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The above photo is my great grandparents Rose Boudreau daughter of Odillon Boudreau, her husband Amand Cormier son of Denis and unknown boy.

The following are my Boudreau lines, which descends from two of Michel Boudreau and Michelle Aucoin's sons Claude and Michel. If you see any errors in the following I would be very grateful if you would let me know.

The Boudreau families can be found all over the country, some were exiled to Massachussetts, Louisiana, some fled to different parts of Quebec,some to Nicolet, some to Gaspesie, Iles de la Madeleine ,some were thrown in prison in Bristol and Southhampton England and after the treaty of Paris in 1763 they were sent to St Malo , and Belle Isle en Mer. Some found their ways back to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and PEI, the ones that had fled to Quebec were from PEI, Cape Breton, Beaubassin.Many Boudreau descendants can be found in various parts of Nova Scotia, and of New Brunswick,Quebec and in the USA.In New Brunswick we find Boudreau families in Westmorland County, Kent County, Gloucester and Restigouche. My lines settled in Petit Rocher New Brunswick.



Michel Boudrot was born around 1600 (according to the census),he arrived in Acadie before 1639 (date where he was mentioned as already being syndic in Port Royal. He was a laborer according to the 1671 census and Lieutenant General or Magistrate in the 1686 census. He married Michele Aucoin around 1641. Michelle Aucoin was the sister of Jeanne Aucoin who married Francois Girouard.She died in Port Royal Dec. 17 1706 age of around 95. Michel died between August 20 1688 and the 1693 census. They had eleven children:
1. Francoise born around 1642 married Etienne Robichaud.
2. Jeanne born around 1645 married Bonaventure Theriot.
3. Charles born around 1646 married Renee Bourg and Marie Corporon
4. Marguerite born around 1648 married Francois Bourg
5. Marie born around 1650 married Michel Poirier
6. Jean born around 1655 married Marguerite Bourgeois
7. Abraham born around 1657 married Cecile Melanson
8. MICHEL born around 1659 married Marie Madeleine Cormier (one of my lines)
9. Olivier born around 1661 married Isabelle Petitpas
10.CLAUDE born around 1663 married Anne Marie Thibodeau,Catherine Meunier and Madeleine Corporon.(one of my lines with his first wife)
11.Francois born around 1666 married Madeleine Belliveau.
Notes; Michel Boudrot is mentioned as being one of the first syndics in Port Royal on Sept 21 1639.(SW)
Michel ceded his post as Lieutenant Governor to Mathieu de Goutin on the orders of the king of March 31 1687 according to this order , Michel was too old to be able to do the job.He ceded it August 20 1688.(SW).
In the 1671 census Michel had 20 horned cattle, 12 sheep, 8 arpents of land.In 1686 he had 16 cattle, 17 sheep and 6 pigs,20 arpents, and 3 rifles.
In the census of Port Royal of 1693, Michele Aucoin was living with her son Francois and she was a widow.(DGFA)



Claude Boudrot was born around 1663 son of Michel and Michelle Aucoin. He married three times ,first to Anne Marie Thibodeau daughter of Pierre Thibodeau and Jeanne Theriot around 1682.He married Catherine Meunier around 1700, and then Madeleine Corporon 7 August 1735 in Port Royal. My line descends from Claude and his first wife Anne Marie Thibodeau. Their children were:
1. Claude born around 1683 married Anne Marie Thibodeau.
2. MICHEL born around 1685 married Cecile LeBlanc (my line)
3. Joseph born around 1687 married Francoise Comeau
4.Anne Marie born around 1690 married Joseph Hebert
5.Marie born around 1692 married Rene Hebert
6.Anne born a little after 1693 married Augustin Hebert
7.Elizabeth (Isabelle) born around 1696 married Jacques Leblanc and Martin Aucoin
8. Marguerite born around 1698 married Francois LeBlanc
In the 1693 census for Grand Pre, (Les Mines) Claude had 6 horned cattle, 3 sheep, 4 pigs, 8 arpents (valuable) and one gun.
In the 1701 census St.Antoine River Les Mines he had 3 sons, 5 daughters, 15 cattle, 16 sheep, 8 pigs, 16 arpents and 1 rifle.
In the census of La Roque in 1752 we find Paul, Pierre and Charles Boudrot at the Riviere du Moulin a Scie on PEI where the three had settled two years earlier. We believe the three were all brothers and sons of Claude. Paul and Pierre would be sons of his and his Second wife Catherine Meunier. (SHA).
Claude died in Grand Pre March 7 1740.



Michel Boudrot was born around 1659 son of Michel Boudrot and Michelle Aucoin. He married Madeleine Cormier daughter of Thomas Cormier and Marie Madeleine Girouard around 1690. Marie Madeleine Cormier and Michel Boudrot both died before February 13 1714.(DGFA).They settled in Beaubassin.Some of their family were in Miscou in 1778 and pioneers of Petit Rocher in New Brunswick in 1797.Their children:
1.Marie Madeleine born around 1691 married Philippe Lambert
2. Michel-Joseph born around 1693 married Anne Caissie
3. Elizabeth born around 1696 married Pierre LeBlanc
4. Madeleine born around 1698 married Jean Baptiste Chiasson
5.ANSELME born in Beaubassin between 1700-1701 census married Marguerite Gaudet(my line)
6.Claude born around 1703 married Marie Judith Belliveau
7.Paul born? married Marie Hebert
In the 1693 Beaubasssin census Michel had one domestic, 12 horned cattle, 4 sheep, 5 pigs, 21 valuable arpents,1 rifle
In 1701 Beaubassin census 2 sons, 3 daughters, 12 cattle, 3 sheep, 5 pigs, 4 arpents and 1 rifle
In 1714 census Beaubassin the orphaned children of Michel were living at the paternal and maternal aunts (DGFA)



Michel Boudrot was born around 1685 son of Claude Boudrot and Anne Marie Thibodeau. He married Cecile LeBlanc daughter of Jacques LeBlanc and Catherine Hebert around 1708.Cecile LeBlanc died in Grand Pre May 26 1731.They had eleven children:
1.Marie Anne baptized March 5 1709 in Grand Pre married Abraham Daigre.
2. FRANCOIS born August 10 1710 in Grand Pre married Marguerite Pitre (my line)
3. Francoise born January 14 1712 married Charles Prejean
4. Cecile born around 1714 married Jean Baptiste Pitre and Pierre Pellerin.
5. Jean Baptiste born around 1715 married Agnes Pitre
6. Michel born? married Claire Comeau
7. Rene born Aug 15 1717 Grand Pre married Judith Pitre
8. Pierre born Dec 16 1720 Grand Pre married Marguerite Dupuis
9. Honore born Jan 17 1724 Grand Pre
10.Marguerite born October 12 1725 Grand Pre married Antoine Dupuis.
11. Olivier born May 20 1728 Grand Pre married Anne Marie Dupuis and Anne Gaudet
Michel Boudrot married a second time to Anne Prejean April 16 1732 in Port Royal,no children.



Anselme Boudrot was born between the census of 1700 and 1701, son of Michel Boudrot and Marie Madeleine Cormier. He married Marguerite Gaudet daughter of Claude and Marguerite Blou around 1725. They were in Miquelon, Iles de la Madeleine. Their children:
1.Francois born? married Marie Bourgeois
2.Marguerite born May 15 1772 in Beaubassin ? married Francois Poirier
3.JOSEPH born around 1739 married Marie Jeanne Hache Jan 7 1761 Restigouche (my line)
4. Pierre born April 13 1743 ? married Marie Ursule Allaire
5. Marie Madeleine born April 25 1745 Beaubassin
6. Etienne born around 1747 married Marie Boudrot and Marie Marguerite Dupuis.
7.Marie Anne born? married Jean Baptiste Chiasson and Pierre Guilbert.



Francois Boudreau was born August 10 1710 in Grand Pre, son of Michel Boudrot and Cecile LeBlanc. He married Marguerite Pitre born 16 June 1715 died March 18 1806 daughter of Francois Pitre andd Anne Prejean around 1733.This family was deported to New York where Francois died 24 November 1767 during a smallpox epidemic, his widow Marguerite Pitre and her children went to Nicolet Quebec, where Marguerite married Simon Provencher 11 January 1768. Children of Francois and Marguerite:
1.Marie Modeste married Antoine Ricard dit Richard October 11 1762 Ste Anne de La Parade
2. JOSEPH ATHANASE born around 1736 married Felicite Orion dit Champagne in Quebec May 7 1759.(my line)
3. Francoise married Louis Vallee February 22 1762 Ste Anne de La Parade Quebec
4. Marguerite Natalie born June 4 1734 married Antoine Joannes 5. Osias married Marie Anne Orion (Orillon)dit Champagne November 19 1764 St.Jean Baptiste Nicolet
6. Madeleine married Joseph Laspron Desfosses 1770 in St.Jean Baptiste Nicolet.
7. Cecile married Modeste Provencher-Villebrun 1770 St Jean Baptiste Nicolet
8.Theotiste married Alexis Provencher dit Beaulaurier August 16 1774 St.Jean Baptite Nicolet
Note; I am not sure about the above children, if there are errors please let me know



Joseph Boudreau was born around 1739 son of Anselme Boudrot and Marguerite Gaudet. He married Marie Jeanne Hache daughter of Jacques Hache and Josette Boudreau in Bathurst (according to Fidele Theriault) January 7 1761. This family was in Miscou in 1778 and pioneers of Petit Rocher Joseph died December 8 1797 and was the first to buried in Holy Family Cemetery in Bathurst after the church was built.Marie Jeanne Gaudet died February 15 1825 (Fidele Theriault believes in Petit Rocher.) Their children:
1. Anne born around 1762 married Michel Doucet 12 /September 1776.
2. Joseph born around 1770 married Rosalie Hache October 30 1792.
3. Jean born November 1 1776 married Marguerite LeBlanc May 4 1802.
4. Timothee born March 10 1778 married Venerande Doucet November 3 1802.
5. CYPRIEN born around 1767 married Marie Francoise Melanson.(my line)
6. Marguerite born around 1782 married Michel Pitre June 3 1789.
7. Sylvain born around 1769 married Judith Blanchard 4 April 1796
8. Rose (Rosalie) born? married Dominique Pinet June 3 1789 and Joseph LeBlanc 1797.
9. Firmin
Note: The following is from a descendant of one of Sylvain's son; Jerome. I've learned that Sylvain's father; Joseph, got a 400-acres piece of land granted to him in Caraquet; he was part of the original "grantees" of Caraquet. Joseph hence left Miscou-island and came to Caraquet with his family, and later with all his kids except Sylvain, Joseph moved to the Beresford area. Sylvain or Joseph sold a very large part of that 400-acre lot to the church, where the curent Caraquet church is now built, along with the old cemetery right across it.(source; Gerald Boudreau)



Athanase Boudreau was born around 1736 in Grand Pre Nova Scotia, so of Francois Boudreau and Marguerite Pitre. He married Felicite Orillon dit Champagne daughter of Charles Orillon (Orion) and Anne Richard in Quebec May 7 1759 and settled in Deschambault Quebec, then in Nicolet from 1765 to 1778. Later he settled in Nipisiguit (Bathurst New Brunswick around 1785 , and then in Petit Rocher where he died after Sept 27 1820.. His wife Felicite was buried in Bathurst September 1 1813. Their Children:
1.Marie Cecile baptized October 20 1761 in Deschambault married Joseph LaPlante February 26 1781 in Nicolet
2. Marie Marguerite born March 26 baptized March 28 1763 in St.Pierre de Becquets NICOLET
3.JOSEPH-ATHANASE born March 26 1765 St Jean Baptiste Nicolet married Isabelle Bujold (Bujeaud) May 8 1792.(my line)
4.Elizabeth (Isabelle) born April 28 1767 St Jean Baptiste Nicolet married Michel Fernet January 17 1783 and Francois Comeau 1795
5.Marie Madeleine born October 23 1768 St Jean Baptiste Nicolet married Jacques Beaudry November 28 1787.
6.Francois born October 1 1771 Baie des Febvre died February 11 1783.
7.Francois bour Jan 1786 married Henriette Roy February 5 1811.
8.Jean Baptiste born July 3 1773 died January 26 1773
9.Jean Baptiste born May 2 1774 died July 31 1776
10.Elizabeth born 1782 married Raymond Doucet October 15 1800.
11.Jean Baptiste born 1763 died Sept 21 1766 in Nicolet
Another note to say I have not added the above names in the correct order and notice there were three Jean Baptiste, two Elizabeth, two Francois.
Joseph Athanase's children were probably born in Nicolet and Deschambault Quebec
Joseph Athanase was a miller
Joseph Athanase, went to Gaspe north side of Charleur Bay before settling in Beresford New Brunswick where his youngest child was born in 1786 at Grande Riviere.
Joseph Athanase helped build a dam for the first flour mill in Nicolet
Part of a letter from Sieur de Tonnancour regarding Athanase dated September 27 1780:
The named Athanase Boudreau flour worker from the "Depin Au Pain Brule flour mill" of Saint Antoine Bay, having heard many times that this man favored the passages of emmissaries of the American Congres coming to this colony. I hold him in prison. (CEA)



Cyprien Boudreau was born around 1780 son of Joseph Boudreau and Anne Hache. He married Marie Francoise Melanson daughter of Pierre Melanson and Henriette Gallant.Cyprien died in Petit Rocher October 10 1827. Their children:
1.Sebastien born January 4 1794 baptized Jan 11? in Bathurst married Felicite Boudreau. February 11 1817.
2. Laurent born March 25 1800 married Marie Anne Boudreau 1823 and Henriette Roy February 11 1861.
3.Louis born November 9 1806 married Monique Roy January 20 1829.
4. Francoise born July 13 1791 in Carleton married Antoine Degrace 1810.
5.Rose born July 19 1804 married Isaac Boudreau June 5 1822.
6. Marguerite born March 15 1802 married Alexis Frenette.
7.Judith born March 3 1789 in Caraquet married Joseph Roy June 5 1806 .
8. Isaac born March 29 1796 Bathurst died 1799.
9.Helene born Dec 27 1808 married Cyrille Bertin around 1830
10.MARIE born around 1798 married Hypolite Osias Boudreau son of Joseph Athanase and Isabelle Bujold.(my line)

This is where my two lines meet The son of MARIE BOUDREAU and HYPOLLITE-OSIAS BOUDREAU (Odillon Boudreau) married Marie Vienneau
Note: much of the above info was in A L'ombre de Petit Rocher by Pere Camille and CEA



Joseph Athanase Boudreau was born March 26 1765 and baptized April 16 in Nicolet Quebec,son of Joseph Athanase and Felicite Orillon (Orion). He married Elizabeth (Isabelle) Bujold daughter of Charles Bujold and Marguerite Cormier in Restigouche May 8 1792. Their children;
1. Joseph Athanase born March 28 1793 baptized 1793 Bathurst married Felicite.
2. Natalie born May 12 1794 Bathurst married Beloni Roy 1813.BR> 3. HYPOLITE OSIAS baptized January 12 1796 married Marie Boudreau around 1817 (my line)
4. Marie born October 13 1799 Bathurst
5. Felicite born around 1797 married Sebastien Boudreau Feb 11 1817.
6. Sara born January 7 1801 married Augustin Aube around 1819 Sara died April 27 1886.
7.. Isaie born May 29 1802 Petit Rocher? married Rose Boudreau June 5 1822.
8. Eusebe born September 8 1807 Petit Rocher? married Rose Roy May 18 1826



Hypolite Osias Boudreau was born January 7 1796 ,son of Joseph Athanase Boudreau and Isabelle Bujold. He married Marie Boudreau daughter of Cyprien Boudreau and Francoise Melanson around 1817.Their children;
1. Pelagie born January 3 1825 in Petit Rocher
2. Francois Ubald born May 8 1830 married Luce Dugrace 1851.
3. Olympe born 1835 died 1906 married Francois Doucet
4. Venerande born 1818 died 1907 married Olivier Vienneau July 19 1841
5.Marie born? married Joseph Doucet 1845
6. Louis born May 15 1838 married Marguerite Doucet November 24 1863
7.Francois born August 3 1830 married Lucy Degrace November 12 1851 and Helene Godin November 16 1856. 8. ODILLON born around 1824 married Marie Vienneau .(my line)



Odillon Boudreau (date of birth unknown) was the son of Hypolite Osias Boudreau and Marie Boudreau. He married Marie Vienneau (born January 11 1827 in Petit Rocher) daughter of Jean Baptiste Vienneau and Celeste Hebert November 22 1841 in Petit Rocher New Brunswick. Could not find the death of Odillon Boudreau . Their children:
1. Alexandre baptized June 17 1851 age of 15 days married Mary Grant
2. Sara born Nov 27 1853
3. Philomene born Oct 7 1862
4. Marie Anne born 1856
5. Pierre born Oct 23 1864
6. Christine born 1860
7.Louise born 1866 married Joseph Comeau
8. Joseph born 1869
9.Odillon baptize Sept .15 1860
10.Romuald born around 1850
11.Sophie born around 1845 married Louis Doucet around 1871
12.Rachel born around 1847
13. ROSE DELIMA born March 1858 baptized March 22 1858 age of 15 days in Petit Rocher married first to John Robichaud 1890 in Pointe Sapin and to Amand Cormier April 19 1893 in Gardner Mass.(These were my great great grandparents.)

Note Some of the above children of Odillon and Marie Vienneau were from the census and from Boudreau Family Association, so if you can add to these children or who they married please contact me.

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Gerald Boudreau ( thank you for the information)
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Hector Boudreau also sent me some info long ago
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