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In 1993 I began copying all the names from the tombstones in the old Shediac Road Roman Catholic Cemetery on Lewisville Road in Moncton New Brunswick. This Cemetery served the greater Moncton area and surounding areas. The cemetery contains French, Irish and English (who were married to Catholics.The Cemetery is full, there are no more burials allowed from now on.My brother Andy later joined me in completing the cemetery project. Some stones were very hard to read ,so we place a white paper over the stones and went over the paper with a lead pencil which gave us great results on some stones.This was done with care and to the best of our abilities.Please check carefully since some only had one date on the stone (possibly death date. I hope you find some of your ancestors here. I would also like to add that if you see an english name and it is a name you are looking for , there may be more names listed but I have not added them for instance Carroll and I have one surname in my book I have 7 more names ending with Carroll so please contact me.


h/o= husband of
w/o= wife of
d/o= daughter of
s/o= son of

Ahearn Joseph J. h/o Marie Anne Gauthier 1866-1938
Ahearn Michael h/o Anne O. Doherty 1887-1959
Ahearn Thelma M. w/o Frederick P.Murphy 1902-1934
Alderson Russell h/o Catherine Beddow ? ?
Alderson Russell s/o Russell & Catherine 1945-1966
Alverson William J. died 1957
Allain Pierre died 1917 age 43
Allain Reginald 1926-1941
Allain Yvon died 1936 age 3
Alward Mildred E. w/o William Lutes 1910-?
Anderson Charles A. RCAF died 1975 age 73
Ankertell Catherine w/o Peter Leger 1843-1930
Ankertell Mary Ann w/o Patrick Dowd 1853-1928
Annett BAyan h/o Julia Fitzgerald 1860-1941
Annett Helena Theresa w/o James B Kelly 1893-1954
Arneau Anita seven months old
Arneau Lucien 1893-1928
Arneau Marie A 1867-1941
Arneau Michael ? ?
Atkins Gertrude d/o John & Frances 1908-1956
Atkins John Samuel h/o Frances L McKenna 1877-1955
Atkins John Victor s/o John & Frances 1900-1945
Atkins Frances w/o John Samuel 1880-?
Atkins Ledwell 1917-1986
Arsenault Alyre T. h/o Thelma B Magee 1909-1951
Arsenault Andrew D. h/o Hilda Berry 1907-1961
Arsenault Alvina w/o Alphee Robichaud 1871-1954
Arsenault Aubin 1895-1941
Arsenault Beatrice d/o Alphee & Sara died 1928 age 19
Arsenault Calix died April 21 1911
Arsenault Chris M. h/o Maude Bishop 1890-1964
Arsenault David h/o Mary Jane 1912-1981
Arsenault Mary Jane w/o David 1920-?
Arsenault Edna (nee Bourgeois) 1910-1982
Arsenault Edward A h/o Margaret Duran 1914-?
Arsenault Edmond J.h/o Marion McGowan 1909-1967
Arsenault Fabien 1899-1943
Arsenault Joseph died 1920 age 69
Arsenault Jacques died 1911 age 16
Arsenault Lucien A died 1927 age 25
Arsenault Leon S. died 1935 age 73
Arsenault Leo h/o Corinne Surette 1911-1958
Arsenault Madeleine (Aubin) died 1927 age 23
Arsenault Mary Rosalie w/o James Dawson 1896-1918
Arsenault Maxime h/o Melanie Doiron 1879-1974
Arsenault Marie w/o Jacques Goguen 1883-1958
Arsenault Raymond s/o David & Mary Jane died 1965 age 11
Arsenault Robert died 1921 age 19
Arsenault Susanne w/o William Hughes 1888-1978
spell Bridget w/o Ed Steeves 1898-1955
Aucoin Sophie died 1920 age 43
Ayer George E. 1914-1980

Babineau Euphemie d/o Philip Babineau 1874-1891
Babineau J.Alfred s/o Philip Babineau 1870-1896
Babineau Paul s/o Philip " 1883-1904
Babineau Philip 1835-1892
Babineau Lumina w/o Frank Walsh 1887-1958
Babineau Justine w/o Edouard LeBlanc 1872-1900
Babineau Marie w/o Melas Goguen 1864-1951
Barbour Mary w/o George Scott 1860-1933
Barriaut Henry h/o Elizabeth 1855-1923
Barriaut Elizabeth w/o Henry Barriaut 1866-1939
Barriaut Geraldine 1908-1956
Barriaut Thadee h/o Sylvie Boudreau 1859-1911
Bastarache Euphemie w/o Dosithee Bourgeois 1894-1938
Bastarache Guillaume 1880-1938
Bastarache George 1940-1940
Bastarache Pierre h/o Domithilde Melanson 1867-1941
Bastarache Zoel s/o Pierre & Domithilde 1903-1941
Barry Catherine w/o James D Wood 1879-1956
Bauer Gladys M w/o Robert Matterson 1911-1989
Bauer Josephine Isabelle 1880-1935
Bastien Hary B Corporal died 1952 age 46
Beales Mary w/o William Bourque 1894-1981
Beaulieu Helen d/o Edward Wryn w/o Romeo B. 1899-1977
Beaulieu Romeo h/o Helen Wryn 1902-1986
Belliveau Alexandre 1891-1936
Belliveau Alice M w/o Alfred A Roy 1886-1944
Belliveau Arthur died 1920 age 29
Belliveau Abel h/o Eugenie Cormier 1862-1919
Belliveau Celine w/o Louis Belliveau 1878-1949
Belliveau Catherine 1858-1943
Belliveau Elise w/o Charles LeBlanc 1901-1932
Belliveau Gertrude Ann 1938-1988
Belliveau Henriette w/o Charles C Leger 1851-1932
Belliveau Geraldine w/o William H Ward 1915-1988
Belliveau Josephine died 1911 age 45
Belliveau Jacques h/o Madeleine Cormier 1864-1951
Belliveau J.Tom 1884-1948
Belliveau Louis h/o Celine Belliveau 1886-1918
Belliveau Leonard A 1908-1982
Belliveau Marie w/o Pierre LeBlanc 1858-1941
Belliveau Natalie w/o Hilaire Cormier died 1917 age 62
Belliveau Phil A h/o Anna Leger 1875-1935
Belliveau Rosalie w/o Augustin Leger 1878-1928
Belliveau Rose Anne w/o Francois J Leger 1881-1972
Bellyea Evan J private died 1961 age 35
Bellyea Holly D seaman died 1969 age 46
Bellyea Weldon G WW1 1894-1963
Bedport Charles W h/o Marie Leger 1904-?
Bedport George h/o Carolyn Ritchie 1945-?
Benoit Francois 1851-1938
Beers Annie E w/o Joseph H Wedge 1900-1980
Bernard A. sister of Mary Helen Brennan 1903-1982
Bishop Maude w/o Chris Arsenault 1896-1934
Berry Rachel C w/o Albert Teed 1909-1980
Biddescombe Charles G h/o Mary E Marley 1866-1954
Blackman Stephen A s/o Allison 1964-1976
Blackman Timothy & Joseph twins 1962-1962
Blakney Theodore 1918-1980
Boucher Alvine w/o Pierre Robichaud 1876-1932
Boudreau Aurele s/o Jaddus 1869-1936
Boudreau Claudia w/o Edmond LeBlanc 1905-?
Boudreau Claire 1953-1954
Boudreau Doris w/o Harold Irving 1912-?
Boudreau Edna d/o Jaddus 1905-1905
Boudreau Evelyn M w/o Daniel Malone 1908-1964
Boudreau Ella w/o John E Scott 1908-1983
Boudreau Emile s/o Joseph & Regina 1905-1941
Boudreau Donald P 1951-1952
Boudreau Felicien h/o Elizabeth LeBlanc 1869-1933
Boudreau Hermonie 1904-1985
Boudreau Henry s/o Joseph & Regina 1910-1935
Boudreau Hermegilde died 1903 age 23
Boudreau Irenee h/o Exelda Leger 1877-1943
Boudreau Jaddus h/o Jeanne Cormier died 1915 age 51
Boudreau Janet d/o Joseph & Regina 1942-1945
Boudreau Joseph h/o Regina Cormier 1872-1963
Boudreau Joseph h/o Margaret Fitzpatrick 1898-1958
Boudreau Julie w/o Maxime LeBlanc 1861-1925
Boudreau Justine w/o Charles J Leger 1861-1934
Boudreau Leola d/o Jaddus 1900-1900
Boudreau Lilian d/o Felicien 1896-1977
Boudreau Maximien h/o Marie Landry 1851-1935
Boudreau Osite w/o Jean Gauvin 1861-1932
Boudreau Richard h/o Marguerite Landry 1880-1959
Boudreau Ruth d/o Eric & Pat died 1949
Boudreau Sylvie w/oThadee Barriaut 1853-1906
Boudreau Theodore s/o Joseph & Regina 1901-1946
Boudreau Theotime h/o Marcelline Richard 1877-1956
Boudreau Yvonne w/o Charles Leger 1903-1983
Boudreau Yvonne w/o Eddie Gautreau 1914-?
Bonnevie Dina w/o John Richard died 1911 age 39
Bourgeois Adolphe h/o Celina Richard 1887-1917
Bourgeois Anne w/o Philip J Melanson 1884-1939
Bourgeois Albert A h/o Marie Drisdelle 1904-1939
Bourgeois Bliss h/o Melvina Melanson 1869-1941
Bourgeois Dora Anne d/o Tilmon 1909-1965
Bourgeois Dosithee h/o Euphemie Bastarache 1892-1966
Bourgeois Edna w/o ? Arsenault 1910-1982
Bourgeois Gerald J 1908-?
Bourgeois Georgine w/o Charles A King 1917-?
Bourgeois Henry died 1925 age 56
Bourgeois Irene d/o Tilmon 1915-1915
Bourgeois Jacques J. 1844-1923
Bourgeois Joseph J h/o Celine Melanson 1868-?
Bourgeois Louise 1938-1938
Bourgeois Laurie J drowning died 1927 age 24
Bourgeois J.Leo s/o Tilmon 1911-1911
Bourgeois Marie Rose w/o Simeon Bourgeois died 1929 age 73
Bourgeois Natalie w/o Joseph L Breau died 1917 age 32
Bourgeois Raymond s/o Dosithee 1918-1943
Bourgeois Tilmon h/o Perrine Bourg 1880 - 1918
Bourgeois Wilfred h/o Alma Foret drowning 1893-1944
Bourgeois Willie h/o Elizabeth Bourque 1876-?
Bovard Marie 1911-1943
Bowser Grace w/o Frank Hope 1895-?
Brais Robert h/o Henedine Chevarie 1921-?
Bray Frank h/o Adeline Middleton 1899-1964
Burke Alma 1902-1939
Buggie Wallace h/o veronica P MacPhail 1924-1965
Bourque Almaise 1886-1975
Bourque Alfred h/o Genevieve Doiron 1866-1951
Bourque Catherine w/o Jean P Cormier 1879-1939
Bourque Dorothee w/o Gerald Goguen 1924-?
Bourque Eugenie w/o Thomas Bourque died 1946 age 63
Bourque Eustache h/o Lena Bourque 1858-1919
Bourque Elizabeth w/o Willie Bourgeois 1873-1940
Bourque Emilienne w/o Victor LeBlanc 1870-1946
Bourque Evelyn d/o Alfred & Genevieve 1904-1961
Bourque Elise w/o Thadee LeBlanc 1876-1960
Bourque Evangeline w/o J Fred Goguen 1885-1979
Bourque Emilien h/o Olive Goguen 1849-1908
Bourque Edward sergeant RCE died 1954 age 59
Bourque Florence d/o Alfred & Genevieve 1902-1989
Bourque Frederic ? ? age 88
Bourque George 1917-1941
Bourque Guillaume h/o Eva Gaudet 1891-1928
Bourque Hennessey h/o Henriette King 1885-1959
Bourque Lorenzo 1922-1973
Bourque Lena w/o Eustache Bourque 1874-1925
Bourque Louis sergeant 165th batt. 1874-1950
Bourque Laura w/o Antoine Vienneau 1901-?
Bourque Marie w/o Willie F LeBlanc died 1922 age 47
Bourque Marguerite d/o Alfred & Genevieve 1896-1900
Bourque Marie Blanche w/o Thadee Leger 1850-1947
Bourque Nora w/o Alfred D Despres 1946-?
Bourque Nellie d/o Alfred & Genevieve 1894-1898
Bourque Osite w/o Jean Gauvin 1861-1932
Bourque Pacifique h/o Anastasie Leger ? ?
Bourque Perrine w/o Tilmon Bourgeois 1881-1925
Bourque Philomene w/o Sylvain LeBlanc 1852-1938
Bourque Rosanna w/o Rufus Marshall 1862-1951
Bourque Sylvie 1947-1947
Bourque Thomas h/o Eugenie Bourque died 1941 age 60
Bourque William h/o Mary Beales 1889-1969
Bourque Zacarie h/o Odile Dupuis 1875-1970
Breau Anna w/o Philip Cormier 1888-1942
Breau Andrew h/o Ellen E Casey 1850-1931
Breau Ellen w/o James J Hynes 1886-1964
Breau Evangeline w/o Edmond Cormier 1880-1956
Breau Eric 1897-1929
Breau Eva d/o Joseph & Nellie died 1918 age 13
Breau Gerald Mark h/o Mary Daly 1906-1976
Breau Helen M. w/o Francis Colepaugh 1915-1983
Breau Leantine w/o Clement Cormier died 1954 age 70
Breau Marie Edesse w/o Thomas E Swift 1880-1964
Breau Margaret w/o Ernest J Fogarty 1876-1959
Breau Mary (Daly) w/o Gerald Breau 1913-1964
Breau Marc h/o Mathilda Melanson 1858-1940
Breau Olympe w/o Nazaire Goguen 1907?
Breau Rose d/o Joseph & Natalie died 1918 age 9
Breau Robert h/o Margaret Jean Riley 1887-1969
Brennan Annie w/o Stephen Brennan 1870-1965
Brennan Mary Helena 1899-1984
Brennan Joseph h/o Mabel C Shaffer 1909-1965
Brennan Stephen A h/o Annie E 1870-1951
Bulmer Helena 1882-1912
Bulmer James h/o Agnes Chrystal ? ?
Bulmer Margaret 1907-1907
Bulmer William h/o Catherine McQuade ? ?
Burns Pearl w/o Alexis J Hannigan 1908-1976
Butler Margaret 1904-1992
Butler Mabel w/o Frederic J Savage 1896-1972
Butler Catherine w/o James Gillen 1862-1947
Buzzell Robert K h/o Gertrude Hannigan 1889-1964
Byrne William F corporal CAPC died 1959 age 59
Byron James h/o Jennie Culligan 1883-1955
Byron Arthur P 1929-1934
Byron Ralph D. s/ James & Jennie 1920-1974

Callaghan Angus h/o Mary Estelle Johnson 1887-1922
Callaghan Johnson s/o Angus 1919-1921
Callaghan Viola d/o Angus 1915-1932
Cahill Helen A. 1913-1975
Cahill M.Imelda 1898-1990
Cahill Margaret 1905-?
Cahll Philip J h/o Anna Laura Ready 1861-1929
Cahill Philip h/o Eva T Frizzell 1903-1965
Cahill William C 1906-1973
Caissie Leonard 1940-1949
Caissie Leonie w/o William Caissie 1884-1978
Caissie William h/o Leonie 1883-1942
Campbell Alice d/o Albert Teed 1900-1972
Campbell Catherine w/o Larry 1885-1967
Cassidy Charles h/o Bibienne Melanson 1860-1945
Cassidy John h/o Francoise Leger died 1910 age 85
Carboneau Helena w/o Edward Gillespie 1894-1966
Carey James h/o Helen Cunningham 1896-1975
Cavell Gladys w/o Harmon Fogarty 1897-1977
Carrol John S died 1897 age 42
Carter Donald h/o Helen Melanson 1916-?
Casey Ellen w/o Andrew J Breau 1848-1926
Casey Adeline w/o Aubrey Melanson 1912-?
Casey Harry h/o Anne Whalen 1880-1952
Casey Hermine nee LeBlanc w/o Arthur 1924-1943
Casey Bertha w/o George Woltalholm 1910-1984
Chase Elise w/o David Williams 1892-1975
Chase Mary w/o Angus Williams 1890-1967
Charest Annie 1898-1950
Charest Homer M. corporal died 1938
Chennette Etta 1884-1928
Chisholm AA Gus h/o Agnes Gillis 1893-1972
Chandler Marjorie w/o Walter McCann 1901-1960
Christenson Thelma w/o Vincent Hennessey 1908-1988
Church Pearl 1902-1919
Clark Charles h/o Frances Hogan died 1942
Clowater Angus h/o Annie C Wry 1879-1939
Cluney John general 1914-1965
Coholan Patrick h/o Ann Genevieve Brown 1888-1949
Chevarie Aurele J soldier died 1930
Chevarie Catherine w/o Frank McGrath 1917-1989
Chevarie Frank h/o Jane Gills 1872-1940
Chevarie Henriette w/o Robert Brais 1922-1988
Chevarie Jean Gilbert h/o Melanie Cormier 1883-1966
Chevarie Pierre h/o Lea Leger 1879-1960
Colburn Clarence h/o Anne Landry 1891-1957
Colburn Donald grandson of Clarence 1934-1936
Colburn Donald 1936-1937
Colburn Louise w/o Philip White 1892-1979
Coffee Isaac h/o Agnes M Dupuis 1865-1922
Colepaugh Francis h/o Helen M Breau 1912-1983
Chiasson Eileen Therese nee Hogan w/o John 1920-1946
Collette Fidele h/o Marguerite Gaudet 1875-1953
Collette Olivier died 1926 age 74
Collette Marie Jeanne d/o Tom C died 1898 age 4 months
Collette Maxime h/o Anne Landry died 1924 age 85
Collette Mrs Maxime (Anne Landry) died 1918 age 96 first husband was Augustin Bristol
Collette Willie s/o Tom died 1898 age 2
Collins Theresea Maude w/o Christopher Keenan 1894-1986
Colter Claude h/o Yvonne LeBlanc 1905-1964
Coleman Corinne w/o Brian Meade 1888-1957
Comeau Eusebe h/o Elise Leger 1853-1938
Comeau Elise nee Leger w/o Eusebe Comeau 1862-1946
Comeau Alice 1891-1933
Comeau Eleonore 1901-1986
Comeau Mary w/o Thomas McArdle 1867-1968
Comeau Millie w/o Placide Babineau died 1901 age 38
Commeau J Wilfred 1888-1937
Connoly Margaret adopted d/o John McDonald died 1900 age 16
Connoly John B. 1888-1952
Connors Anne M w/o William McKeiver 1887-1958
Condy Donalda M w/o Hubert Bryan 1934-1966
Conway eva w/o William Conway 1900-1933
Cook Margaret w/o Charles C Gillespie 1900-1960
Cooper Ellen J w/o Gerald Gould 1900-1983
Cote Paul S 1882-1939
Cormier Ambroise h/o Melanie Melanson 1873-1961
Cormier August died 1909
Cormier Albert s/o Melas Cormier 1893-1938
Cormier Albert T h/o Natalie Daigle 1882-1942
Cormier Albert J 1925-1967
Cormier Aldor s/o Emile & Alma 1913-1932
Cormier Alderic h/o Fannie Gauvin 1889-1973
Cormier Albenie 1879-1932
Cormier Clement h/o Leantine Breau died 1928 age 43
Cormier Exelda w/o Arcade Goguen 1880-?
Cormier Edmond h/o Evangeline Breau 1878-1962
Cormier Edouard s/o Levi died 1912 age 4 months
Cormier Emile h/o Alma Melanson 1880-1962
Cormier Evangeline w/o Dosithee Dupuis 1874-?
Cormier Ernest A h/o Jacqueline Cormier 1904-1938
Cormier Edith w/o L Melanson 1887-1920
Cormier Eugenie w/o Abel Belliveau 1863-1938
Cormier Francois O 1869-1936
Cormier Gilbert 1874-1941
Cormier Hilaire 1853-1943
Cormier Jean s/o Fred & Laura (no stone) 1931-1935
Cormier Jeanne w/o Jaddus Boudreau 1870-1934
Cormier Jacqueline w/o Ernest Cormier 1906-1945
Cormier Jean P h/o Catherine Bourque 1872-1938
Cormier Jude h/o Antoinette Gautreau 1855-1935
Cormier Juliette w/o Francis McArdle 1914-1984
Cormier Jeanee w/o Austin McMahon 1909-?
Cormier Jean Amable s/o Napoleon 1914-1921
Cormier Leo JG h/o Zita Martin 1896-?
Cormier Linda d/o Edmond 1948-1951
Cormier Melanie w/o Jean G Chevarie 1883-1981
Cormier Marie 1852-1943
Cormier Marie Jeanne w/o William Gould 1871-1948
Cormier Madeleine w/o Jacques Belliveau 1871-1968
Cormier Marie Anne died 1917 age 57
Cormier Madeleine W died 1934 age 45
Cormier Melas 1849-1938
Cormier Marjorie w/o Emile Richard 1909-1940
Cormier Natalie nee Belliveau w/o Hilaire died 1917 age 62
Cormier Osite w/o Theophile Cormier 1853-1943
Cormier Onesime h/o Domithilde Gaudet died 1921 age 67
Cormier Pacifique h/o Beatrice LeBlanc 1888-1967
Cormier Patrice h/o Ida O'Brien 1891-1943
Cormier Philias soldier h/o Delima Richad 1896-1974
Cormier Rita d/o Pacifique 1920-1945
Cormier Rudolphe s/o Alderic 1915-1931
Cormier Regina w/o Joseph Boudreau 1880-1970
Cormier Rita w/o James Hannigan 1918-?
Cormier Regis 1886-1933
Cormier Roy s/o Philias 1933-1957
Cormier Tilmon soldier gunner died 1960 age 45
Cormier Theophile h/o Osite Cormier died 1923 age 89
Cormier Telex 1887-1918
Cormier Terrence Alyre 1951-1952
Corbett Thomas h/o Catherine McInsrusy 1851-1914
Corham Mary Willemina w/o Edgar Robertson 1893-1922
Coster Michael h/o Victoria 1868-1964
Craig Stephen h/o Lelita Gallagher 1869-1936
Cranny Mary w/o Edward Daly 1825-1919
Crossman Russell 1908-1966
Croke Thomas died 1903 age 65
Cronin Ellen w/o Cornilius Gillespie 1867-1957
Crockett Marion Park w/o Henry White 1896-1939
Chrystal Agnes w/o James Bulmer 1880-1907
Constable Arthur h/o Gladys Mary 1896-1959
Cuthbertson Nora w/o George Trites 1880-1970
Cullen John died 1908 age 79
Cunningham Francis h/o Katherine Major 1896-1986
Culligan Jennie w/o James Bryon 1888-1963
Currie Florence w/o Charles O Neil 1897-?
Curwin Annie w/o John Wry 1849-1919

Dallaire Jean B. 1887-1964
Dallaire Leandre J 1918-1945
Dallaire Royal 1919-1941
Daigle Florence w/o Lester Kingston 1903-1964
Daigle Natalie w/o Albert Cormier 1890-1963
Daly Anne 1854-1931
Daly Mary w/o Gerald Breau 1913-1964
D'Amboise Rosimond h/o Exelda Cormier 1882-1936 no stone
D'Amboise Nazaire h/o Bertha Brace 1880-1965 (Isaar) no stone
Davis Anthony M s/o Fred died 1964
Dawson Daniel h/o Mary Irma LeBlanc 1893-1960
Dawson Greta w/o William Yeomen 1876-1964
Day Harry N h/o Hazel Mae 1897-1956
Day Hazel Mae w/o Harry 1899-1974
Dechevigny Charles h/o Margaret Cook 1900-1983
DeGrace mary w/o Bernard Wheaton 1937-?
Delahunt Nancy w/o William Dowd died 1950
Delahunty John F 1939-1954
Delaney Francis H sergeant died 1963 age 61
Delaney William h/o Anastasia Dewyer 1861-1937
Dempsey Sheila died in fire 1944-1961
Dempsey Donna ' ' fire 1956-1961
Dempsey Heather " " fire 1960-1961
Dempsey Joan " " fire 1954-1961
Dempsey Claude " " fire 1958-1961
Despres Alphee h/o Lea Hebert 1879-1953
Despres Alfred h/o Nora Bourque 1940-1991
Despres Mary w/o Edward Nowlan 1876-1943
Despres Rene 1906-1985
Despres Rosima nee Leger 1908-1991
Desmond Francis J 1862-1942
Desmond Joanne 1878-1947
Devarenne Fred h/o Jennie LeBlanc 1899-1959
Devarenne Jacqueline d/o Fred 1929-?
Devers Bill 1905-1984
Devona Dominic h/o Rose Plazzette 1867-1948
Devona Elvina Athens d/o Dominic 1913-1991
Dewyer Anastasia w/o William Delaney 1863-1953
Dicola Dorilla A w/o James N Dicola 1910-1942
Dobson Clara w/o Fidele Gautreau 1923-?
Doherty Anne O w/o MIchael AHearn 1893-1972
Doiron Alvina died 1891
Doiron Genevieve w/o Alfred T Bourque 1868-1963
Doiron Jane w/o Charles LaFrance 1865-1950
Doiron Justin 1862-1942
Doiron Melanie w/o Maxime J Arsenault 1877-1966
Donavan Ralph E h/o Elizabeth Leger 1907-1972
Donavan William h/o Jean Ann Melanson 1939-1974
Donahue Alice w/o Thomas Kerwin 1882-1958
Domingue Mark s/o Ronald died 1956
Doucet Edgar 1897-1933
Doucet Charles h/o Emma Gauvin 1874-1936
Doucet Josephine w/o John Doucet ? ?
Doucet John h/o Josephine Doucet died 1935
Doucet Lucy w/o Martin Haley 1855-1918
Doucet Romuald F. sergeant died 1960 age 69
Doucet Thomas h/o Roseanne Leger 1865-1934
Dougan Willimina w/o Peter McSweeney 1840-1921
Douthright Mable w/o Francis Devers 1891-1987
Dowling Venerante h/o Elizabeth Miller 1889-1971
Dowd Dr.John Patrick h/o Mildred Larracey 1911-1991
Dowd Peter h/o Mary Mulrooney 1846-1917
Doyle Harry h/o Margaret E Donavan 1895-1940
Durning Briget w/o James Lawlor died 1906 age 64
Duran Margaret w/o Edouard Arsenault 1916-1959
Dunn Peter h/o Hildah Clark 1883-1954
Driscoll Joseph h/o Leona Leblanc 1894-1960
Driscoll Patrick h/o Genevieve Driscoll 1907-1993
Drisdelle Exelda w/o Arcade Richard 1897-1940
Drisdelle Marie w/o Albert Bourgeois 1906-1993
Duguay henri 1906-1991
Duguay Irene 1901-1972
Duguay Robert 1963-1963
Dunphy John Jos. 1883-1968
Dupuis Agnes w/o Isaac Coffee 1873-1946
Dupuis Angeline d/o Pat Dupuis 1918-1944
Dupuis Dosithee h/o Evangeline Cormier 1864-1940
Dupuis Evangeline w/o Leonard McArdle 1897-1953
Dupuis Maxime h/o Rosalie Leblanc 1867-1947 wife #2 Alvian LeBlanc
Dupuis Marie w/o Pat Dupuis 1886-1942
Dupuis Odile w/o Zacharie Bourque 1876-1964
Dupuis Philomene w/o Albert LeBlanc 1885-1917
Duprey Peter h/o Helen McMilan 1896-1973
Dysart R.Allison h/o Chatherine Marie 1907-1964
Dysart Catherine Marie w/o Allison Dysart 1906-?

Eddington Thomas h/o Harriet Eddington 1862-1950
Elliot Francis Ira killed in action Africa 1917-1944
Elliot Fred h/o Margaret C 1880-1939
Erman Frank h/o Bessie M Sarty 1880-1938
Eslinger Rose w/o Sanford Murphy 1865 1910

Fahey Peter h/o Margaret Fahey 1869-1962
Faudel Evelyn w/o Gordon Teed 1916-
Fagan Alphee 1882-1961
Farrell Mary 1863-1953
Fergusson Susan w/o George McLellan 1894-1977
Fitzgerald Julia w/o Bayan Annett 1861-1940
Finch Laura nee Vautour w/o Robert Finch 1913-1952
Fitzpatrick Thomas h/o Elizabeth Foran 1829-1918
Fitzpatrick Margaret w/o Joseph Boudreau 1894-1973
Flannagan Henry F h/o clara A Landry 1885-1978
Flannery Claude h/o Raymonde Flannery 1930-1982
Flett William h/o Emily Gauvin 1871-1969
Flett Willima s/o William & Emily 1902-1951
Forest Alma w/o Wilfred Bourgeois 1894-1989
Forrestall Margaret w/o Hugh McFarland 1875-1960
Fogarty Ernest J h/o Marguerite Breau 1874-1961
Forbes Theresa d/o Iris Forbes 1883-1961
Fougere Sara w/o Jude Hebert 1846-1923
Foran Elizabeth w/o Thomas Fitzpatirck 1839-1917
Foster Adelia w/o Thomas Foster 1873-1913
Foster Thomas h/o Adelia 1859-1943
Francis Alida A w/o Joseph Hannigan 1898-1979
Frazee Mary w/o James Reardon 1896-1975
Fraser Danial h/o Eva E Miller 1881-1968
Friel James h/o Maude L 1870-1953
Friel Maude w/o James 1877-1958
Frizzell Eva w/o Philip Cahill 1898-1955
French Percy h/o Marion H 1904-1981
French Marion w/o Percy French 1904-1971

Gallagher Mary w/o Thomas Hogan 1845-1918
Gallant Andre 1889-1939
Gallant Anthony h/o Lenna Petitpas 1887-1946
Gallant Antoine h/o Elizabeth Gauvin 1881-1964
Gallant Arthur ? ?
Gallant ? child of Gordon Gallant died 1955
Gallant Doris 1931-1936
Gallant Enceline w/o William LeBlanc 1884-1927
Gallant Emma w/o Charles LeBlanc 1907-?
Gallant Henri Gerald ? ?
Gallant Joseph G. 1901-1949
Gallant Marie w/o Aime Surette 1865-1944
Gallant Norbert 1857-1925
Gallant Rose Marie 1941-1943
Gallant Vialine w/o Antoine Gauvin 1895-1983
Garland Violet w/o Cloris Leger 1911-1972
Gauthier Annie w/o Joseph AHearn 1870-1955
Gaudet Arthur private died 1962 age 66
Gaudet Marie 1887-1931
Gaudet Rose Anne died 1925 age 18
Gaudet Cecile nee Poirier w/o Hypolite died 1924 age 82
Gaudet Domithilde w/o Onesime Cormier died 1938 age 79
Gaudet Elzear h/o Edna Williams 1883-1941
Gaudet Reginald h/o Vera Robertson 1916-1964
Gaudet Eva w/o Guillaume Bourque 1897-1975
Gaudet Rudolphe h/o mary Hawes 1876-1935
Gaudet Gertrude 1913-1924
Gaudet John L drowning died 1935
Gaudet Raymond 1918-1943
Gaudet Marguerite w/o Fidele Collette 1868-1955
Gautreau Gladys 1892-1963
Gautreau ? h/o Gladys 1893-1929
Gautreau Antoinette w/o Jude Cormier 1848-1931
Gautreau John L 1876-1942
Gautreau Sebastien h/o Anne Landry died ? age 69
Gautreau Josephine w/o Andre Landry 1871-1945
Gautreau Eddie h/o Yvonne Boudreau 1914-?
Gautreau Fidele h/o Clara Dobson 1916-1964
Gauvin Antoine h/o Vitaline Gallant 1895-1979
Gauvin Alice w/o ? McCarthy 1878-1937
Gauvin Belzamee w/o Dominique Gauvin 1874-1981
Gauvin Dominique h/o Belzamee 1880-1934
Gauvin Emma w/o charles Doucet 1877-1971
Gauvin Eva w/o mark O Dell 1892-1956
Gauvin Emily w/o William Flett 1871-1955
Gauvin Elizabeth w/o Antoine Gallant 1888-1971
Gauvin Fannie w/o Alderic Cormier 1886-1979
Gauvin Hermine 1907-?
Gauvin Irene d/o Dominique 1903-1990
Gauvin Georgette d/o Dominique 1926-?
Gauvin Simon s/o Dominique 1905-1973
Gauvin Jean h/o Osite Boudreau 1860-1924
Gauvin Lucy w/o Ernest Haley 1890-1965
Gauvin Madeleine 1843-1932
Geary James A 1867-1927
Geary Eleonore Gronin 1841-1906
Gibson Miriam w/o Gerald MacLellen 1897-1984
Gills Jane w/o Frank Chevarie 1882-1950
Gillen James h/o Catherine Butler 1849-1930
Gillespie Edward h/o Helena Carbonneau 1900-1962
Gillespie John h/o Helena Carbonneau 1850-1927
Girouard Elizabeth w/o Edward Girouard died 1904 age 43
Girouard Henriette w/o Philippe LeBlanc 1861-1930
Girouard Louis died 1903 age 78
Gomley Eileen w/o Louis Johnson 1906-1964
Goguen Arcade h/o Exelda Cormier 1878-1950
Goguen Alvina w/o Hubert Richard 1877-1963
Goguen Albenie 1877-1955
Goguen Alfred h/o Marguerite Hebert 1878-1951
Goguen Anthony 1922-?
Goguen Celina w/o Charles Richardson 1881-1963
Goguen David h/o Marie L Melanson 1867-1941
Goguen Emma w/o Zoel Cormier 1884-1927
Goguen Emile corporal died 1957 age 50
Goguen Fred h/o Marcelline Goguen ? ?
Goguen Fred h/o Evangeline Bourque 1892-1939
Goguen George private RCASCCA 1903-1989
Goguen Gerald h/o Dorothy Bourque 1919-1984
Goguen Joseph h/o Tillis Pitre died 1931 age 56
Goguen Joseph h/o Marie Lirette 1907-1982
Goguen Jacques h/o Marie Arsenault 1884-1972
Goguen Mary w/o George A Ross 1882-1968
Goguen Melas h/o Marie Babineau 1870-1943
Goguen Lena w/o Leo Melanson 1905-?
Goguen Olive w/o Emilien Bourque 1860-1936
Goguen Rachel w/o Albert J Hebert 1877-1977
Goguen Rosanna d/o Nazaire died 1906 age 14
Goguen Raymond forester 666295 died 1931
Goguen Raymond s/o Joseph & Marie 1946-1948
Gould Andrew h/o Justine died 1922 age 77
Gould Justine w/o Andrew died 1922 age 76
Gould Ernest L died 1923 age 29
Gould Emile h/o Dora LeBlanc 1918-1990
Gould Edna d/o Patrick 1908-1981
Gould Elsie (Mellassee) 1907-1977
Gould Gerald J h/o Ellen Cooper 1907-1968
Gould Genevieve w/o Philias LeBlanc 1864-1919
Gould Joseph h/o Margaret Gould 1898-1964
Gould Jude sergeant h/o June Hannah died 1928
Gould Laura 1903-?
Gould Margaret w/o Joseph Gould 1903-1962
Gould Mathilda 1898-1989
Gould Nellie 1905-1934
Gould Patrick h/o Leah LeBlanc 1876-1946
Gould Roy h/o Fonda MacStay 1897-1969
Gould Sophia w/o Frank Arsenault 1908-1940
Gould William h/o Mary Jane Cormier 1858-1928
Grattan John h/o Beatrice 1892-1962
Graham James P 1843-1963
Grenning Florence w/o Ovila Williams 1895-1988
Gregory Loretta w/o Joseph Longaphie 1914-?
Green Azor h/o Alfreda LeBlanc 1910-1985
Green Stella 1930-1938
Groswold Debby d/o Hoken 1957-1963

Haddad Sam 1891-1954
Haley Doris w/o Woodman 1914-1948
Haley Ernest h/o Lucy Gauvin 1887-1962
Haley Laura Mae w/o Napoleon Leger 1887-1959
Haley Martin h/o Lucy Doucette 1854-1925
Haley Martin (infant son) ? ?
Hannah June w/o Jude Gould 1871-1965
Hagarty Malachy h/o Marguerite Melanson 1864-1940
Hagarty Marguerite w/o Malachy Hagarty 1893-1989
Hannigan Gertrude w/o Robert K Buzzells 1889-1969
Hannigan James h/o Rita Cormier 1918-1980
Hanusiak Rudolph h/o Mary Hanusiak 1894-1961
Harmer William G. 1922-1982
Harper William G h/o Elizabeth Pooley 1906-1985
Harris William J 1920-1954
Hartnett Edward h/o Helena Sweeney 1878-1948
Hatnoll Joan w/o Bernard O Neil 1919-?
Harvey David Reuben 1876-1960
Hawes Mary w/o Rudolphe Gaudet 1883-1966
Hayes John h/o Catherine Delahunt 1862-1926
Henry Margaretta w/o Albert KC Reilley 1878-1938
Hebert Albert h/o Rachel Goguen 1874-1940
Hebert Adeline w/o Emilien Hebert 1873-1955
Hebert Emilien h/o Adeline 1874-1963
Hebert Eugenie w/o Albert LeBlanc 1896-1978
Hebert Elizabeth 1884-1984
Hebert Jude h/o Sara Fougere 1841-1938
Hebert Lea w/o Alphee Despres 1883-1964
Hebert Marguerite w/o Alfred Goguen 1879-1942
Hebert Rene s/o Albert & Rachel 1912-1925
Hennessee Charles A h/o Mary Donahue 1878-1966
Hickey William h/o Annie 1890-1933
Holmes Annie 1868-1950
Hogan Eileen T.w/o John Chiasson 1920-1946
Hope Charles R GNR 1921-1960
Houlihan Isabella w/o Michael died 1915 age 85 native of Londonderry Ireland
Howell Marion w/o Frank Flannery 1892-1960
Holland John h/o Mary died 1892 age 35
Howard Evelyn w/o Paul Melanson 1908-1992
Howard Thomas h/o Helen Lawlor 1885-1951
Hubley Hilda w/o Patrick O Leary 1890-1970
Hughes William h/o Susanne Arsenault 1888-1989
Hughes Paul s/o William 1930-1931
Humes Ellen 1883-1969
Hynes Helen w/o Re Waddup 1915-? Hynes James h/o Ellen Breau 1883-1971
Hynes William RCAF s/o James & Ellen 1920-1944

Irving harold h/o Doris M Boudreau 1899-1979

Jaillet Georgina 1924-?
Jaillet Mary w/o UZM King 1875-1964
James Ada w/o Harry ONeil 1885-1961
Jamieson Mary E d/o Thomas died 1896 age 3 days
Jeffrey Fred h/o Nelida Leger 1901-1946
Jeffrey Fred h/o Evelyn Tower 1871-1940
Jeffrey Ralph h/o Pauline White 1930-?
Jessulat Mary Ethel w/o Albert McGinnis 1887-1961
Johnson Adolphe 1896-1950
Johnson Basile h/o Domithilde Richard 1859-1952
Johnson Emery 1921-1942
Johnson Mary E w/o Angus Callaghan 1890-1952
Johnson Louis h/o Eileen Gormley 1900-1976
Johnson Minnie died 1954
Joyce Alice 1889-1904
Joyce James 1877-1891
Joyce John 1884-1889
Joyce Joseph 1853-1927
Joyce Mary Hannigan w/o Joseph 1854-1925
Joyce Mary Alice w/o George D LeBlanc 1886-1963

Keating John 1895-1960
Kearns Lloyd h/o Anne Roy 1900-1976
Kearns Anne Marie d/o Lloyd 1947-?
Keenan John Edward 1934-1974
Keenan James Ira h/o Mary Jane 1891-1948
Keenan Christopher h/o Theresa Collins 1889-1956
Keenan Charlotte w/o Arthur Richard 1897-1965
Keohan J Bennett h/o Rita Savoie 1892-1981
Kennedy John W.h/o Anna Reardon 1885-1938
Keiver Donald s/o Francis 1951-1955
Kearney Annie w/o James Mulrooney 1853-1940
Kelly James h/o Lylla Ann Sewell 1863-1934
Kerwin Edward h/o Mildred Crossman 1904-1969
Kilfoil Mary w/o John O Leary 1862-1931
King Alice w/o Joseph King died 1908 age 23
King Charles h/o Georgine Bourgeois 1913-1965
King Dennis 1945-1966
King Henrietta w/o Hennessey Bourque 1891-1953
King Joseph UZ s/o UZM died 1907
King Marguerite d/o UZM ? ?
King May d/o UZM ? ?
King UZM h/o Mary Jaillet 1866-1936
Kirey Alvian d/o Henry LeBlanc 1919-1976
Kingston Lester h/o Florence Daigle 1904-1972
Kinney Clara w/o John Sheen 1865-1950
Knox Edith w/o Perry 1902-1989
Kulas Madeleine w/o Roman Zieba ? ?
Kulas Stanley 1912-1970

Lacasse Amanda w/o Alexis Roy 1874-1923
Landry Arthur R. MD h/o Elsie Oliver 1883-1957
Landry Andre h/o Josephine Gautreau 1859-1944
Landry Arze h/o Euphemie Landry 1900-1944 Landry Anna w/o Clarence Colburn 1895-1971
Landry Clara w/o Henry Flannagan 1904-?
Landry Elodie died 1926 age 41
Landry Euphemie w/o Arze Landry 1898-?
Landry Joseph h/o Marie LeBlanc 1876-1938
Landry Marguerite w/o Richard Boudreau 1886-1937
Landry Marie Louise 1906-1968
Landry Marie Olive w/o James Magee died 1930 age 76
Landry Marie w/o Maximien Boudreau 1851-1935
Landry Olive 1868-1936
Landry Theophile h/o Domithilde LeBlanc 1881-1929
Landry Valentine died 1918 age 75
Lane WF magistrate 1889-1960 Lafrance Charles 1842-1917
Lafrance Edgar private 1892-1918
Langis Edmond h/o Sara Lirette 1885-1941
Larracey Mildred w/o Dr. John P. Dowd 1910-1980
Larrivee J. died 1935 age 29
Lavoie Odile 1890-1989
Lavoie Marie Corinne d/o Regis died 1906 age 8
Lavoie Josephine cross only ? ?
Lawlor James h/o Briget Durning died 1915 age 75
Lawson Joyce E w/o Lyle Wallace 1923-? Leaman Walter h/o Hannah mcEachern 1896-1964
LeBlanc Albert 1920-1923
LeBlanc J Albert 1894-1935
LeBlanc Alvina w/o Maxime Dupuis 1884-1976
LeBlanc Arthur 1886-1939
LeBlanc Agnes w/o Manuel Richard 1889-1924
LeBlanc Arthur P s/o Patrice 1898-1927
LeBlanc Albert h/o Philomene Dupuis 1886-1971
LeBlanc Alyre h/o Florence Richard 1892-1960
LeBlanc Alyre J died 1904 age 19
LeBlanc Agnes w/o James McDonald 1869-1903
LeBlanc Alderic 1908-1938
LeBlanc Arthur P h/o Marguerite 1894-1952
LeBlanc Annie w/o Olivier Mills 1896-1972
LeBlanc Alice w/o Anselme McCaie 1896-1990
LeBlanc Alfreda w/o Azor Green 1909-1989
LeBlanc Alphee 1872-1954
LeBlanc Anne Marie 1942-1960
LeBlanc Alvina w/o ? Doiron 1891-?
LeBlanc Arthemise 1888-1925
LeBlanc Bernard s/o Oscar 1916-1936
LeBlanc Beatrice w/o Pacifique Cormier 1880-1960
LeBlanc Beatrice w/o Emile Leblanc 1892-1951
LeBlanc Clare w/o Fred LeBlanc 1878-1953
LeBlanc Charles h/o Elise Belliveau 1895-1975
LeBlanc Clarence 1900-1933
LeBlanc J A Camilee h/o Amanda Leger 1896-1937
LeBlanc Delphine w/o David died 1935 age 69
LeBlanc Denis h/o Sara LeBlanc 1896-1977
LeBlanc Dominique h/o Emilie Surette 1851-1942
LeBlanc Dora w/o Emile Gould 1918-?
LeBlanc Domithilde w/o Theophile Landry 1863-1941
LeBlanc Domithilde w/o Daniel S Leblanc died 1909 age 63
LeBlanc Daniel h/o Domithilde ? ?
LeBlanc Dolorice 1942-1943
LeBlanc Daniel Francis died 1957
LeBlanc Domithilde w/o Theophile LeBlanc 1867-1955
LeBlanc Emile 1916-1927
LeBlanc Edgar h/o Georgina Sherwood 1907-1964
LeBlanc Edward s/o Albert 1913-1950
LeBlanc Edward h/o Justine Babineau 1872-1900
LeBlanc Exelda 1889-1967
LeBlanc Edgar P RCAF died 1913
LeBlanc Evarist JB h/o Severine Malenfant died 1921 age 65
LeBlanc Edna died 1914 age 6
LeBlanc Emile T h/o Beatrice Leblanc 1897-1944
LeBlanc Elise w/o Adelard Leger 1893-1978
LeBlanc Edmond h/o Claudia Boudreau 1906-1934
LeBlanc Elizabeth w/o Felicien Boudreau 1870-1952
LeBlanc Elizabeth w/o Edmond LeBlanc 1870-1925
LeBlanc Edmond h/o Elizabeth Leblanc 1869-1954
LeBlanc Erwin J Henry s/o Philias 1902-1911
LeBlanc Edmai A died 1915 age 14
LeBlanc Ernest s/o Edmond died 1918 age 13
LeBlanc Evangeline w/o J Amedee Vautour 1888-1985
LeBlanc Edith d/o Ferdinand 1921-1938
LeBlanc Elise 1864-1943
LeBlanc Ferdinand soldier h/o Ida 1885-1946
LeBlanc Frank 1895-1929
LeBlanc Ferdinand 1846-1935
LeBlanc Mrs Ferdinand 1851-1925
LeBlanc Fred h/o Clare LeBlanc 1877-1951
LeBlanc Florence w/o Hector LeBlanc 1908-200?
LeBlanc Irene 1896-1948
LeBlanc Iris M 1900-1964
LeBlanc Ida w/o Ferdinand Leblanc 1883-1962
Leblanc Irma d/o Ferdinand 1923-1943
LeBlanc George D h/o Mary Alice Joyce 1881-1944
LeBlanc Hector J h/o Florence M 1909-1970
LeBlanc Henry h/o Evangeline Richard 1885-1938
LeBlanc Hypolite 1853-1918
LeBlanc James O h/o Melanie 1876-1933
LeBlanc Jean Marie died 1931
LeBlanc Jerome died 1904 age 32
LeBlanc Jennie w/o Fred J Devarenne 1898-1985
LeBlanc Marie d/o Philip & Henriette died 1904 age 22
LeBlanc Melassee w/o Patrice LeBlanc 1866-1940
LeBlanc Marie D w/o Moise Leger 1862-1924
LeBlanc Marguerite w/o Maurice LeBlanc 1881-?
LeBlanc Maurice h/o Marguerite LeBlanc 1879-1942
LeBlanc Maxime h/o Julie Boudreau 1853-1931
LeBlanc Mary Irma w/o Daniel Dawson 1891-1959
LeBlanc Marguerite 1918-1923
LeBlanc Marie w/o Joseph J Landry 1878-1915
Leblanc Marguerite 1871-1938
LeBlanc Margaret w/o Arthur P LeBlanc 1904-1988
LeBlanc Melanie w/o James O LeBlanc 18730-1979
LeBlanc Marie w/o Stephen Leger 1861-1931
LeBlanc Marion 1870-1956
LeBlanc Mathilda 1886-1925
LeBlanc Minnie d/o Dominique 1886-1986
LeBlanc Marie w/o David Richard 1858-1925
LeBlanc Marie w/o Joseph Leblanc 1884-1942
LeBlanc Maude w/o Sylvaire LeBlanc 1894-1986
LeBlanc Leah w/o Patrick Gould 1879-1941
LeBlanc Lester 1873-1940
LeBlanc Leona w/o Joseph P Driscoll 1900-1990BR> LeBlanc Laurie s/o Thomas died 1927
LeBlanc Linda Ann child died 1950
leBlanc Normand 1949-1952
LeBlanc Oscar P h/o Ellen Leger 1878-1954
LeBlanc Olivier J died 1922 age 50
LeBlanc Olive 1874-1959
LeBlanc Olive d/o Philip & Henriette died 1908 age 14
LeBlanc Philip h/o Vitaline Robichaud 1864-1933
LeBlanc Phelicien h/o Susan White 1887-1972
LeBlanc Patrice h/o Melassee 1870-1936
LeBlanc Pierre h/o Marie Belliveau 1851-1916
LeBlanc Philip h/o Henriette Girouard 1859-1930
LeBlanc Philease F died 1931 age 49
LeBlanc Phileas A h/o Genevieve Gould 1863-1926
LeBlanc Romain h/o Rosalie LeBlanc 1863-1955
LeBlanc Rosalie w/o Romain Leblanc 1868-1942
LeBlanc Rosalie w/o Maxime O Dupuis 1864-1931
LeBlanc Roseanne w/o Placide Richard 1872-1936
LeBlanc Rose nee Myshall 1886-1983
LeBlanc Sylvaire G h/o Maude 1892-1941
LeBlanc S M h/o Julia Thibodeau 1866-1938
LeBlanc Thomas 1899-1943
LeBlanc Thaddee h/o Elise Bourque 1862-1940
LeBlanc Sara w/o Denis J LeBlanc 1896-1971
LeBlanc Thomas h/o Catherine Leger 1889-1944
LeBlanc Thaddee A died 1927 age28
LeBlanc Tilmon 1921-1938
LeBlanc Theophile h/o Domithilde Leblanc 1858-1938
LeBlanc Urbain s/o Philip died 1900 age 21
LeBlanc Victor h/o Emilienne Bourque 1868-1948
LeBlanc William h/o Enceline Gallant 1880-?
LeBlanc William h/o Helen Lemenager 1907-1992
LeBlanc Yvonne w/o Claude Cotter 1912-?
LeClair Doris 1926-1937
LeClair Edouard 1930-1943
Leger Aurelie w/o ohn a Murphy 1894-1952
Leger Alban 1892-1950
Leger Anastasie w/o Pacifique Bourque died 1923 age 63
Leger Anselme s/o Philip 1893-1933
Leger Alvina d/o Philip 1877-1962
Leger Anna w/o Phil Belliveau 1880-1962
Leger Adelard /o Elise LeBlanc 1897-1937
Leger Annie d/o Thaddee 1889-1974
Leger Amanda w/o Camille LeBlanc 1900-1982
Leger Mme Antoinette 1854-1946
Leger Bessie 1888-1950
Leger Charles h/o Justine Boudreau 1859-1930
Leger Charles h/o Yvonne Boudreau 1887-1956
Leger Charles h/o Henriette Belliveau 1847-1933
Leger Cloris h/o Violet Garland ? ?
Leger Camille s/o Zoel 1907-1908
Leger Catherine w/o Thomas R Leblanc 1893-1957
Leger Cecime D 1873-1944
Leger Dosithee 1903-1964
Leger Delima 1882-1975
Leger Elise w/o Eusebe Comeau 1862-1946
Leger Exelda w/o Irenee Boudreau 1874-1945
Leger Elvina w/o Zoel M Leger 1887-1961
Leger Elizabeth w/o Ralph Donavan 1904-?
Leger Ellen w/o Oscar P LeBlanc 1877-1960
Leger Florida d/o Jean G Chevarie 1911-1989
Leger Francois A died 1906 age 60
Leger Francois J h/o Roseanne Belliveau 1879-1955
Leger Frank J 1897-1986
Leger Francoise w/o John Cassidy died 1916 age 83
Leger Frederic soldier died 1956 age 64
Leger Henry h/o Mathilda Mazerole 1856-1934
Leger Hubert s/o Frank 1928-1930
Leger Irene w/o Frederick Tower died 1923
Leger Irene D infant died 1902
Leger Ida w/o Gerald LeBlanc 1905-1930
Leger Justine w/o Casimire Leger ? ?
Leger Jeanne w/o Edgar Melanson 1916-?
Leger John J died 1918 age 29
Leger Lucie w/o Frank Magee 1883-1964
Leger Lea w/o Pierre Chevarie 1881-1930
Leger Laura w/o Blair Steeves 1903-1988
Leger Loretta A 1909-1989
Leger Lucie nee Gallant w/o Jean Leger died 1928 age 32
Leger Lydia Marie 1868-1938
Leger Mary 1878-1964
Leger Marie Rose w/o Philias J Leger 1873-1941
Leger Kathleen d/o Peter 1882-1981
Leger Mary Flora 1835-1885
Leger Margaret w/o Morris Mills 1872-1967
Leger Marie w/o Charles Bedford 1905-?
Leger Minnie w/o William O Neil 1882-1952
Leger Madeleine nee Cormier 1893-1974
Leger Napoleon h/o Laura May Haley 1877-1963
Leger Nelida w/o Fred J Jeffrey 1900-1990
Leger Obeline 1862-1983 BR> Leger Patrice M died 1928 age 65
Leger Philip h/o Rosalie Melanson 1849-1915
Leger Peter h/o Catherine Ankertell 1835-1898
Leger Paul soldier 1919-1991
Leger Philias J h/o Marie Rose 1871-1945
Leger Raphael 1851-1910
Leger Roseanne w/o Thomas Doucet 1868-1954
Leger Stephen J h/o Marie LeBlanc 1866-1946
Leger Thaddee h/o Marie Blanche Bourque 1854-1936
Leger Tilmon soldier died 1963 age 67
Leger Zoel M h/o Elvina 1863-1930
Lennox Opal (LaBillois) 1889-1955
Lemenager Helen w/o William J LeBlanc 1920-1966
Lirette Appoline 1858-1941
Lirette Dominique 1867-1939
Lirette Docithee h/o Appoline Lirette 1846-1927
Lirette Mary Ella w/o Joseph A Goguen 1907-?
Lirette Ralph 1867-1943
Lirette Sara w/o Edmond Langis 1894-1979
Longaphee Joseph h/o Loretta Gregory 1910-1965
Luby Mathew F born NFLD Lund Urbain soldier died 1947
Lutes Elmire nee Belliveau died 1964
Lutes Frank h/o Irene Burns 1908-1974
Lyons George MD 1887-1972
Lockwood JW soldier died 1961 age 83

MacDonald Alice w/o Edmund Cunningham 1872-1956
MacDonald James h/o Agnes M LeBlanc 1865-1955
MacDonald Rev Roy M MSGR died 1947
MacKinnon Francis s/o William & Pauline 1915-1984
MacKinnon William h/o Pauline A Connors 1873-1962
Mackasey Patrick F h/o Julia Kelly 1848-1903
Magee Frank h/o Lucie Leger ? ?
Magee Thelma w/o Alyre Arsenault 1913-?
Malenfant Severienne w/o Evariste LeBlanc died 1922 age 64
Maloney James h/o Agnes Maloney 1864-1910
Maillet Edgar s/o Alphonse 1920-1920
Maillet Mrs Laurent died 1935 age 40
Maillet Robea d/o Joseph (baby) died 1937
Mansfield John h/o Susanne died 1921
Mazerolle Mathilda w/o Henry Leger 1855-1926
Maher Annie w/o Chrysotome McLellan 1871-1943
Malone Daniel h/o Evelyn Boudreau 1891-1967
Martin Catherine w/o Henry Martin 1887-1972
Martin Henry h/o Catherine 1883-1953
Martin Zita w/o Leo JB Cormier 1907-1964
Massey Mary nee Landry w/o Abdo Massey 1872-1953
Major George h/o Ann Russell 1861-1920
McAllister Charles 1894-1966
McArdle Leonard h/o Evangeline Dupuis 1896-1975
McArdle Thomas h/o Marguerite Comeau 1872-1951
McArdle Francis h/o Juliette Cormier 1912-1971
McCaie Adelard 1929-1942
McCaie Anselme h/o Alice LeBlanc 1894-1942
McGinnity Augusta w/o Vincent Melanson 1903-1983
McGowan Adelia w/o Leo Melanson 1909-1964
McGrath Frank h/o Catherine Chevarie 1916-?
McGrath James h/o Annie Cooper 1899-1961
McGinnis Albert h/o Mary Jessulat 1882-1963
McGowan Marion w/o Edmond J Arsenault 1912-1979
McHugh James h/o Pearl Melanson 1853-1916
McMilan Helen w/o Peter Duprey 1900-1976
McMahon Austin h/o Jeanne Cormier 1905-1958
Melanson Aubrey h/o Adeline Caissie 1918-?
Melanson Alde died 1928 age 14
Melanson Alexina w/o Jos. Pellerin 1889-1974
Melanson Celina w/o Jos. Bourgeois 1871-1934
Melanson Camille s/o L. 1914-1916
Melanson Bibienne w/o Charles Cassidy 1862-1921
Melanson Dorilla w/o James Dicola 1910-1942
Melanson Domithilde w/o Pierre Bastarache 1873-1951
Melanson Emile h/o Margaret Surette 1908-1955
Melanson Edgar h/o Jeanne Leger 1913-1984
Melanson Georgina w/o John Mac Ginnes 1886-1952
Melanson Hubert 1853-1917
Melanson Honore h/o Beatrice Ward 1890-1953
Melanson Jean Anne w/o William Donavan 1921-?
Melanson Julienne 1857-1923
Melanson Jean h/o Sophie Aucoin 1874-1946
Melanson L. h/o Edith Cormier 1880-1966
Melanson Leoline w/o Edgar Poirier 1898-1941
Melanson J Leo h/o Lena Goguen 1904-1981
Melanson Leandre died 1907 age 20
Melanson Leona w/o Walter Melanson 1898-1971
Melanson Mathilda w/o Marc Breau 1860-1952
Melanson Melvina w/o Bliss Bourgeois 1884-1936
Melanson Melanie w/o Ambroise Cormier 1872-1962
Melanson Marie d/o Philip died 1903 age 16
Melanson Oscar 1884-1919
Melanson Philip h/o Anne Bourgeois 1876-1959
Melanson Placide 1873-1957
Melanson Mrs Placide 1879-1947
Melanson Pearl w/o James McHugh 1889-1983
Melanson Rosalie w/o Philip Leger 1853-1925
Melanson Mrs James 1892-1925
Melanson Simon h/o Osite Richard 1853-1941
Melanson Theotiste w/o Dominique Lirette died 1923 age 54
Melanson Walter h/o Leona 1892-1963
Melanson Charles T 1883-1940
Melanson Alderic G s/o Charles 1913-1928
Melanson Marie Louise w/o David Goguen 1873-1937
Melanson Edna 1907-?
Melanson Lena 1918-1968
Melanson Vincent h/o Augusta McGinnity 1892-1943
Melanson Alma w/o Emile Cormier 1886-1972
Melanson Aldore h/o Mabel Sullivan 1900-1992
Melanson Paul h/o Evelyn Howard 1903-1976
Melanson Anselme h/o Mary O Brien 1877-1932
Melanson Hubert s/o Anselme 1914-1990
Melanson H.H. h/o charlotte O Neil 1872-1955
Melanson Helen w/o Donald Carter 1917-1964
Melanson Frances d/o HH 1902-1952
Mills Calixte 1945-1946
Mills Edith nee Delehunt 1914-1986
Mills Morris h/o Margaret Mills 1860-1937
Mills Olivier h/o Anne LeBlanc 1897-1983
Mills Joe 1906-1975
Mullins Agnes nee Thibodeau w/o William 1852-1939
Mulrooney Mary w/o Peter Dowd 1844-1920
Murphy John h/o Aurelie Leger 1893-1927
Myshrall Jude s/o Rufus & Rosanna Bourque 1891-1979

Nowlan Edward h/o Mary Despres 1861-1956
Nowlan Evelyn w/o Thomas Nowlan 1871-1949
Nowlan Thomas h/o Evelyn 1873-1965
Nowlan Geraldine w/o Harold O Hara 1929-?

O Brien Ida w/o Patrice Cormier 1894-1972
O Brien Mary w/o Anselme Melanson 1884-1962
ODell Mark h/o Eva Gauvin 1882-1970
O Hanley Florence w/o Leo Thibodeau 1881-1943
Oliver Elsie w/o Arthur R Landry MD 1887-1974
O Neil William h/o Minnie Leger 1881-1948
O Neil Charlotte w/o H H Melanson 1867-1948

Paquet William h/o M. Angelina Peters 1871-1957
Pellerin Edouard 1870-1935
Pellerin Guillaume (priest) 1910-1986
Pellerin Joseph h/o Alexina Melanson 1885-1941
Pellerin Josephine 1872-1952
Pellerin Theotiste w/o Bernard Despres died 1922
Petley William soldier died 1960
Peters Mary Angelina w/o William Paquet 18880-1980
Peters Judith w/o Raoul DeChivgny 1880-1971
Petitpas Alfred J Hnery died 1951
Petitpas Lena w/o Anthony Gallant 1891-?
Perry Alban h/o Loretta Palmer 1917-1959
Perry Nellie w/o Fredrick Cormier 1893-1914
Piazzette Rose w/o Dominic Devona 1870-1943
Poirier Bertha w/o William Wilbur 1905-1983
Poirier Beatrice M 1899-1980
Poirier Edgar h/o Leoline Melanson 1898-1972
Poirier Francis s/o Pascal 1920-1942
Poirier Helen 1934-1943
Poirier Leon 1899-1940
Poirier Minnie w/o Pascal Poirier 1876-1935
Poirier Madeline w/o Tilmon Poirier 1902-1972
Poirier Pascal h/o Minnie Poirier 1875-1944
Poirier Rose Helene 1956-1957
Poirier Tilmon died 1952 age 54
Pouliot Roger 1934-1964

Richard Arthur 1901-1920
Richard Arthur h/o Charlotte Keenan 1893-1968
Richard Delima w/o Philias Cormier 1894-1982
Richard Dan h/o Anne Maddix 1895-?
Richard David h/o Marie LeBlanc 1846-1907
Richard Domithilde w/o Basile Johnson 1864-1953
Richard Emile h/o Marjorie Cormier 1904-1963
Richard Evangeline w/o Henri LeBlanc 1880-1976
Richard Exelda nee Drisdelle w/o Arcade 1897-1940
Richard Elmer s/o Dan died 1923
Richard Florence w/o Alyre LeBlanc 1891-1969
Richard Herbert h/o Alvina Goguen 1879-1952
Richard Alice d/o Herbert died 1903
Richard Lauretta d/o Herbert died 1905
Richard Lorainne d/o Herbert died 1919
Richard John h/o Dina Bonnevie 1870-1958
Richard J.Lionel s/o Placide 1914-1916
Richard Lucie E d/o Placide 1897-1916
Richard Yvon s/o Placide 1902-1936
Richard Placide h/o Roseanne Leblanc 1870-1949
Richard Leo 1908-1921
Richard Celina w/o Adolphe Bourgeois 1872-1931
Richard Manuel h/o Agnes LeBlanc 1889-1981
Richard Marcelline w/o Theotime Boudreau 1871-1951
Richard Maxime died 1929 age 52
Richard Osite w/o Simon Melanson 1856-1940
Richard Roseanna w/o Gilbert Cormier 1872-1956
Robertson Vera w/o Reginald Gaudet 1912-?
Robichaud Alphee h/o Alvina Arsenault 1871-1922
Robichaud Alfred s/o Alphee 1903-1973
Robichaud August died 1907
Robichaud Elizabeth w/o Hypolite Savoie 1876-1971
Robichaud Leo s/o Alphee 1905-1932
Robichaud Natalie w/o Philias White 1864-1929
Robichaud Pierre h/o Albine Boucher 1870-1962
Robichaud Valentine w/o Elie Cormier died 1929
Robichaud Vitaline w/o Philippe LeBlanc 1865-1947
Ross George h/o Mary Goguen 1874-1938
Roy Anne w/o Lloyd Kearns 1915-1982
Roy Alfred h/o Alice Belliveau 1887-1968
Roy Daniel h/o Margaret Butler 1895-1983
Roy Fred s/o Alfred killed in Italy died 1943 age 33
Roy Mae w/o Tim OBrien 1913-?
Roy Joseph died 1916 age 53
Roy Mary Helen w/o Cecil Wilson 1895-1964
Roy Alexis h/o Amanda LaCasse 1874-1965
Roy Maxime 1897--1941
Roy Daniel h/o Margaret Butler 1895-1983
Roy Francois h/o Anne White 1880-1936
Roy Regina 1913-1987
Roy Mary M w/o George Stewart 1909-?

Sarty Bessie w/o Frank Erman 1885-1969
Saulnier Delina w/o Robert Saulnier 1902-1956
Savoie Hypolite h/o Elizabeth Robichaud 1879-?
Savoie Sylvestre died 1913 age 48
Savoie Telesphore died 1899 age 29
Savoie Rita w/o Bennett Keohan 1919-?
Savard Joseph P h/o Marion Florence 1895-1965
Savard Marion F w/o Joseph 1899-1970
Sherwood Georgina w/o Edgar S LeBlanc 1908-1974
Shean John h/o Clara Kenney 1854-1929
Shea Fred h/o Dorothy Carroll 1907-1973
Smith Mary w/o Warren OConnor 1899-1967
Squib John S born England 1842-1906
Steeves Blair h/o Laura Leger 1900-1947
Sullivan Mabel w/o Aldore Melanson 1902-?
Surette Aime h/o Marie Gallant 1884-?
Surette Edgar 1911-1928
Surette Marguerite w/o Emidy Melanson 1910-1975
Surette Corinne w/o Leo Arsenault 1910-1969
Surette Emelie w/o Dominic Leblanc 1855-1903
Surette Genevieve w/o Jean Baptiste Surette 1903-1940
Surette Daniel 1878-1942
Surette Maxime 1862-1942
Sweeney Michael h/ Henrietta Belliveau 1878-1950
Swift Thomas h/o Mary Edessa Breau 1879-1931

Terrio John B 1903-194?
Terrio Daniel h/o Catherine McDonald 1872-1953
Terrio Willemina J.s/o Daniel 1904-1986
Thibodeau Agnes w/o William LeBlanc 1852-1939
Thibodeau Edward 1881-1960
Thibodeau Eloi 1890-1940
Thibodeau Ferdinand died 1915 age 65
Thibodeau Freeman s/o Edward 1922-1982
Thibodeau Florence w/o Gerald Thibodeau 1881-1974
Thibodeau Gerald h/o Florence 1872-1961
Thibodeau Julie w/o SM LeBlanc 1870-?
Thibodeau Leo h/o Florence O Hanley 1879-1959
Tower Frederic h/o Irene Leger 1890-1943

Vautour Genevieve nee Collet w/o Joseph died 1916 age 62
Vautour Amedee h/o Evangeline LeBlanc 1888-1966
Vautour Evangeline w/o Amedee Vautour 1888-1985
Vautour Alcide soldier died 1940
Vautour Laura w/o Robert Finck 1913-1952
Vautour John h/o Alma 1913-1983
Vautour Alma w/o John 1913-1980
Vautour John s/o John and Alma 1949-1957
Vanhorne Harriet w/o Edward A Arsenault 1922-?
Veniot Leo soldier 1898-1934
Veniot Alexander h/o Mary Sara 1867-1947
Veniot Mary Sara 1864-1927
Vienneau Antoine h/o Laura Bourque 1901-1977
Vienneau Rudolphe 1934-1935

Walsh Frank h/o Lumina Babineau 1886-?
Walsh Patrick s/o Frank 1917-1923
Walsh Francis s/o Frank 1818-1944
Ward Geraldine nee Babineau w/o William 1915-1988
Ward Elizabeth w/o Lucien LaFitte 1892 -1991
Ward Beatrice w/o Honore Melanson 1888-1977
Wedge Joseph h/o Annie Beers 1896-1974
Wedge William s/o Joseph 1926-1939
Weir Harry h/o Anna Doyle 1901-1955
Whalen Anne w/o Harry Casey 1876-1918
Wheaton Berard W h/o Mary DeGrace 1937-1979
White Susan w/o Phelician LeBlanc 1892-1971
White Susanne G 1965-1965
White Percy s/o George 1943-1965
White Mabel 1887-1952
White Paul s/o Arthur 1943-1954
White Pauline w/o Ralph Jeffrey 1931-?
White Henry h/o Marion Crockett 1896-1939
White Annie w/o Francois Roy 1883-1950
White Philip h/o Louise Colburn 1882-1945
White Edward killed in Italy died 1944 age 30
Wilbur William h/o Berhe Poirier 1908-?
Wilbur Bunny s/o William 1928-1932
Wilbur Betty Lou d/o William 1933-1936
Wilbur Paul s/o William 1942-1980
Williams Edna w/o Elzear Gaudet 1897-1970
Williams Loretta d/o Edmond and Florence 1933-1933
Williams Ovilla h/o Florence Grenning 1895-1984
Williams Patrick s/o Mary Ellen Milner 1920-1930
Williams Mary Ellen 1892-1966
Williams Diane d/o Emilien and Laura 1943-1943
Williams Beatrice d/o Fred and Therese 1952-1953
Williams David h/o Elise Chase 1889-1953
Williams Angus h/o Mary Chase 1882-1955
Wilson Cecil h/o Mary Helen Roy 1894-1966
Wilson Janet Ann d/o Cecil 1933-?
Wood Andrew h/o Pearl L 1876-1954
Wolstenholme John h/o Ellen McMahon 1875-1951
Wolstenholme George (twin) h/o Bertha Casey 1911-?
Wolstenholme James (twin) h/o Mary Donavan 1911-?
Wry William H 1893-1947
Wryn Helen nee Beaulier 1899-1977
Wryn Frederick died in France 1917-1945

Young Mary Frances w/o Paul LeBlanc 1886-1955
Young Mary V w/o James A Sullivan 1892-1976
Young Margaret w/o James Young 1867-1956
Young James h/o Margaret 1869-1948

Zieba Roman h/o Magdalena Kulas 1892-1963
Zieba L. Corporal Polish Army 1891-1963

Just a note to say I had copied all the cemetery but I hadn't added all the Irish Names on this page and since Lucie has added the images of the entire cemetery on her site, here are some Irish Surnames I had also found, so if you see any of the following surnames check Lucie's site for the images at www.acadian-home.org


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