say , the first pair of shoes he ever got were made from cowhide that had been tanned. They were made similar to Indian Mocassins,high on the legs and laces up the front.
Josue was a carpenter, and he helped build his son Fred’s house. He also made his grandson Gerard a tap dancing puppet carved out of wood, and a sled for his granddaughter.I gave the little dancing puppet to my son, who is the great great grandson of Josue Cormier.

Exelda Cormier ,my grandmother, daughter of Lamand Cormier and Rose Boudreau was a very tiny woman. She was barely 4 foot ten, but she was a strong and a smart lady. My mother told me that she used to knit and crochet, and did beautiful work. Mom remembers her mother knitting some long woolen stocking for her father, the stocking were the kind they wore over their britches. And my grandmother Exelda would pace the floor all night long and knit.
When morning came , my grandfather had his stockings ready to wear.
Exilda once crocheted a net for her kids to go fishing, that was the time that my uncle walked up the river while my mother and her other brother fished for smelts, and he came back carrying a big trout in the net made by my grandmother.
I have some doilies that my grandmother made.Knowing that she made them with her own hands, makes them very special to me.
My mother also told me that my grandmother Exelda could not speak English and my grandfather always spoke English, he would talk to her in English , she would reply in French.

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