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Palmer Road is located in Prince County in Prince Edward Island.The parish was originally a mission of the Tignish Parish,and called St Thomas Mission.In 1867 a small church was built and christened Immaculate Conception. Palmer Road became a parish in 1878. The Catholic Church burned down in 1890 so the Acadians and Irish decided to build a larger church.They built a wooden gothic style Church still bearing the name of Immaculate Conception. The church is the oldest wooden church on Prince Edward Island.I have written some births from the microfilm #F2041. I have only added the Acadians, but to let you know that there are also many Irish records on that film. And I have not added the complete names but most of them from the dates I have looked in. I hope you find your ancestors here. And also to let you know I have some census of Palmer Road on my website.

s/o=son of
d/o=daughter of
wid/of=widow of

ALLAIN Andre David s/o Louis and Ursule Arsenault
Brn. Dec 27 1884

ARSENAULT Arcadeus s/o Amable and Marguerite Doucet
Brn. Sept 1 1880

ARSENAULT Basil s/o Amable and Adeline Doucet
Brn Oct 13 1883

ARSENAULT Bazile s/o Joseph and Philomene Doucet
Brn.Nov 4 1882

ARSENAULT Celina d/o Gildas and Emilie Poirier
Brn.Sept 16 1882

ARSENAULT George s/o Sylvain and Adele Poirier
Brn.Dec 1 1882

ARSENAULT Jean s/o Amable and Emilie Arsenault
Brn.Oct 1 1884

ARSENAULT John s/o Gildas and Emilie Poirier
Brn.Dec 8 1884

ARSENAULT Joachim s/o Onesime and Veronique Bernard
Brn. Dec 3 1882

ARSENAULT Laurent s/o Leon and Odele Doucet
Brn.Feb 5 1883

ARSENAULT Lucie d/o Sylvain and Adele Poirier
Brn.March 4 1881

ARSENAULT Marguerite d/o Sylvain and Adele Perry
Brn. Nov 8 1878

ARSENAULT Marie d/o Marin and Marie Arsenault
Brn. July 23 1884

ARSENAULT Marie Sophie d/o Amable and Adeline Doucet
Brn. June 17 1882

ARSENAULT Moses s/o Glasins and Emily Perry
Brn.July 2 1881

ARSENAULT Sozime Amedee s/o Moise and Isabelle Arsenault
Brn. April 5 1884

ARSENAULT Winefred d/o Moses and Isabella Arsenault
Brn. March 3 1881

AUCOIN Emma d/o John and Ellen Blacquiere
Brn. Feb 8 1881

AUCOIN Gregoire s/o Sylvain and ? Bernard
Brn. July 16 1879

BERNARD Charles s/o Pierre and Theotiste Bernard
Brn. June 15 1883

BERNARD Fidele s/o Pierre and Marie Bernard
Brn. Oct 20 1883

BERNARD Jerome s/o Rosimond and Emilie Caissie
Brn.May 13 1882

BERNARD John Peter s/o Sylvain and Julie Gaudet
Brn.March 13 1881

BERNARD Mary Jane d/o Peter and Theotiste Bernard
Brn. Dec 31 1881

BERNARD Marie Catherine d/o Joachim and Judique Richard
Brn.April 26 1884

BERNARD Marie Gertrude d/o Rosimond and Emilie Caissie
Brn.Sept 5 1884

BERNARD Marie Regina d/o Peter and Philomene Richard
Brn.Feb 8 1879

BERNARD Patrick s/o Sylvain and Judith Gaudet
Brn. March 17 1879

BERNARD Philibert s/o Pierre and Philomene Richard
Brn. Nov 7 1882

BLANCHARD Adele Josephine d/o Olivier and Marguerite Downing
Brn. Dec 3 1883

BLANCHARD Marie Celina d/o Olivier and Marguerite Downing
Brn. Oct 9 1881
BLANCHARD Raphael s/o Olivier and Marguerite Downing
Bapt. Dec 14 1879

BOUDREAU Jerome s/o Luc and Esther Lanteigne
Brn.Aug 24 1884

CAISSIE Francois s/o Norbert and Dauphine Arsenault
Brn.Sept 15 1883

CHAISSY Marie Frances d/o Amable and Sara Gallant
Brn. March 24 1881

CAISSIE Marie Sophie d/o Amable and Babe Gallant
Brn.March 11 1883

CAISSIE Raphael s/o Joseph and Blanche Bernard
Brn. Dec 18 1884

CAISSIE Ursule d/o John and Blanche Bernard
Brn. Aug 29 1882

CHIASSON Jean Joseph s/o Jean and Catherine Poirier
Brn. Nov 19 1882

CHIASSON Joseph Dominique s/o Maxime and Adeline Gallant
Brn.June 10 1883

CLEMENT Joseph s/o Pascal and Jane Downey
Brn. June 18 1883

DAIGLE Willie James s/o Patrick and Martha Lacy
Brn. Dec 26 1883

DOIRON Adeline d/o Adolphe and Blanche Bernard
Brn.Jan 26 1884

DOIRON Athanase s/o Adolphe and Blanche Bernard
Brn. Feb 23 1882

DOUCET Anne d/o Onesime and Judith Arsenault
Brn.Sept 21 1881

DOUCET Anne d/o Jean and Marie Poirier
Brn.Sept 6 1882

DOUCET Annie Laurie d/o John and Rebecca McKay (McKie?)
Brn. April 4 1884

DOUCET Blandine d/o Honore and Marie B?
Brn.Jan 25 1879

DOUCET Firmin s/o Vital and Marguerite Martin
Brn.March 26 1883

DOUCET George Alfred s/o John and Rebecca McKay
Brn. Feb 5 1883

DOUCET Guillaume s/o Onesime and Judith Arsenault
Brn. July 20 1884

DOUCET Jeremie Emmanuel s/o John and Ursule Gaudet
Brn.March 9 1879

DOUCET Jerome s/o Philorome and Gertrude Poirier
Brn. Sept 30 1883

DOUCET John Joseph s/o Victor and Marguerite Martin
Brn. July 26 1880

DOUCET Joseph s/o Honore and Marie Bernard
Brn. May 2 1883

DOUCET Joseph s/o Fabien and Anne Poirier
Brn.Dec 20 1883

DOUCET Marguerite Anna d/o Honore and Marie Bernard
Brn.Nov 17 1884

DOUCET Marie Eugenie d/o Laurent and Bibienne Arsenault
Brn.Sept 11 1884

DOUCET Marie Catherine d/o Philorome and Gertrude Perry
Brn.Sept 17 1881

DOUCET Mary Jane d/o Laurent and Bibienne Arsenault
Brn.April 4 1879

DOUCET Marie Josephe d/o Vital and Marguerite Martin
Brn. Dec 23 1884

DOUCET Marie Marguerite d/o Arcade and Celeste Poirier
Brn. June 21 1883

DOUCET Mary Rose d/o Vital and Marguerite Martin
Brn. Jan 1 1879

DOUCET Pauline d/o Vital and Marguerite Martin
Bapt. Nov 27 1881

DOUCET Veronique d/o Jean and Veronique Poirier
Brn. Jan 22 1883

DUGUAY Israel s/o Francois and Edesse Bernard
Brn.May 5 1884

DUGUAY Jean Louis s/o Xavier and Madeleine Desroches
Brn.Sept 11 1882

DUGUAY John Peter s/o John and Anastasie Richard
Brn.Oct 26 1880

DUGUAY Marie Rose d/o Francis and Edesse Bernard
Brn. July 5 1879

DUPRES Henry A s/o Athanase and Sylvie Pineau
Brn. Feb 15 1879

GALLANT Jean Pierre s/o Joseph and Marie Arsenault
Brn.Feb 6 1884

GALLANT John s/o Joachim and Tereze Doucet
Brn Aug 11 1882

GALLANT Marie Celina d/o Sylvain and Modeste Arsenault
Brn. Feb 16 1880

GALLANT Marie Eleonore d/o Eloi and Ursule Poirier
Brn.April 20 1884

GALLANT Marie Josephine d/o Pierre and Marguerite Gaudet
Brn. Jan 20 1883

GALLANT Marie Judith d/o John and Virginie Gaudet
Brn.March 26 1881

GALLANT Marie Judith d/o Joseph and Marie Arsenault
Brn. Jan 29 1882

GALLANT Marie Marguerite d/o Joseph and Agnes Poirier
Brn. Nov 14 1883

GALLANT John Peter s/o Joseph and Marie Arsenault
Brn. Dec 25 1879

GAUDET Catherine d/o Frederic and Judith Richard
Brn. Sept 29 1884

GAUDET Catherine Barbe d/o Joseph and Veronique Poirier
Brn. Nov 3 1883

GAUDET Docite s/o Philip and Marie Gallant
Brn. Feb 14 1880

GAUDET Eleonore d/o Sylvain and Marie Duguay
Brn.Feb 20 1882

GAUDET Eleonore d/o Nicodeme and Judith Bernard
Brn. Oct 20 1883

GAUDET Jean Pierre s/o Jean and Virgine Gaudet
Brn.SEpt 19 1882

GAUDET Joseph s/o Sosime and Blanche Bernard
Brn. Oct 11 1883

GAUDET Joseph s/o Sylvain and Marie Duguay
Brn. Aug 11 1884

GAUDET Joseph Charles s/o Prosper and Marie Arsenault
Brn. July 23 1884

GAUDET Marie Angeline d/o Zosime and Blanche Bernard
Brn. June 29 1879

GAUDET Marie Angeline d/o Arcade and Marie Chiasson
Brn. Jan 29 1883

GAUDET Marie Appolina d/o Antoine and Marie Bernard
Brn.Sept 10 1881

GAUDET Marie Helene d/o Antoine and Marie Bernard
Brn. Nov 10 1883

GAUDET Marie Judith d/o John and Virginie Gaudet
Brn.March 26 1881

GAUDET Marie Leocadie d/o Jean and Virginie Gaudet
Brn.Dec 8 1884

GAUDET Napoleon s/o Philippe and Marie Gallant
Brn. April 26 1884

` GAUDET Philomene d/o Prosper and Marie Arsenault
Brn. Dec 8 1882

GAUDET Roch s/o Arcade and Marie Caissie
Brn.Dec 4 1884

LAVIOLETTE Albert s/o Fabien and Marie Gaudet
Brn.Aug 12 1880

LAVIOLETTE Felin s/o or d/o Joseph and Philomene Bernard
Bapt. Nov 23 1879 born around 3 weeks earlier

LAVIOLETTE Felix s/o Fabien and Marie Gaudet
Brn. Jan 31 1883

LAVIOLETTE Joseph s/o Joseph and Philomene Bernard
Brn. Aug 15 1884

LAVIOLETTE Marie Madeleine d/o Alexis and Doline Gaudet
Brn.Oct 8 1883

LEBLANC Jean Jerome s/o Ephrem and Veronique Bernard
Brn. Sept 7 1884

LEBLANC Jean Joseph s/o Eli and Modeste Maillet
Brn. July 10 1884

LEBLANC Jean Pierre s/o Ephraim and Veronique Benoit
Brn.Oct 21 1882

LEBLANC Marcelline d/o Gabriel and Susan Arsenault
Brn.Feb 15 1884

MAILLET Anselme s/o Joseph and Sara Albert
Brn. Sept 23 1883

MAILLET Arcade s/o Calixte and Marie Gaudet
Brn.Nov 24 1882

MAILLET Charles William s/o William and Marie Gaudet
Brn. Nov 4 1880

MAILLET Frederic Theodore s/o John and Bridget Mahoney
Brn.Oct 25 1882

MAILLET (MAYER)John Joseph s/o William and Marie Gaudet
Brn.Oct 21 1878

MAILLET Joseph Manuel s/o Morice and Adeline Doucet
Brn.Dec 9 1883

MAILLET Marie Elizabeth Amelia d/o Malcolm and Marie Martin
Brn.Aug 16 1881

MAILLET Marie Evangeline d/o John and Bridget Mahoney
Brn. NOv 7 1880

MAILLET Marie Francoise d/o Cimon and Philomene Bernard
Brn.Nov 19 1883

MAILLET Marie Josephe d/o Gilbert and Agnes Poirier
Brn. July 20 1883

MAILLET Marie Rose d/o Gilbert Peter and Agnes Perry
Brn.Jan 9 1879

MAILLET Marie Sophia d/o Ruffin and Collestee Wedge
Brn. Aug 16 1879

MAILLET Marie Sophie d/o Ruffin and Choristie Wedge
Brn.Feb 30 1884

MAILLET Susanne d/o Jean and Genevieve Poirier
Brn. Jan 24 1884

MARTIN Joseph s/o Simon and Adeline Richard
Brn.April 11 1884

PERRY Gertrude d/o Jerome and Elizabeth Wait
Brn.March 19 1879

PERRY Jean Baptiste s/o Benedict and Marie Maillet
Br. Dec 1 1880

PERRY Joachim s/o Peter and Cecile Maillet
Brn.July 19 1879 twin

PERRY John Joseph s/o Romain and Adeline Perry
Brn. June 31 1880

Perry John Peter s/o Peter and Cecile Maillet
Brn. July 19 1879 twin

PERRY Joseph Eugenus s/o Jerome and Elizabeth Wait
Brn. Dec 19 1880

PERRY Leon s/o Romain and Adelina Perry
Brn.July 19 1878

PERRY Margaret d/o Samuel and Seraphique Gallant
BRN. Oct 11 1878

PERRY Marie Barbara d/o Germain and Ellen Clark
Brn.May 18 1882

PERRY Marie Blanche d/o Felix and Henriette Chiasson
Brn. Sept 5 1880

PERRY Marie Eleonore d/o Gregoire and Adele Arsenault
Brn.Oct 24 1884

PERRY Mary Marguerite d/o Francis and Tharsile Chiasson
Brn. Dec 31 1881

PERRY Marie Sophie d/o Gregory and Adele Arsenault
Brn. Nov 15 1880

PERRY Michael Francis s/o Germain and Ellen Clark
Brn. Jan 18 1880

PETERS Henry s/o John and Victoria Pineau
Brn. Nov 7 1881

PETERS John Patrick s/o John and Victoria Pineau
Brn. Feb 18 1880

PINEAU Marie Elizabeth d/o Joseph and Seraphique Richard
Brn.Aug 14 1879

PITRE John Andre s/o Joseph and Marie Thibodeau
Brn. Oct 11 1882

PITRE Marie Catherine d/o Leon and Marie LeBrun
Brn.July 13 1882

PITRE Marie Osite d/o John and Voctoire Pineau
Brn. May 10 1883

PITRE Maximin s/o Pierre and Agnes Bernard
Brn. Nov 13 1882

POIRIER Alice Maud d/o Joseph and Elizabeth Quinn
Brn. Oct 13 1884

POIRIER Anselme s/o Pierre and Cecile Maillet
Brn.Feb 12 1884

POIRIER Benoit s/o Benoit and Marie Maillet
Brn.Oct 18 1882

PORIER Elizabeth d/o Jean and Marie Arsenault
Brn.Feb 10 1884

PORIER Jean Joseph s/o Napoleon and Eulalie Poirier
Brn. dec 6 1883

POIRIER Jean Michel s/o Jean and Selime Maillet
Brn. Aug 11 1882

POIRIER Joseph A s/o Romain and Adeline Poirier
Brn. Nov 24 1884

POIRIER Joseph s/o Joseph and Blanche Bernard
Brn.April 15 1883

PORIER Joseph s/o Benoit and Emilie Arsenault
Brn.Dec 26 1883

POIRIER Marie Adeline d/o Celestin and Marie Poirier
Brn. Jan 25 1884

PORIER Marie Emilienne d/o Gregoire and adele Arsenault
Brn.Sept 24 1882

POIRIER Marie Josephine d/o Norbert and Catherine Gallant
Brn.May 28 1884

POIRIER Marie Josephine d/o Jean and Celine Maillet
Brn.Nov 19 1884

POIRIER Mary Margaret Simone d/o John and Celina Maillet
Brn. June 5 1880

POIRIER Marie Marguerite d/o Antoine and Emilie Doucet
Brn.Oct 1 1883

POIRIER Marie May d/o Joseph and Elizabeth Quinn
Brn.Sept 27 1883

POIRIER Marie Veronique d/o Benoit and Matilda Petitpas
Brn.Sept 22 1884

POIRIER Pierre Eloi s/o Jerome and Elizabeth Wait
Brn.June 25 1884

POIRIER Pierre s/o Joseph and Marguerite Wedge
Brn.April 28 1884 twin

POIRIER Joseph Manuel s/o Joseph and Marguerite Wedge
Brn. April 28 1884 twin

POIRIER Susan Amanda d/o Germain and Ellen Clark
Brn.May 15 1884

RICHARD Elizabeth d/o Pierre and Marcelline Gallant
Brn. jan 4 1884

RICHARD Jerome s/o Stanislas and Ursule Maillet
Brn.Aug 14 1883

RICHARD Joseph Eusebe s/o Alexandre and Delphine Bernard
Brn. Nov 19 1883

RICHARD Julien s/o Joseph and Mathilda McInnis
Brn.May 1882

RICHARD Mary Ellen d/o Alexandre and Delphine Bernard
Brn. Oct 15 1880

RICHARD Peter s/o Peter and Mary Arsenault
Brn.July 4 1880

THIBODEAU Agnes Modeste d/o Maxime and Susanne Gallant
Brn.Nov 9 1883

THIBODEAU John Wilfred s/o John and Mary Fahey
Bapt.April 23 1882 born around 3 weeks earlier

THIBODEAU Margaret d/o Jean and Francoise Poirier
Brn.Aug 10 1882

VINOE Jane d/o Charles and Catherine McInnis
Brn.June 26 1882

WEDGE Amable s/o Sylvain and Zoe Bernard
Brn.July 11 1884

WEDGE Jean s/o Jean and Helene Blacquiere
Brn. June 15 1882

Please note that Aucoin and Wedge, Perry and Poirier,Pitre and Peters are the same names, some anglicised their Surnames.

WEDGE Marcel s/o Sylvain and Zoe Bernard
Brn. Oct 14 1882

WEDGE Mary Jane d/o John and Ellen Blacquiere
Brn.Feb 30 1879

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