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I have decided to add a page on cajun language, I already have a nickname page. I have noticed so many similar words between the Cajun and Acadians as you shall see.The Cajun words are not the same all over Louisiana, some words are from Hauma, some from Grosse Ile, along the Bayou La Fouche,Baton Rouge etc. I found some words from the Petit Glossaire Cadien-Europeen at the Louisiana State University.
I also have had permission to add some words from the lovely website of Janis Nihart at http://www.geocities.com/tokyo/flats/4396/main2.html , check out her site , she has lots of interesting stuff on Cajuns.
Thank you to the following people who also sent me some words and urls. Stanley LeBlanc, Andy Scott, Lawrence Bergeron ,if others send me some words or saying, I shall add their names also.

amarrer=tie up
etre apres=to be doing something, also an Acadian Word
eux autres=them
grouiller=move also an Acadian Word
hormis que =unless Acadians say Au mit que
quantieme=calendar date
vous autres =y'all
lagniappe=a little something extra
gallarie=porch, acadians say gallerie for porch
boogeyman=spook ,kids think it is under their bed,also said by Acadians
de temps en temps =once in a while, also said by Acadians
fout pas mal=reckless Acadians say pas mal fou=quite crazy
haiisable =hateful, Acadians say it too
ils sont maniere emplawtre=rather awkward
The following are verbs, I shall give both the Cajun and the Acadian version
Avoir= To have
Cajun says
J'ai=I have
T'as= You have
Il a= He has
Elle a=She has
On a =We have
Vous autres a= you have plural
Ils ont=They have
Eux autres a= they have
Eusse a=They have

The Acadians would say
J'ai= I have
Tu as= You have
Il a= He has
Elle a= She has
Nous avons= We have
Vous avez = You have plural
Ils ont= They have

Ou ce que t'es parti? =Where are you going?
Ayou tu va? Where you going
E ou ce qu'il reste= Where does he live?
E you ce qu't'as mit mon chapeau?= Where did you put my hat?
Qui c'est q'ca? = Who's that?
Par en sous=sneaky
Cracher en l'air ca va tomber sur le nez= if you do evil it will come back to hit you in the face or what goes around comes around
Awaaa Cherrr = usually said if you see a cute baby or something cute
Laisser le bon temps rouler= Let the good times roll
When the cajun are having a really good time they will yell Aaaaaaa EEE eeeee
Older cajuns say; mas dats true yeah
C'est la vie=That's life
Comme ci, comme ca= So So
Fais-do-do= kind of street dance
Je vais the passer une callotte= I will give you a slap
Mes pied sont trempe= my feet are wet
Joie de vivre= Joy of living

pirogue= cajun canoe made from cypress logs
chouchoot= thingamajig
gar-ici=look here
alors pas= of course not
moitier fou= half crazy
bouche, jeulle=mouth, Acadians use these also
pomee= laugh or cry hard, Acadians would say Pawmee
freeson= goosebumps
rahdoht= boring conversation
conson=underwear ,Acadians would say cunson
step'n or step in= ladies underwear, Acadians said it too
wey or wye= yes
po-chum,or slop jaw or brass monkey =chamber pot,we called it a slop pail

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