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 William d Gerrior ACADIAN AWAKENINGS is a set of five volumes written by William D Gerrior. Volume one is France and Acadie, Volume two is Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Volume three is New Brunswick,Volume four is Quebec, Volume five is Louisiana. In Volume five he talks about the settlement after the deportation and migration of Acadian Girouard and Geroir descendants of Francois Girouard and Jeanne Aucoin.Meet some very interesting Girouard and Gerior family genealogists in New Orleans and much more.
William (Bill) told me he only has Louisiana, Quebec and New Brunswick volumes left if you want to buy any Contact William Gerrior

 Ross and Deveau THE ACADIANS OF NOVA SCOTIA past and present by Sally Ross and Alphonse Deveau.The first work devoted exclusively to the Acadians of Nova Scotia.This book presents a thorough study of Acadian History from the earliest days of French Settlement to present day Acadian Communities. Ross and Deveau draw on original 17th century texts s well as up to date sources. They examine the history of the Expulsion in 1755 and trace the return of the Acadians. This book can be bought atContact Chapters Bookstore

 Peter Landry THE LION AND THE LILY written by Peter Landry . You will be interested in this book if you trace your roots back to Acadia, or to colonial New England. Or, you are interested in the early history of Nova Scotia (Acadia), or of New England. You will be most interested in this book if you have, or your ancestors had a last name, as: Adams, Amherst, Argall, Arsenault, Aucoin, Babineau, Bailey, Baker, Barker, Barlow, Bastide, Bechler, Benoist, Boscawen, Boucher, Boudreau, Bourg, Bourgeois, Bradstreet, Breaux, Brooks, Broussard, Bulkeley, Caulfeild, Church, Cobb, Colville, Cosby, d’Entremont, Daccarrette, Davidson, DeLancey, Denys, DesBarres, Doucet, DuPont, Durrell, Edgcumbe, Elliot, Farnsworth, Francklin, Goldthwaite, Gorham, Gould, Handfield, Hebert, Hertel, Hobbs, How, Landry, Lapierre, LaTour, LeBlanc, Lewis, Marin, Martin, Mascarene, Melanson, Moody, Morris, Murray, Noble, Osgood, Payzant, Pepperrell, Pomeroy, Preble, Ramezay, Richards,Rogers, Rouse, Scott, Shirley, Southack, Sutherland, Theriault, Thomas, Titcomb, Vaughan, Vetch, Waldo, Warren, Whitmore, etc. ...(Peter Landry)
The following is part of a revue of his book;
Landry has adopted what is to me a somewhat unique approach to the written text. Each part and chapter is a stand-alone essay, however, he has included at the beginning of each a brief summary that enables the casual, or specific, researcher to easily place events of particular interest into the broader historical context. Landry’s writing style is clean with a pleasant turn of phrase that draws the reader into the narrative. It is clear from the text that he has walked the land and visited the sites of which he writes. The reader is invited to travel with him in his journey through Nova Scotia’s history. As an example: On the morning of June 8th, 1758, at the very beginning of the attack on Louisbourg, the French were expecting the English to come ashore at Kennington Cove. They had dug in and were well prepared for the assault. They withstood the naval bombardment and were initially successful, forcing Wolfe’s landing boats to retreat. However, by shear accident, while trying to avoid French fire, one of Wolfe’s officers spotted a small chink in the defenses. As Landry describes it, “...a little space running into a large split rock, a perfect docking space for a rowboat, maybe two inline; a space parapeted to the left and to the right with granite rock. This small group of soldiers, lead by Lieutenants Hopkins and Brown and Ensign Grant of the 35th Regiment, who sought the place out for shelter soon realized that they had a perfect footing on the shore.” The strange thing was, they could see the French watch tower on the bluff above them that had been built specifically to guard the end of the cove. For some inexplicable reason it was unmanned. “This was unbelievable: this small group of English soldiers was ashore, and, it would appear, the French did not know they had arrived.” One can imagine Landry, standing near this very split in the rocks at the eastern end of Kennington Cove, his back to the sea, looking up at the bluff where the watchtower once stood, wondering how on earth the French commanders could have failed to man this strategic location. Perhaps the English would have succeeded at Louisbourg in any case, but the undetected landing begun by this handful of soldiers lead to the establishment of a beachhead and ultimately to the fall of one of the greatest forts in all 18th century North America. There are many such episodes described in this book. Gripping stuff! This is in a thick book; 420 pages of text, plus 211 pages of notes, plus indexes. A great source of historical information. Some readers may not be interested in all parts. I, for instance, am not particularly interested in the family feuds amongst members of the La Tour family. However, because of the book’s structure, the reader may skip chapters, or even parts, without losing the context of events in the overall history. In addition to being a good read, The Lion & The Lily is ideally suited for personal reference. It should also find a prominent place in public and highschool libraries. Our colonial history continued for more than one hundred years beyond 1760, so the story is unfinished. Fortunately, The Lion & The Lily ends on a hopeful note: “This is the subject of a further book.
John D. Wilson is a history buff and a researcher for the West Hants Historical Society.
This book can be bought atContact Peter Landry

 Charls D Mahaffie JR A LAND OF DISCORD ALWAYS is a history of Acadia up to the time of this Grand Derangement. It tells how a unique society grew and prospered in an obscure corner of North America only to be crushed in a contest between 18th century imperial superpowers. People with memorable men and women whose exploits make fascinating reading. It is a narrative filled with the bravery and cowardiche, the foresight and foolishness and the design and happen stance that determined Acadia's turbulent history. To buy the book Contact Globecorner Bookstore

 John Mack Faragher A GREAT AND NOBLE SCHEME is the tragic story of the Expulsion of the French Acadians from their American Homeland.According to Thomas Bender, University Professor of the Humanities and Professor of History ,NY University's opion of the book, he says" This is the story of the making and unmaking of a Catholic people of French descent who tried to mind their own business on the edges of empires, something too anomalous to be tolerated by 18th century British imperial offials and nearby New Englanders, who on the eve of the American Revolution successfully extirpated the Acadians. By extending the history of the colonies north to Nova Scotia, Faragher has recovered this dark and long forgotten episode. We are indebted to him for his lively yet thorough and morally compelling account of it.To buy the bookContact Amazon.com

 Carl A Brasseaux SCATTERED TO THE WIND is a very interesting book, it tells of the Grand Derangement (Exile of the Acadians) and their hard times at various places that they were sent to.It mentions the impact of the Grand Derangement, and it tells you their destinations in exile. Here is a part of what Mister Brasseaux wrote about the Acadians sent to South Carolina;" Hundreds of Acadians were consequently forced to remain aboard their overcrowded transports for nearly one month while reluctant hosts decided what to do with them.When health conditions became such that the colonial government was finally forced to allow the exiles to land, the exils were herded together along the beaches where they were evidently encouraged to leave the colony abouard merchant vessels bound for England.There is much more .Virginia, Maryland,Pennsylvania, New York,Connecticut, Massachusetts, Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick and Madawaska, England, France,Saint Domingue, Martinique, French Guiana,Faulkland Islands, St Pierre et Miquelon and Louisiana are all mentioned in the book. To buy the book Contact All Book Stores

 Carl A Brasseaux ACADIAN TO CAJUN is a very interesting book.It is the first to examine comprehensively the demographic growth,cultural evolution,and political involvement of Louisiana's large Acadian community betwen the time of the Louisiana Purchase (1803), when the tranplanted culture began to take on a decidedly Louisiana character, and 1877, the end of Reconstruction in Louisiana, where traditional distinctioins between Acadians and neighboring groups had ceased to be valid.The book provides an enlightening assessment that lets us see how the Acadians of Nova Scotia were culturally transformed into the Cajuns of Louisiana. To buy the book Contact All Book Stores

 Antonine Mailet PELAGIE THE RETURN TO ACADIE is a fiction book. Antonine Maillet won the Goncourt Prize.Pelagie is the funny lyrical tale of how a valiant widow leads her people out of exile. In 1755, British soldiers had forced them off their land and sent them as far from Acadie as possible. Twenty years later, the scattered Cormiers and LeBlancs,Landrys,and Poiriers, Maillets and Legers found their way to Pelagie's ox-cart caravan and head for home. As well as the remains of her own family, Pelagie embraces a runaway slave, a gruff midwife,a giant , a fook, and a 100 year old patriarch who strikes a daring bargain with Death. Through fair weather and foul, o'er mountains and rivers, Pelagie commands ten year old odyssey up the Atlantic coast from Georgia to Acadie. To buy the book, Contact Chapter

 Henri Dominique Paratte ACADIANS PEOPLES OF THE MARITIMES.The author traces the origins of the Acadians in France, their settlement and cultural patterns throughout the Maritime region and their expulsion in 1755. The return of the Acadians to the Maritimes and their polical struggles are also covered as are the Acadian contributions to the region up to the present time. To buy the book Contact Bibli.com

Douglas Baldwin LAND OF THE RED SOIL by Douglas Baldwin is a popular history of Prince Edward Island.Canada's smallest province .It has a rich and fascinating history. Its first inhabitants, the Mi'kmaq ,named this crescentshaped island Abegweit (cradled in the waves); the Acadian settlers, who were deported in 1758 by the British, called it Ile St.Jean; and the British referred to it as St John's Island. It wasn't until 1799 that it became known as Prince Edward Island. Canada's Cradle of Confederation has hosted many events.from the historic Charlottetown Conference in 1864 to the 1997 official opening of the longest bridge over ice-covered water in the world. This updated version ,includes new informatin about the Confederation Bridge, the growth of Japanese tourism, the changing economy, health care, the role of women in Island history, the writings of LucyMad Montgomery, and much more. To buy; Contact PEI books

 Chris M Hand THE SIEGE OF FORT BEAUSEJOUR by Chris M Hand. In the 1750s, the present New Brunswick-Nova Scotia border was a fortified camp as the British and French vied for Acadie. Fort Beausejour garded the rich fields that Acadian farmers had cultivated for generations, and it secured New France's crucial overland route from the Atlantic to the North American interior. Fort Lawrence, in plain view only three kilometres aways, asserted the British counterclaim. In June 1755, after a brief siege, a combined force of British soldiers and New England volunteers captured Fort Beausejour. This book tells the story of the fort and its defeat. To buy Contact AbeBooks

 Carl A Brasseaux THE FOUNDING FAMILIES OF NEW ACADIA,the beginning of a new life in Louisiana 1765-1803. In this penetrating study,Carl Brasseaux looks beyond long standing mythology to provide a critical account of early Acadian culture in Louisiana and the reasons for its survival. He convincingly dispels many recieved notions about the routes Acadians traveled from Nova Scotia to Louisiana, their original settlement sites,and the patterns of their subsequent migrations within the state and closely examines the relations of Louisiana's Acadians with their black,Spanish,Indian and Creole neighbors.This can be boughtContact Chapter

Fred Cogswell& Jo Anne Elder UNFINISHED DREAMS comtemporary Poetry of Acadie.Acadie is a country which exists in the imagination and words of its people. Its literature is young; its poetry has emerged from sheer experimentation with lauguage both in its form and its content. For this anthology-the first ever to be published in English, Fred Cogswell and Jo Anne Elder have selected poems by Hermenegilde Chiasson, Anne Cloutier,France Daigle,Ronald Despres,Gerald LeBlanc, Raymond Guy LeBlanc, Dyane Leger, Romeo Savoie and more than twenty other poets to put together a collection of the most contemporary of Acadian poetry. This book is for sale Contact Goose Lane Books

Jean Doris LeBlanc GENEALOGY OF THE POIRIER FAMILY IN CHETICAMP. This is volume one The Andre Poirier line. The book contains the 1809 census for Cheticamp,including Grand Etang, Le Platin,Petit Etang, Cheticamp Island,Margaree. It also contains Nicknames, information on the epidemic,and the genealogy of the Poriers some as far as the 1950s. If you have Poiriers from Cheticamp in your line, this book is well worth looking at Contact AbeBooks in the UK

 Regis Brun THE ACADIANS BEFORE 1755 looks at certain regions of Acadie,Port Royal,Cobequit,Ile Royale,Chipodie on the Petitcodiac River.Mister Brun talks about the trading by the sea captains in the 18th century,he also talks about the way the Acadians cultivated their fields and meadows, he also added unpublished documents illustrating the ancestral homesteads of the founding families along the Dauphin River (Annapolis)of Port Royal, there is much more to read. I believe you can buy this book.Contact Global Genealogy

 Ronald Cormier THE FORGOTTEN SOLDIERS by Ronald Cormier, are stories from the Acadian Veterans of the Second World War. Mister Cormier introduces new material into the historical record, recounting the experiences of French speaking soldiers outside of Quebec, who fought in the war. The Forgotten Soldiers was originally published in French as J'ai vecu la guerre and won the Prix France Acadie in 1988. Ronald Cormier is a television producer and former journalist with Radio Canada in Moncton. He has visited the D-Day beaches of Normandy, the site of the bloody raid on Dieppe, and other battlefields of northwest Europe where young men from the Maritime provinces fought and died.Stories of Donat LeBlanc,Jude Fougere, Fidele Landry,Omer Laroque,Gerald Fougere and others, this book is worth reading. To buy the book Contact Doull Books

 Gary Campbell ROAD TO CANADA,The grand communications route from Saint John to Quebec by Gary Campbell. The Trans-Canada Highway winds along the Saint John and Madawaska rivers through New Brunswick and Quebec,to the Saint Lawrence River. It follows one of the oldest and strategically most important routes in North American history; the Grand Communications Route.
For millennia, the Saint John River system had been a major artery in the vast system of lakes ,rivers and portages linking aboriginal communiities. During the French and British colonial periods, and until the advent of rail travel in the1870s, it remained the backbone of an overland route between the Atlantic Ocean and the interior of the continent. Today the traveller along the Trans-Canada Highway can visit some of the forts that once defended this vital Road to Canada. To buy this book, Contact Goose Lane books

 Anselme Chiasson CHETICAMP History and Acadian Traditions by Anselme Chiasson. Here is the story of an extraordinary people, the Acadians of Cape Breton Island. Written with clarity and love, ,and hailed as a rare local history with wide appeal, Cheticamp is an extremely well informed history, folklore and guide to this little known corner of the Maritimes. The undeclared capital of Acadian Cape Breton, Cheticamp is the center of a distinct culture with its own songs, stories, and approach to religion, business, and education.From the settlers in the 1780s to the community today, this book is passionate, informative and entertaining.To buy this book Contact Amazon.com. There are three used ones left

 George Arsenault ACADIAN LEGENDS,FOLKTALES AND SONGS by George Arsenault. Mister Arsenault has been collecting songs and stories from Acadian PEI since his student days in the 1970s; words tranmitted by lamplight in the early part of the 20th century,when the local men and women would pass on what they learned from elders long gone.Included in this collection are 8 folktales,13 legends and 23 songs with lyrics and musical notation. Originally published as Contes,legendes et chansons de l"Ile Prince Edward this English translation by Sally Ross includes footnotes and photos of his informants.This book can be bought Contact PEI Books

Thomas J Laforest OUR FRENCH-CANADIAN ANCESTORS was first written in French and the name of the French ones were called "Nos Ancetres" written by Father Gerard LeBel. The English version called was written by Thomas J Laforest. These are series of books, there are a lot of volumes. Thomas J Laforest is a retired Navy Captain and former University Professor. In addition to translating and publishing, he has added an index of names, a bibliography,maps,illustrations and appendices, as well as two introductory chapters about colonial life in New France.The English version is intended fo those descendants who would enjoy an appreciation of their North American heritage. This series both French and English editions, is an especially valued research tool for librarians, genealogical societis and historians.I have looked for the series of books on line and I find they are a bit costly, so I checked at my library and the books ar available there,so if you want to borrow them check your library, if you want to buy them go to amazon.com ,or Ebay and check there.

 Armand H Demers Jr SEARCHING THROUGH THE OLD RECORDS OF NEW FRANCE,is a must have book.It is the translation of A Travers Les Registres of Father Cyprien Tanguay.The book contains lots of stories and anecdotes from Tanguay's research into Quebec registers.Here is an example;October 27 1766, Michel Robichau and Marguerite Landry Acadians, renewed their marital vows in the presence of Father Menage. The wording in the entry in the register reads; The said Michel Robichau and Marguerite Landry showed us a document on which it was noted that after having been taken as prisoners by the English and run out of their country, and because they were instructed in the ways and doctrine of the English clergymen, they had married in New England in the presence of their assembled family members and Acadian elders, in hopes of renewing their vows if they should ever fall into the hands of French priests once they had finished their prison terms. (Deschambault Register). And the book goes on with lots of stories about children made captives by the Native Americans, list of names f military personel who died or were wounded in 1760 before the battle of Quebec. There is much more in this book, I would recommend it. To get the book Contact Quintin Publication

 Sharon Stewart BANISHED FROM OUR HOME is the story about the Acadian diary of Angelique Richard in Grand Pre in 1755. Angelique lives in Grand Pre with her family and , she talks about her life in Acadie, then her brother going to join the French rebel army to fight the British. Then the British comes and divides the women and the girls from the men and the boys and send them all on boats to different parts of the world. Angelique's family remains together and she vows to return to Acadie.Worth reading.For the book Contact Amazon.ca

 NES Griffiths FROM MIGRANT TO ACADIAN is about the social,religious,and political world of the Europeen Settlers (Acadians).The author N.E.S Griffiths uses results of 45 years of searching archives in France,UK,USA ,Italy and Canada. She talks about the relationships with the Miqmaqs,talks about how the Acadian communities came to be, how their culture survived and became their own unique indenties. For the book Contact Chapters

 Dan Soucoup LOOKING BACK from the pages of the Moncton Times & Transcript by Dan Soucoup are true stories about Pirate Mysteries, Buried Treasure, Train Wrecks, Historic Storms, Disasters at sea, Spies, Con Men, Tragedies,Scandals,Crime and Punishment.A few titles from the book; Fundy Bay Treasure Island,The Atlantic Cyclone,Jerome the Mystery Man,Disaster of Escuminac,Booze and the Prohibition Era,The Stagecoach and Roadhouses,New Brunswick's most wanted men,The Black Summer of 1816,The search for Acadian Gold and much more. Now I found some of these books on sale Contact Chapters

 Clive Doucet LOST AND FOUND IN ACADIE by Clive Doucet is very interesting to read. Here he brings together the personal and the political, examining Acadian Identity and culture in the light of global politics and the misfortunes of history. This book draws connections between such diverse events as Le Grand Derangement and the suppression of the Metis in Western Canada, between the Seven Years War and the current global political climate. IN tracing these connections.Doucet discovers that Acadie is not lost in a painful past. The true Acadie is found in our relationships, to the past, future and anyone who cares about both. This book can be ordered through your library.

 Will R. Bird NO RETREATING FOOTSTEPS ,this book by Will R Bird gives information on day by day events in the North Nova Scotia Highlanders history. The North NS Highlanders were mobilized in May 1940, they embarked for the UK July 1941 and landed in Normandy June 6 1944 .They were with the Canadian Infantry Division.(source Shelburne Co.Genealogy Society.)More on them according to Wikipedia "The North Nova Highlanders was an infantry regiment of the Canadian Army.Originally founded in 1936,as the North Nova Scotia Highlanders by the amalgamation of the Cumberland Highlanders,the Colchester and Hants Rifle and "C"Company 6th Machine Gun Battalion and acquired its present title in 1941. Will Bird the author was born in Cumberland County Nova Scotia. I tried to find this book for sale ,but did not succeed, but I found it in the library.Note: Rick Arsenault's father is listed in the book, thank you Rick for sharing .

Clive Doucet NOTES FROM EXILE on being Acadian by Clive Doucet. Charming and incisive, Clive Doucet's account of what it means to be Acadian will resonate with all poeple living in exile from their homeland, their place of birth.The Acadians, deported from their North American homeland in 1755, have clung to their identity for 250 years in places as far-flung as Louisiana and Western Canada. In 1994 they gathered in New Brunswick fo their first ever world reunion. In Notes from Exile, Doucet weaves together the story of the reunion, a memoir of growing up half Acadian, half English ,and the history of the Acadians-the first Europeans in North America (preceeding the arrival of the Pilgrims by 16 years) to develop a sense of themselves as a people separate for the Old World. The story of Acadie is a little known piece of Canadian and American history, but Mister Doucet's account will leave you feeling Acadian at heart. You can get this book everywhere, I just googled it and lots of results, and I am sure your library will be able to obtain one .

George Frederick Clarke EXPULSION OF THE ACADIANS The true story by George Frederick Clarke. The purpose of the author has been primarily,to do justice to the Acadian people,by revealing some little known facts of history and thus absolve them from the absurd charges which have been repeated by numerous historians; as well to show that the British Government,contemporary with the expulsion,was wholly innocent of that lamentable affair. The author is convinced that Evangeline by Longfellow was a fictional romance and meant to be so by the author. Evangeline is he symbol of the wrongs done a whole people, whose descendants have as much right to honour as we of English descent to tell our children about Boadocea and her sufferings under the Roman rods. This book can be found in your library or ordered ,also I found it in doullbooks.com

 John G McKay BEAUBASSIN and the beginning of the Acadian tragedy by John G McKay;John McKay was born in Amherst NS,at age 14 he left school to work in an iron factory.At age 18 he enlisted in the Canadian Army and embarqued for Germany with the 27th Infantry Brigade Group,the first Canadians to return to Europe since World War Two. An avid reader during 25 years of Military Service,he sought to record his experiences and observations and has steadfastly pursued the writing craft for nearly fifty years.His principal interests lies mainly in military,local and regional history. For more information Contact John McKay

 Dan Soucoup McCULLY'S NEW BRUSWICK by Dan Soucoup is a great book especially if you had ancestors living in or around Moncton in 1931-1939, also if you had relatives in Leger Corner,Shediac,and if you ever went to Belliveau Beach today Parley Beach. This book has arial photos taken by Pilot Richard Thorne McCully. He became an aviation pioneer, capturing much of the Maritime Region from the air. Along with photographer Harold Reid and pilot Marty Fraser, McCully spent the early 1930s flying over Atantic Canada. They took photos of homes, business,churches, farms, waterfronts that are no longer standing or have been signivicantly altered. These bird eye views from 1931-1939 capture the feeliing of that first day in May 1931 when McCully's small twin engine took off from the tiny Moncton airport. Contact Alibris books

Marguerite C Melanson THE MELANSON STORY by Margaret Melanson. A biography of the early Melansons, set against a background of the history of Acadia from 1604 to after the deportation. Generously illustrated with reproductions of original historical documents (with transcriptions), signatures, maps, portraits, drawings, photographs (including photos of Melanson artifacts from archeological digs), etc. The Melanson family, headed by a French Huguenot named Pierre Laverdure and his wife Priscilla, arrived in Acadia in 1657 on the ship Satisfaction. They came to seek their fortunes in this newly acquired English territory. Some ten years later, their hopes and dreams were dashed when England returned Acadia to France. Pierre and Priscilla departed for Boston. But they left behind in Acadia two sons, Pierre and Charles Mellanson, the precursors of all of today’s Melansons and Melançons. The book traces the lives and adventures of Pierre and Charles, their children, and their Boston family. For more information or to buy, visit www.gregors-gathering.ca also To Buy Contact

Warren A Perrin ACADIAN REDEMPTION from Beausoleil Broussard to the Queen's Royal Procamation.The first biography of an Acadian exile,defines the 18th century of Acadia into which Joseph Beausoleil Broussard was born in 1702. The book tells of his early life events and militant struggles with the British who had for years wanted to lay claim to the Acadian's rich lands. Subsequent chapters discuss the epic of odyssey during which Beausoleil led a group of 193 Acadians from Nova Scotia to Louisiana, the new Acadia, with the hope that his beloved Acadian culture would survive. The last half of the book discusses the repercussions of Beausoleil's life that resulted in the evolution of the Acadian culture into what is now called the "Cajun" culture and how it led to an eighth generation Beausoleil descendant,Warren a Perrin, to bring a petition seeking an appology from the British Crown in 1990. This Petition was successfully resolved on Dec.9 2003,by the signing of the Queen's Royal Proclamation.This book was named "Best History Book of 2004 by the Louisiana Press Women's Association.In the french version of the book, with the permission of Jean Francois Mouhot, we are able to reproduce the fascinating letter by Jean Baptiste Semer which was first published by the Louisiana Historical Association in Louisiana History spring 2007 Vol. XL1X no 2 page 219.This letter sheds new light on the important role Joseph Beausoleil Broussard played in leading the Acadians from Nova Scotia to Louisiana. This book is supported by the CMA2004. Warren A Perrin is a lawyer ,founder of the Acadian Museum of Erath and President of CODOFIL.you can write to Acadian Museum, 203 South Broadway,Erath,Louisiana,70533To buy Contact Acadian Museum

Earle Lockerby DEPORTATION OF THE PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND ACADIANS. When the fortress of Louisbourg fell to the British in 1758, the Acadians of Prince Edward Island (then known as Ile Saint-Jean) were doomed to a horrible fate-deportation from the homes to an unknown land thousands of kilometres away. Shipwrecks and disease took a terrible toll during the voyage to France, and hundreds of the approximately three thousand deportees lost their lives.In his table of Contents ,Mister Lockerby has Evolution of Ile Saint Jean to 1758, End of the French Colonial Regime,Commencement of Arrests, The Operation Expands, Beginning of a Transatlantic Odyssey, Shipwrecks and Sinkings ( he mentions the Duke William),Sickness and other Miseries, Fate of some Notable Deportees, Immediate aftermath on Ile Saint Jean, Myths Associated with the Deportation, Retrospective. So this book looks to be very interesting, he even has some Surnames of some Acadians who were deported to France and made it there safe. I would suggest the book. Contact Nimbus

 Beryl Fangue-Wallen CAJUN ODYSSEY 11 The Acadian Story continues in South Louisiana by Beryl Fangue S. Stiles The author is a seventh generation Acadian descendant of her paternal grandmother's Theriot family(originally spelled Theriault before the expulsion), and she is a native of Morgan City/Berwick, Louisiana. All of her life, she has been interested in the origins of the Cajun people. But back in her youth, very few stories had been published on this subject. So, as an adult she set out to research in depth the authentic--yet illusive--facts of the history of her people. During her research, she even traveled to Grand Pre & Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, and met some distant relatives, who are descended from the same line. "CAJUN ODYSSEY--From Nova Scotia To Louisiana....With Love" (now out of print) was written in 1982 and this sequel followed in 1984. Both of these books are historical novels, and are about Acadians, who lived, loved and escaped to Louisiana after 1755. The critiques about this CAJUN ODYSSEY series were impressive. "Thanks for the inspiration & rekindling of our pride as Acadians.....Thank you for CAJUN ODYSSEY, it was so interesting I couldn't put it down until I finished it.....I cried for our ancestors, the way they came to Louisiana......We need more books like this--historical novels which dramatize the arrival of the Acadians in America. It is especially good for our young people, who know so little of their own origins....The author's Cajun heritage gives special feeling to her telling of the Acadian story." See the website at www.Cajun-Spirituality.com . Price of this book is $10 plus S/H. To order, e-mail Ber1932@Juno.com

 Fangue-Wallen ESCAPE FROM THE GUILLOTINE A Landry Family's Journey to Louisiana; by Beryl Fangue-Wallen (also known as Beryl F.S. Stiles) For years, this author had promised her mother--Mae Landry Fangue--that she would write a book about her Cajun family line. However, Mae passed over in the summer of 2000, four years before the promised book was finished. But nevertheless, the promise was full filled, and this Landry family saga book became a reality. This story is about a little known aspect of those displaced during the Acadian expulsion. Because some of them did not find their way to their final Louisiana destination for many years. Unlike the majority of displaced Acadians, who reached south Louisiana--usually after 1763--there was another group, that had an even longer odyssey, before they could join their countrymen in America. This is their story. It is written in historial novel form, and based on the Rene Landry line. He and his wife were among those expelled from Acadia in 1755. However, they were unfortunately among those, who were forcibly transported to England, and then much later found their way to France. But in 1785, this family finally boarded a ship for Louisiana, a mere few years before the reign of terror in the French Revolution became a reality. But many years had elapsed before their final voyage to freedom. This historical novel is written to reflect the emotions, feelings and sometimes desperation, that these displaced people felt in their seemingly endless journey, until they could find their destined home. And it is written in such a manner, as to be reader-friendly for junior & high school children, as well as adults. See the website atWebsite Price of this book is $13.50 + s/h, and can be ordered by e-mailing Ber1932@Juno.com

 Jean Francois Mouhot ACADIAN REFUGEES IN FRANCE; I am posting this here even tho it is in French in case you want to get it just the same.
LES REFUGIES ACADIENS en France tells the story of Acadian refugees in France, from the deportation from Acadia and Prince Edward Island in 1755 and 1758, through to their captivity in Great Britain between 1756 and 1763, to the attempts to settle them in Saint-Malo, Belle-Ile-en-Mer and Poitou in France, to their departure from France to Louisiana in 1785 (the story also continues with the Revolution). Thanks to extensive archival research in over 40 different archives in France, Spain, Canada and the Vatican, it gives some entirely new insights into the daily lives of the refugees, including details of those involved in tobacco smuggling around the Saint-Malo region in Brittany, France. Thanks to new research in the Archives of Seville, it also gives new insights about why many of the Acadians left France in 1785. The book comes with a website where the transcription of more than 1,500 original documents can be accessed, and any reference in the book to a manuscript can be checked against the document, online. It is also possible to search the documents online for a particular family name, which will automatically retrieve all documents where this name appears. The online database can be accessed freely from: http://www.septentrion.qc.ca/acadiens (Canada) or http://jfmouhot.free.fr/ (France). An interview of the author from Radio Canada can be listened to at: http://tinyurl.com/dmlh7b (in French). The book can be bought from the publisher, Septentrion ( http://www.septentrion.qc.ca/catalogue/livre.asp?id=2510 ) or from Amazon (http://tinyurl.com/opjmka)

 Jean Bernard ARSENAULT'S OF PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND;This is the first book ever published on the Arsenault families of Prince Edward Island by historian-genealogist Jean Bernard.This book of 750 pages is well researched and documented and will help most of the Island Arsenault families to trace their ancestors from their grandparents or great grandparents right up to Pierre Arsenault. This book is mainly in French but it includes English translations of all keywords and abbreviations making it understandable to the English readers and researchers. The book sells for $47.50 and it is the first Volume of a series of five volumes.Other Volumes to be added will be Volumes 2 Albert to Francis,Volume 3 Gallant,Volume 4 Gaudet to Overback,Volume 5 Paquet to Witzell. For more information and to order contact jeanbernard61@hotmail.com

Pubnico Historical Society FIVE GENERATIONS OF JACQUES MIUS D'ENTREMONT 1678-1759;A long awaited genealogical publication has just been published by the Société historique acadienne de Pubnico Ouest listing a five generation family tree of the family of Jacques Mius d’Entremont (1679-c 1759). This volume contains 578 pages and many names representing many of the family names of southwest Nova Scotia . This work has been several years in the birthing.
The information has been verified against the parish registers, the Vital Statistics of Nova Scotia, the Census of Nova Scotia and the United States , family documents, personal information, etc. Insofar as humanly possible the mistakes have been removed, but will still exist. Many of the descendants of Jacques Mius d’Entremont over the years have moved all around the Atlantic Provinces and the United States . The search for work and success brought many members of these large families to many other geographical areas. This volume should be most helpful to all these families whose roots remain solidly planted in the Pubnicos. Philippe Mius d’Entremont (c 1601-c 1700), who was the founder of this family and came to Acadia in 1651 received his land grant in this area in 1653. The descendants of his three sons and two daughters were caught up in the Acadian expulsion of 1756-59. Jacques is one of these sons. The descendants of the other two sons, Abraham and Philippe II, often appear within the family tree of their brother Jacques. Thus the families covered in this volume provide a rich source of information for the area. The book is 8 x 11 in a blue hardcover format. The price is $55.00. Gift a certificate is available.
Some of the names among lots more: Amirault,Babin,Belliveau,Boudreau,Burke,
Cameron,Castin and many more.
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La Société historique acadienne de Pubnico Ouest
P.O. Box 92
West Pubnico, Nova Scotia
Pauline d’Entremont - 902-762-2655
Email; musee.acadien@ns.sympatico.ca

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